Raffle House Reviews: Is It Legit & Worth The Hype?{July-2023}

Raffle House Reviews
Raffle House Reviews

Have you ever purchased raffle tickets? Do you aren’t sure about what a lottery ticket? You can purchase raffle tickets on websites that offer raffle tickets to take home prizes. 

It’s a kind of competition to raise funds for charities. Doesn’t that sound interesting, doesn’t it? Raffle House is among the top UK raffle platforms, offering participants the chance to win their dream home or cash prizes of multi-million pounds.

This platform also allows an opportunity to donate to a charity. According to the tagline, ” It’s time to think Big and do Good.”

This platform is extremely well-liked with The Telegraph, BBC, House Beautiful, Business Comparison, European Gaming, Daily Mirror, Metro, London Evening Standard, Sunday Express, Estate Agent Today, UK Fundraising, and many more.

Raffle House also has a huge number of social media followers through its badges that are verified. Raffle House boasts more than 9k fans in Facebook as well as 16.9k plus followers of Instagram.

One question does come up: Is this online platform safe? To find that answer, you’ll have go deep into the Raffle House Review as we’ll provide details regarding the platform.

The Overview Raffle House

Raffle House is a UK-based raffle platform that offers dream homes created by world-renowned and top designers of interiors. The platform works through the sale of raffle tickets and picking a winner at random.

The company charges an amount of money per ticket to raffle in order to allow people to purchase a brand new PS2 millionor more dream home or substantial amount of money. This is a great opportunity that people can win a home with incredible prices.

Additionally to that, the prize house is situated within Havering, which is in the London area of Havering. It’s a large and extravagant home that has a contemporary classic design interior. It’s the dream home you’ve been imagining for years!

This competition, which is paid, is designed to raise money for charities. They partner with various platforms, including British Red Cross, National Trust, Prostate Cancer UK as well as The Royal British Legion, St. John Ambulance, Dementia UK and many others.

Raffle House Highlights:

  • Based in United Kingdom
  • You can win cash or property without tax
  • No mortgage, and no stamp duty
  • Give 20+ charities
  • 5-stars testimonials
  • Highest quality service

Raffle House Reviews

In simple terms, when purchase raffle tickets from the Raffle House, you can contribute to the charity and also be the winner of prizes tax-free. Yes, the company won’t be liable for any fees for stamp duty or mortgage after you’ve won the contest.

In essence, Raflle House offers two choices for raffle tickets including entry via postal entry and entry fee competition.

Additionally, each ticket is sold at a low costs, ranging from the purchase of no tickets to PS25 to purchase 50 tickets. You can choose the ticket and donate as you wish.

The thing we like about this raffle site is the ease of the process as well as for registering the ticket as well as signing up to the subscription. They also have a fantastic team of professionals to offer the highest quality of service.

The Winner Announcement for the Current Winner is now live.

The raffle ticket is open each month. In the current raffle you must register your entry before July 23rd to be eligible for the cash prize of 250,000 Philippine dollars..

You can also purchase raffle through the end of August in order to get a house of luxury worth more than PS2.3 Million which includes the sum of PS100,000 to move in and furnish the way you want. The house is located in London’s Upminster is a stunning interior design which will alter your life. Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity!

Raffle House Postal Entry Review

Before you purchase the raffle tickets glance at what they’re about. It’s okay, Raffle House offers two types of entry tickets which include entries via postal mail and pay-per-ticket methods.

Postal Entry tickets are the ones that you can purchase tickets with no purchase. The postal method is same as other methods of payment. You must agree to all terms and condition.

It’s the first thing to do is set up an account on the internet to confirm your entry information. After you’ve set up an account on the internet, you’ll have to write your personal details on a blank piece of paper. The sheet should include your full name, birth date telephone number, title of the competition, as well as your email address.

You can send the paper by mail to the email address listed below. They’ve joined forces together with Civica Election Services, which has worked on a variety of lottery programs, and will be monitoring the entire process to ensure that it is running in a safe manner.

Raffle House Postal Entry

Civica Election Services33 Clarendon Road
N8 0NW

Raffle House Tickets Price

Alongside the method of Postal Entry, Raffle House offers paid tickets for sale at a reasonable price. Check out the prices in detail below:

  • Postal Entry Tickets for Free
  • Most Popular: PS25 for 50 tickets (50p per ticket)
  • Standard: PS10 for 15 tickets (67p per ticket)
  • Standard: PS100 for 500 tickets (20p per ticket)
  • The lowest price is: Rs300 to purchase 2.000 Tickets (15p for each ticket)
  • Join and Pay Pay for a month of PS10/month. 45 tickets

If you choose to join the subscription, you’ll get three times the normal amount of tickets to all raffles, and you will also be able to select your charity of choice every month. If you’re able to buy more tickets which means you stand the chance to win. In addition, you have the option to change your raffle ticket at any time.

What Do Raffle House Works?

The raffle ticket you purchase on the Raffle House is much more enjoyable and simple. Here’s the simple steps to participate in the raffle contest:

  • Choose one of your raffle tickets.

The company has a range of tickets bundles. Prices per bundle start from PS25 to purchase 50 tickets. Select based on your requirements. The more tickets you buy, the better chance you will are likely to be the winner of the chance to win your Dream Home.

  • Make an account

If you’ve chosen your ticket Next step is to establish an account so that you can keep track of your purchase information. Then you’ll receive a receipt with the number of your ticket to be eligible for the prize.

  • An announcement of winners

You can relax at home, in peace, as the team donates to charitable partners. The team will inform you by phone or email in the event that you are a winner.

Raffle House Pros & Cons

These are some of the advantages and pros and Raffle House that you must be aware of to weigh every aspect without difficulty.


  • A fantastic raffle platform to get a dream home valued at multi-million pounds
  • The purchase of tickets is fast and simple
  • The property is gorgeous and luxurious at all the same time.
  • The ticket prize is offered for a reasonable price.
  • It is easy to sign up


  • It might not be located in the region you are searching for.

Who is Raffle House For?

Raffle House gives its customers the opportunity to be a part of a prize worth million dollars and cash prizes. Anyone within the UK is eligible to participate in the contest as long as they’re older than 18.

This website is designed to people who would like to buy a homelocated to the UK with all the advantages. It’s true is a way to make your dream be realized. It will make a significant impact on your life to be more successful for sure.

If you buy the odds multiplier tickets in addition, you will be being a part of giving back to worthy causes. The company has more than 20 charitable partners who will donate 10% of the purchase.

Is Raffle House Legit?

Raffle House is a legitimate online platform for raffles that is based within the UK. It operates under the regulation and gambling laws, which allow people to join.

You don’t have anything to be worried about if this is your first time to this website. It’s not an ad, a fraud or something similar to that. The site offers millions of pounds in cash and house prize.

How to Get In Touch With Raffle House

Don’t be afraid to ask our customer service team any questions regarding what they operate the Raffle House works, including how to claim the prizes as well as the process of registering, among other things.

All you have to do is go to rafflehouse.com and click “Contact us” to send us an email right away. The team will respond to you from our team as quickly as it is possible.

Where can I purchase Raffle House?

Purchase the Raffle House tickets directly on their site of the official organization. There is a wealth of details about the contest including testimonials, pictures, and other regulations on the website.

End of Raffle House Reviews & Ratings

Don’t miss your chance to take home an PS2.3 Million+ home in London by buying a raffle ticket through Raffle House. The next period of competition will end at the midnight deadline on the 23rd of July to be in with a chance of winning cash worth PS250,000 or the 20th of August for the PS2.3 million home that you’ve always wanted. Choose your ticket bundles and utilize the postal entry option to claim the free ticket. More tickets, better chances to win the prize. Who would say no to this? Visit the website and begin your purchase.


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