Oscarters Com Reviews: Is It Store Legit Or Scam?{July-2023} Genuine Review!

Oscarters Com Reviews

Oscarters.com reviews is an untrustworthy website you should be wary of at all times. It claims to offer cute girl dresses for sale at affordable prices, but it is an online fraud store. Are they right? Let’s find out in oscarters.com blogs about reviews.

What is Oscarters.com

Oscarters is an online shop that offers a range of items, including glittering princess dresses as well as character and baby boy and girl clothes and family-friendly outfits and party clothes. They offer new items, hot-sales products, as well as seasonal sales including the summer clearance sale which offers discounts of up to 80 percent off.

Oscarters.com reviews: What are Customers Saying?

Good Reviews

  • The reviews aren’t great. are no favorable reviews.

Negative reviews:

  • I haven’t received any products. It is an enigma.
  • Quality is poor and is a the waste of money.


  • Convenient It is convenient to can shop from any location.
  • Cheap affordable: There are usually great bargains to be had.
  • A wide range of options A wide selection: There is something for every person.


  • Uncertain Certain dealers may not be reliable.
  • It can be a time-consuming process: it can take some time to find the appropriate products.
  • It’s not always secure: There is an increased chance of identity theft, or fraud.

Red Flags

Here are the most important red flags in bold bullet points:

  • The most recent website creation: Oscarters.com reviews surfaced in the last few days, and the domain name being registered on the date 2023-07-06. The limited life-span of the site is typical of the tactics used by scammers to disappear after deceiving their customers for a brief period of time.
  • Unconfirmed Ownership: Website is operated by the company “NOVVA Limited,” known for running numerous fake online stores, and exploiting innocent consumers.
  • Absence of Physical Address: Oscarters.com does not provide an address that is physically located for the business, which is an essential piece of information that trustworthy brands and companies typically share to build confidence.
  • Absence of Contact Details: The website lacks a valid contact number, leaving customers with only an email address (oscarters@xtlmq.com) as the sole means of communication.
  • Realistic Savings Oscarters.com lures customers with a staggering discount up to 80percent. These massive discounts are typically a ploy to entice customers into buying fake or low-quality products.
  • Copy Content Website’s contents and images of products were taken from legitimate online stores such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress. The lack of originality and credibility is evident of fraud.
  • Incomplete Social Media Presence: Oscarters.com lacks any hyperlinks to social media sites that raise doubts about its authenticity. Online stores that are trusted use social media platforms to interact with customers and show off their merchandise.
  • Customer complaints: True customer reviews and testimonials are absent on Oscarters.com. The reports of undeliverable dresses and fraudulent credit card charges further prove the fraudulent nature of the website.

Is Oscarters.com Legit

With the evidence-based overwhelming of red warnings, Oscarters.com is undoubtedly a fraud website and should avoid at all times. Numerous customers have received counterfeit goods or not receiving their purchases and no means of contacting the company to request return or refunds.

What To do if You’ve Shopped on Oscarters.com

  • Call Your Bank as well as Credit Card Company: Inform your financial institution right away to end your transaction. You can also request the reimbursement. Contact your financial institution immediately to report Oscarters.com as a fraudulent website to prevent any future charges.
  • Update Your Passwords When you have created an account at Oscarters.com or used that same password on other sites, you must change your passwords as soon as possible to block any unauthorized access.
  • Beware of phishing emails: Delete any emails that claim to come from Oscarters.com particularly when you are able to offer discount or reimbursements. These may be phishing scams that attempt to take your personal information.
  • Beware of Installing Unknown Applications: Refrain from downloading any application recommended by Oscarters.com because they may contain malware or expose your personal data.
  • Report the Scam: File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and provide proof of the scam and communications documents to prevent others from being a victim of the identical fraud.


Oscarters.com reviews have been exposed as a fraud website that pounces on unwary consumers who shop online. With many red indicators of its fraudulent nature, it’s imperative to stay clear of this site and other similar websites.

Be safe when shopping online by conducting a thorough search by making use of secure payment methods and safeguarding your personal data. If you are vigilant and aware You can be sure that you are not a victim to online fraud.


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