Research From MENA On ScienceOpen Check!{MAY-2023}

Research from MENA on ScienceOpen
Research from MENA on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen offers the publishing platform to highlight the wide range of knowledge that is available across different fields. In the midst of coming the Forum for Open Research in MENA Conference coming up this year, we would like to review this Islamic Studies blog post and focus on research that covers areas of the Middle East or originating from the MENA region.

Within an search environment that contains more than 81 million publications or books chapters, and book records ScienceOpen can help publishers showcase their academic content as well as promote the brand of the journal or publisher through exclusive collections, banner advertising, along with search-related shortcuts.

Islamic Studies by EUP

Edinburgh University Press is a recent addition to our community by creating a collection dedicated to its research and scholarship in the area of Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies that comprises hundreds of journal articles and books covering a wide range of subjects. Religion is a major focus of EUP’s publications that ranges from the study of Islam to providing in-depth studies of religion, the people and the latest changes.

We would like to invite you to explore the vast array of topics that are covered in the collection that includes politics and international relations as well as art, religion, history, and architecture, as well as language and language.

Highlighted Research from other publishers

Below, we will highlight some of the books and articles from various publisher:

King Salman Center for Disability Research

  • Family Planning for People with Multiple Sclerosis in Saudi Arabia: an Expert Consensus
  • The Saudi National Mental Health Survey The survey instrument and field procedure
  • The numerous kinds that peroxisomal diseases can present: Learns from the vast Arab group

Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine (AJFSFM)

  • Criminal Trademark Protection in Algerian Law and Saudi Legal System
  • A Smart Modelling System for the Forensic Investigation of Text using Arabic Tweets —

JMIR Publications

  • Role of Social Media in Diabetes Management in the Middle East Region: Systematic Review
  • The Potential Role of Social Media Platforms in Community Awareness of Antibiotic Use in the Gulf Cooperation Council States: Luxury or Necessity?
  • Association of Online Health Information-Seeking Behavior and Self-Care Activities Among Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Saudi Arabia

Book highlights

Amsterdam University Press Books

  • Homer, Troy and the Turks: Heritage and Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1870-1915
  • Media and Mapping Practices in the Middle East and North Africa: Producing Space
  • microfoundations from the Arab Protests: Mapping Interactions Between Protesters and Regimes

Michigan Publishing

  • Beyond the Death of God: Religion in 21st Century International Politics
  • The Post-Conflict Environment: Investigation and Critique

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