Real Watt Energy Saving Device: Is It legit Or Scam? Mar-2023! Updated! Check Here!

Real Watt Energy Saving Device
Real Watt Energy Saving Device

RealWatt (also known as Real Watt is another energy-saving device that has been marketed as a scam. I am a licensed electrician, and I have been as an electrician for a number of years. I even held an electrician’s licence. I spent the most number of years as an electrician and troubleshooter. I can assure you that everything in any building, be it the house or not is a huge power consumption and you are charged for the energy you use and not for current, capacity or any other thing.

The RealWatt Website

The power equation is basically an equation , and it is possible to alter any part of it, but on the other hand of the equation, you’ll have all the power you require or consume and that won’t alter unless you wish for things to stop working or break down faster than they were originally designed to.

I can use a 120V light bulb to work for an hour however when the voltage is too high, the bulb will go out. I could play with the current, but it won’t be able to function or will stop working shortly.

There is only one way to conserve electricity, and that is to not utilize it at all. If you really want to cut down on their electric bill and save money, then you should use one or a couple of solar panels to produce your own power. Solar panels can be customized to meet the needs of a single or a couple of circuits, but you don’t have to invest $20,000 in the entire home system. 

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