Paris Hilton Why She Used Surrogate: Is It legit Or Scam? Check Here Info!

Paris Hilton Why She Used Surrogate
Paris Hilton Why She Used Surrogate

Paris Hilton as well as Carter Reum surprised fans earlier this month, when they announced they were expecting their first child to their first child. Since they’ve revealed the baby’s name Phoenix. Phoenix and the significance behind the lettert as well as Paris has spoken out about the measures she had to go to protect her secret pregnancy. secret..

Today, Paris has revealed the reasons why she chose to employ a surrogate birth her first child. She is following similar to other famous people who welcomed their children through surrogates.

When asked if she thought the choice was based on related to her age (which is 42) Paris is 42 years old – she explained to the magazine that this decision did not have any impact on her on her decision, and she would have sought out the surrogate if she were pregnant at any time.

“When I was on “The Simple Life, I was in a room while the mother was having her baby and it was very difficult for me to bear the trauma in the past,’ the former reality television star explained of the reason why she and Carter had surrogates. “I want to have a family of my own that it’s not just the physical side of having one.’

Paris added: ‘I’m terrified… birth and death are two things that scare me the most than anything else.’

Paris was a regular in The Simple Life with her off-and-on her BFF Nicole Richie, for five seasons between 2003 and 2007. The show was about the heiresses throughout the US and stayed with the locals and working at manual work and usually low-paying jobs like cleaning, farm work and waitressing.

If you’re worried about pregnancy impacting your mental wellbeing, or you’re worried about the birth of your child, go to the NHS website to find out more information about where you can get support.


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