Reel Addiction Is Not Good For Sleep And Eyes: Genuine Review! Read Here!{MAY-2023}

Reel Addiction Is Not Good For Sleep And Eyes
Reel Addiction Is Not Good For Sleep And Eyes

The hobby of watching reels took a heavy toll on his health. 60% of its enthusiasts have started suffering from problems like insomnia, headache, migraine. Even if you fall asleep, you are dreaming of reel only. This was revealed in a study of Balrampur Hospital.

Study was conducted on 150 patients who came to the mental health department of the hospital. Mental patients ranging from 10 years old to 55 years old were included in this study for 6 months. 30 women were also involved in this.

Department study Dr. Devasis Shukla says that most of the patients have confessed to watching reels for more than one and a half years. From waking up in the morning till before going to sleep, we watch reels on social sites. A large number of people talked about watching the reel continuously for half an hour. The special thing is that these patients did not share any of their videos or reels on social sites. He is used to seeing only other’s reels.

Reached the hospital with these problems

headache, eye pain
feeling of twinkle in the eyes while sleeping
mealtime mess

Routine affected

Dr. Devasis Shukla told that 60 percent of the people involved in the study agreed that routine is being affected due to sleeplessness. Its effect is also being seen on job and studies.

Don’t feel like doing anything

Out of 150 people included in the study, 30 said that when they do not get a chance to watch the reel on mobile or cannot watch it due to any reason, they start feeling restless. Pain in the head, feeling like not being able to do any work. BP is also affected on many occasions.

You will definitely see when you wake up

20 percent of the patients complained of reeling not only during the day, but also after breaking sleep at night. The patients were not told that until they watch the reel for 10 to 15 minutes, they do not get sleep. Feeling confused. Running inside the sheet to avoid other people lying around.


We asked the patients some questions. A conclusion was drawn on the basis of the answer. Everyone was counseled and given necessary medicines. Feeling much relieved now. Such condition is also called mobile edition.


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