PhenGold Reviews: Does It Truly Work? Is It Right For You?{2023}


In the hundreds (or perhaps hundreds) of fat burners available on the market in the present, PhenGold is one that’s growing in popularity.

In this review we’ll walk through a thorough PhenGold review to provide all the details you need to determine whether this fat burner is really effective and worth the investment. 

The review will cover the PhenGold formulation and ingredients along with the benefits, quality, and safety as well as how it compares with other fat burners and many other aspects.

Let’s begin by reading the PhenGold review to determine whether this supplement is suitable for you!

About PhenGold

PhenGold is a natural fat burner, which is claimed to have a number of advantages that can help you lose weight more quickly and without a lot of a hassle.

Their multi-action formula contains a variety of clinically-researched ingredients, such as caffeine, green tea, tyrosine, cayenne and theanine. The unique blend of ingredients in PhenGold has been designed to give significant impacts on metabolic rate, fat burning cravings, mood and even energy, meaning you will lose weight as never before.

In the end, PhenGold is intended to assist you in your quest to overcome your weight loss plateaus, and to be at your best and look great.

PhenGold Benefits

PhenGold claims to be an action-packed formula that provides five advantages to aid in weight loss:

More Fat-Burning

Body fat that is stubborn can be extremely difficult to eliminate and is usually caused by metabolic or hormonal problems. This is the reason why exercising and diet alone won’t always work.

PhenGold claims to increase your process of burning fat in the body and help you shed the stubborn body fat. The company claims that green tea, caffeine capsaicin, capsaicin, as well as other ingredients trigger fat-burning hormones as well as enzymes that eliminate fat quickly.

Increased Metabolism

In order to naturally boost your metabolism it is essential to take care of your diet, exercise regularly and maintain a well-balanced life style. Sometimes, a busy schedule could hinder your ability to perform these things, resulting in changes in your metabolism.

However, PhenGold promises to speed up your metabolism, so that you are able to burn more calories even when you’re doing nothing. The main ingredients that are designed to increase the metabolism fire include Green tea, B Vitamins and green coffee. These could convert food into energy, rather than storage them as fat.

Reduction of Cravings

One of the most significant obstacles to an effective fat loss plan is the cravings. Perhaps you’ve experienced these massive cravings, and then had to indulge to satisfy your cravings, which can impede progress.

PhenGold promises to decrease cravings and hunger by utilizing capsaicin as well as various other appetite-suppressants that are natural. This could help you adhere to your diet and achieve the required daily deficit in calories.

Boosted Energy

If you’re on the weight loss plan you might experience a lack of energy and fatigue due to not eating as often.

PhenGold is marketed to increase the energy levels of your body by utilizing caffeine, B vitamins along with green coffee all of which are natural stimulants. Together, they can provide you with the focus and energy that you require for your workouts and everyday activities, even if you’re restricted in calories.

Improved mood

The symptoms of crankiness, irritability as well as anxiety are often elevated during the diet to lose fat.

However, you don’t want to stay in that condition for too long since it can negatively impact your family and friends. PhenGold promises to improve your mood and mental wellbeing by combining tyrosine, theanine Rhodiola as well as other natural substances. These compounds could be able to combat stress and helping to boost neurotransmitter levels for a calmer mind. These five benefits are certainly appealing ones for people who wish to lose weight.

But do you think PhenGold really just as efficient as the experts claim?

PhenGold Ingredients

In this article we’ll discuss the components of PhenGold and discuss the possible advantages.

The PhenGold formula contains 12 ingredients that are active included in PhenGold:

Tea Green Tea (500mg)

The extract of green tea is rich in catechins, bioactive substances that are. These catechins (and other compounds) in green tea could aid in increasing metabolism and increasing fat breakdown.

Together, these effects can aid in losing weight.

Green Coffee (100mg)

The extract of green coffee comes in the form of coffee beans that are green (raw) beans of coffee. It is rich in chlorogenic acid. This is antioxidant-friendly and can increase sugar and fat metabolism.

In time, green coffee will help with loss of fat and weight loss. The dosage is not the highest however. If you’re looking for a more powerful dosage, you can find it in other supplements like the Vintage Burn.

Theanine (250mg)

Theanine, an amino acid that can be found in the leaves of green tea. It enhances the alpha waves of the brain, and is associated with calmness and relaxation. Theanine is also a stimulant of GABA and other neurotransmitters that help to relax.

The main effect of theanine comes from decreased stress and anxiety. However, it can also help to counteract the stimulant effects of caffeine as well as similar substances. This could assist in keeping you more comfortable in your fat loss phase.

Tyrosine (350mg)

The amino acid Tyrosine essential to produce dopamine, norepinephrine, as well as adrenaline. These brain chemicals play a role in energy, alertness and motivation.

Stress could deplete these brain chemicals. That’s why taking tyrosine could help in restoring the levels of these chemicals when you are stressed which, in turn, improving overall mood as well as mental efficiency. It could help you with your fitness routine, or whatever you have to concentrate on throughout the daytime.

Rhodiola (250mg)

Rhodiola can be described as an adaptogenic plant that was utilized for a long time across Russia in the past as well as East Asia. It functions as an anti-stress plant, meaning it reduces any negative impact of stress to your body, while also aiding in the recovery process from stress.

It has a transfer effect to many different physical and mental advantages. For instance, Rhodiola supplementation may reduce fatigue, boost energy levels as well as improve mood and mental wellbeing.

On the physical aspect it can increase the endurance, strength and general physical endurance.

In the end it looks like it could be a fantastic instrument for fat loss as it will help you to be more balanced and relaxed as well as boost your fat-loss exercises and overall energy.

Cayenne Pepper (200mg)

Cayenne pepper is rich in a chemical called capsaicin. This compound is famous for its ability to induce you to go running for a gallon of milk after having eaten it ;).

As it turns out, capsaicin is a fat-burning agent as well. For instance, this chemical in cayenne has the ability to boost metabolism and reduce fat. It also helps curb cravings and appetite which means you consume less.

It’s likely that the supplementation of capsaicin and cayenne is quite effective in reducing fat. It’s also found in many other fat burners including Hunter Burn.

Caffeine (225mg)

Caffeine is a substance that which is a common name. The majority of people know through personal experience the fact that caffeine is a stimulant, which increases alertness, energy and even mood.

However, it could cause effects on weight loss as well. It does this because it boosts metabolic rate and also thermogenesis (calorie-burning). Additionally, it has a small appetite-suppressing effect.

Combine these effects and you may burn more calories while eating less, which will help you shed weight.

DMAE (150mg)

DMAE (which stands for dimethylaminoethanol) is a choline molecule. It performs a variety of functions in the brain. For instance, DMAE may decrease inflammation of the brain, while improving cognitive abilities.

Because of this, this ingredient is mostly used in nootropic supplements for instance the Reviva Brain. There aren’t any specific results in terms of energy, fat loss or any other benefits touted by PhenGold.

B Vitamins

Three vitamin B Vitamin B3 (15mg) Vitamin B6 (1.3mg) as well as Vitamin B12 (24mcg).

The three B vitamins are able to boost metabolism and convert the food you consume into energy. This can help in some instances to reduce weight.

In addition, B vitamins are important for the production of neurotransmitters as well as other functions of the brain. They could help lower stress and boost mood, particularly if you’re deficient.

BioPerine (5mg)

BioPerine can be described as a registered variant of extracts of black pepper. It’s rich in piperine which is a chemical that may enhance its bioavailability of other ingredients, which can increase their effectiveness.

Does PhenGold Does it work?

PhenGold appears to be a good option in fat loss.

There are a number of clinically-researched ingredients in here, especially caffeine, green tea, theanine, cayenne, and Rhodiola. Most of the components found in PhenGold are dosed at acceptable levels. However, there are a few which are not dosed properly like tyrosine or green coffee.

However, PhenGold is a reliable formula and could be able to help you target different avenues to help make the process of losing weight much easier. For one, PhenGold has ingredients that will boost metabolism and burn calories, improve the process of burning fat, reduce cravings and improve mood, decrease stress and increase energy. Overall PhenGold’s claims are almost certainly supported in general.

Claims vs. Reality

Through these processes, PhenGold claims that it can help you reach your weight goal and shed weight faster.

However, we cannot guarantee that this will occur. You must also be aware that a quality fat loss can take time. This supplement may aid in the process more quickly however, it’s not likely to make you lose 20 pounds in just three weeks or anything similar to this.

What it could accomplish is help your efforts to lose weight and maybe help you shed 5 pounds or more than you’d lose with exercising and diet alone. Additionally, the possible positive effects on mood, stress control, and energy can be significant as well and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Who is PhenGold Most Suitable For?

PhenGold is a great choice for people who want to shed weight and need a multi-faceted formula to aid them in the mental and physical aspects of losing fat like metabolism support, fat-burning and cravings management mental health, and an increase in energy.

How to Use PhenGold? PhenGold

PhenGold is available in capsule form. It is a serving size of three capsules. It is recommended to take one capsule every day, 20 minutes prior to breakfast. Ideally, this should be prior to a workout.

Is Phengold Secure?

PhenGold is generally considered to be an extremely safe product for most users, but there are also potential negative effects, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Heart rate increases
  • Upset stomach & general digestive distress
  • Headache
  • The mood changes
  • Muscles moving

PhenGold is manufactured in FDA-registered, cGMP-controlled manufacturing facilities located in the USA. PhenGold is vegan and vegetarian-friendly Non-GMO, and free of gluten, soy, or dairy. It doesn’t have any additives or artificial ingredients.

Where Can I Purchase PhenGold

You can purchase PhenGold on PhenGold’s website here. PhenGold site here.

It contains 30 servings (90 capsules) per bottle. It is possible to purchase one, two and three bottles at one time. If you purchase three or two bottles at one time you will receive one or two bottles for free or two bottles, depending on the quantity.

Below are the costs for PhenGold:

  • One-Month Supply One-Month Supply $59.99 ($2/serving)
  • 2-Month Supply (+ 1 Month Free) $119.99 $119.99 ($1.33/serving)
  • 3-Month Supply (+ 2 Months Free) Price: $179.99 ($1.20/serving)

The initial price is quite expensive but the huge savings will offer the chance to save dollars. In the end, PhenGold is reasonably priced for a fat-burner. Additionally, they offer the 100-day money-back guarantee. PhenGold ships internationally, but they’re unable to ship to certain countries.

Verdict: PhenGold Review

PhenGold is an effective fat burner that provides multiple advantages that can help you shed weight and feel more comfortable while doing it.

The formula is multifaceted and contains research-based ingredients that may improve metabolism and fat burning, decrease cravings, and provide aid to mood, energy and stress management which are often overlooked.

It’s also a transparent label that is well-dosed overall. It’s to be a great choice if are looking for a fat burner that will help you in many areas of you journey to lose weight.


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