Raffia And Straw Bags For Summer-2023: Best Review Is It Real? Check Here!

Raffia And Straw Bags For Summer-2023
Raffia And Straw Bags For Summer-2023

Every summer and spring season I’m so excited to look at the incredible designer raffia as well as straw bag when they arrive in shops. They tell me that the warm temperatures are on the way and it’s the time to lighten up! However, it’s ridiculous to shell out so much for a bag that can only carry for three to four months during the year. I imagine bags that are empty at the end each season empty and sad lying on a table for clearance. Do I need to think about it?

Why You Should Invest in Designer Straw Bags

The expense of spending a large sum on a straw or raffia bag for summer and spring might not be as stupid as you believe. Here are some of the reasons.

1. An Instant Transition to Spring and Summer.

A stunning straw bag will provide instant a lift to your wardrobe essentials. It’s light and airy. When it is replaced by your fall and winter “work bag” it will provide you with a completely new look that is suitable for spring and summer season. Put on the same t-shirt jeans and blazer you’ve been wearing all year with a straw bag, and now you’re ready for summer.

2. Designer Raffia and Straw Bags Stay in Style.

The styles don’t really change each year. They aren’t trendy and won’t go out of fashion. If you wear a straw bag for 3 months every year, for a period of 10 years, your price per item will drop.

Let me simply describe cost-per-wear If the straw bag you use 20 times a month 3 months x 10 years, that’s 600 times that you have worn it. If the bag cost $2,000 and is divided by 600 times the amount you carry it, the cost per use is $3.34. If you buy an $40 straw bag and carry it only 10 times, the cost per wear is $4. Get it? That’s what we call style math (or justification to put your credit card away! ).

3. Designer Bags are High Quality.

It’s possible to think that straw bags aren’t robust, but in reality it’s the ones with less durability that fall into pieces faster. Designer straw bags and raffia are built better. They have leather trims, and higher quality materials that don’t break or crumble. Additionally, there are beautiful features, leather trims topstiching, logos and exclusive designs that aren’t found available on cheaper bags.

4. You Can Sell It!

If after a couple of years you realize that you aren’t carrying your bag as often and you want to sell it, you can. Because it’s designed by a renowned designer and is more expensive, it will be in high demand at resale shops and you may be able to recoup some cash.

Raffia And Straw Bags for Less

If you’re thinking of not spending a lot on bags (you are only carrying for a couple of months) it is possible to consider a style that costs lower. I’ve found a number of identical shaped straw and raffia bags similar as designer ones However, beware that they’re not the same caliber. But you might not be concerned or use it often. And in the case of low-cost models, you can buy many bags but stay within the price of a budget.

It’s all about whether you would prefer to own a top quality designer bag or a variety of various bags to mix and match your wardrobe throughout the year. You decide.

Raffia And Straw Bags for Summer

So, I’m giving you the chance to spend on a designer straw bag, or purchase the same style at the price of. Here’s what I found.

Large Straw Beach Bag

The minimalist design in the Saint Laurent Panier Raffia tote with leather trim costing $1,100 makes it a perfect investment bag. The big size can carry one from beach and onto the street. It is also possible to purchase this less stunning Big Straw Bag at $38 on Amazon.

Straw Bucket Bag

A simple bucket bag with a decorative design can add a touch of elegance to a basic outfit of a blouse, dress and pants or casual jeans outfit. Its Valentino Garavani Roman Stud bucket made of raffia and leather bag comes with the leather trimming, drawstring, and some bling for just $2,850. You can also get this NID flower and pearls Rattan drawstring bucket bag at just $40.

Medium Size Straw Tote Bag

An easier way to use straw bags is to choose an e-bag of a smaller or medium-sized one that can be carried every day. This LOEWE Small raffia woven tote with leather trim priced at $590 measures 14 7” x 14 inches and can hold all the things you require without becoming too big. You can also purchase the similar (but not quite as stylish) Amazon boshiho Retro Straw Woven Bag at just 30 bucks without the genuine embossed logo and trim in leather.

Stripe Straw Bag

I am in love with I love this Altuzarra Large Watermill raffia bag with a striped leather trim with a variety of colors at $545. It’s sure to bring you a smile. It can be worn with prints or solids. If you’re not looking to spend more than $500, this Walmart (US) EDFRWWS Stripe Rainbow Straw Tote Bag costs only $22!

Hard Case Straw Clutch Bags

The last but not least of all is the woven clutch bag. It is possible to carry it with this Rafe Joanna Straw Clutch Bag with Chain Strap for $445 either day or night. It is a great choice to wear as an evening bag when paired with your favorite black dress or as a chic daytime clutch when paired with sundress. The style isn’t as elegant, but for less money can be this Fashionable Boutique de FGG Straw Evening Bag available on Amazon at just $26.


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