Relying Only On Calories Is Not The Right Way: Genuine Review!{MAY-2023}

Relying Only On Calories Is Not The Right Way
Relying Only On Calories Is Not The Right Way

All diets that claim to lose weight recommend eating fewer calories than needed, but no one diet is the best. This medicine has been done in an article published in Scientific American.

It was told that living only on calories is not the right way. The body uses the energy we get from food to do our daily activities. This energy is measured in the form of calories.

The article, titled ‘How food manufacturers compare the calories of packaged foods’, states that food is placed in a sealed container called a ‘bomb calorimeter’ and the water in it is heated by the energy of the food. By doing this, it is completely burnt. The amount of energy required to heat this water by 1 degree Celsius is measured in a calorie.

How much does your body need: It is generally believed that men need about 2400 kcal per day, women need about 2000 kcal. These numbers are derived from a mathematical formula. The most common of these is the Harris-Benedict equation, which calculates it on the basis of age, weight and height. Elements like sleep, exercise are missing in it. According to the Sleep Foundation, one night’s sleep can account for up to 20% of your calorie burn the next day. Exercise also uses up our energy, so when we burn calories at the gym, we can burn calories.

Different Amounts of Calories in The Same Food

A 100 gram apple has 52 calories, while some apples show 104 calories in online trackers. This difference of 52 kilocalories is clearly visible in the same fruit. Apart from this, in the study of National Academy of Sciences, it has been told that different methods of cooking food can increase and decrease the number of calories through fiber and protein. Agencies like FDA give the Food Labeling Organization a margin of error of up to 20%. This means if a product comes with an error of 20%, it can affect the body from 250 kcal to 300 kcal.

Needs Keep Changing

It states that women’s caloric needs change during their menstrual cycle. Working out daily calories is recommended to allow us to use the energy stored in the body to do weight work. Wherein, for permanent weight loss it is often necessary to work 250-500 kcal.

This is The Solution

  • The first is to know the signs of hunger and satiety. When does the body tell whether it is feeling satisfied or hungry and eat accordingly.
  • Eat till you are satisfied. That means by listening to your body’s needs, you are coordinating with your body, not forcing it.
  • Do not depend on the number of calories found in food items as they are completely wrong.

Final Words

All weight loss diets recommend reducing calorie intake. One night’s sleep can reduce calorie burn by up to 20 percent!


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