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Saturn The Planet With The Most Moons
Saturn The Planet With The Most Moons

In the race for the number of moons in the solar system, Saturn has once again overtaken Jupiter and reached the first position. The number of known irregular moons of Saturn has increased to 121, while Saturn has 24 regular moons. Earlier this title was held by Bhiraspati along with 95 moons. Twelve new moons of Jupiter were discovered in Fuburari. Which were formally recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IU).

More than 100 discovered moons.

Not only has Saturn nearly doubled the number of moons it has, it now has more moons than all the other planets in the Solar System combined, said Brett Gladman, a professor of astronomy at Lubbock. These new moons of Saturn have been reported more frequently. They would later be given names based on Gaelic, Norse and Canadian Inuit deities, as has been the tradition for Saturn’s moons. Its International Astronomical Union has contacted some Inuit scholars.

Finding the moon is not a puzzle:

According to Dr. Edward Aston, finding the moon of any planet is no less than a puzzle. They say that many times stones are seen in search of small moon, which are first considered as moon, then they get out of that category. Irregular moons have larger, elliptical and inclined orbits than all new moons. Astronomers used the Canada-France aerial telescope located in Hawaii to search for the moons. Data collected by this telescope from 2019 to 2021.


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