Organlada Cat Scratcher Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{July-2023}

Organlada Cat Scratcher Reviews

It is Organlada Cat Scratcher is a unique cat scratcher that has received mixed feedback from pet owners. Certain cats are enthralled by the scratcher and frequently use it but others are uninterested or avoid it altogether. If it works, let us know in the reviews for the cat scratcher Organlada.

What exactly is Organlada Cat? Scratcher

It’s the Organlada Cat Scratcher is the most unique and exciting toys for cats! It’s a scratcher bed, and a plaything that’s all. The scratchable surface helps maintain the health of your cat’s nails The soft fabric offers comfort and the flex design lets you bend it in whatever shape your cat prefers.


Here are a few characteristics of the Organlada Cat Scratcher:

  • Scratchable surface that helps keep your cat’s nails in good shape
  • Soft fabric for your comfort
  • Flexible design that bends into any shape
  • Ideal for playing, scratching and taking naps

Organlada Cat Scratcher Reviews: What are the Customers Saying?

Here are some comments from those who have bought this Organlada Cat Scratcher.


  • Haley T. claims the pet “really enjoyed playing with this toy” and also that it’s “an amazing value.” She also states that her cat gets “entertained for a good while” by playing with the toy.
  • Katherine F. claims she is convinced that the pet “loves this toy” and it has made the cat active. She also states that the ball jingles very well when it is in the accordion.


  • My cat didn’t love this scratcher at all. He snorted at it a few times, then left. I tried placing it in various places, but he was not at all. I’m not certain if it’s simply not his style or is there some issue with the idea.


  • Innovative and engaging design that will keep cats entertained for long hours.
  • A durable cardboard construction that will last for years of use.
  • The soft fabric lining is a great cats with comfort during their nap.


  • There are many cats who may not be fascinated by scratching at cardboard.
  • The bell can cause annoyance to some.
  • Shredded cardboard can cause a messy clean-up.

How to Utilize

These are some steps for how to utilize the Organlada cat Scratcher:

  1. The scratcher is folded up. The Organlada Cat Scratcher is folded. For it to unfold, you just remove the two ends.
  2. The scratcher should be placed in a convenient place. You want to put the scratcher in a place that your cat is capable of seeing it and be able to access it easily. The best place to put it is close to your cat’s preferred spot to nap or in close proximity to their water bowls and food bowls.
  3. Introduce scratchers with your feline. Let your cat play with the scratcher and sniff it. You could also try rub some catnip onto the scratcher to attract more attention for your pet.
  4. Let your cat scratch. Once your cat is intrigued by this scratcher can get them to scratch with the ball with a bell or scratching the scratcher by yourself.
  5. Have patience. It may take some time for your cat’s to get used to scratching. Keep it up and encouraging your cat for them to utilize it.

Incidious Side Effects

Here are a few potential adverse effects that may be associated with an Organlada Cat Scratcher

  • The mess. If your cat is able to tear up cardboard, it could create a mess. It is possible to put the scratcher in a place that isn’t likely to cause an issue.
  • Injury. If your cat scratch too hard, it may injure themselves. This is especially true if the cardboard is not sturdy or if the scratcher isn’t constructed of sturdy materials.
  • Reactions to allergens. Some cats may be allergic to the substances that are used in the Organl

Do you think Organlada Cat Scratcher is the right one for Your Cat?

The brand is certainly appealing, however the absence review on different platforms raises a red flag as is the fact the company isn’t registered on Trustpilot and isn’t available through Amazon is also a red flag.

The Organlada Cat Scratcher is a great Product, yet it’s likely that the product isn’t. Without further reviews, it’s difficult to be certain.

If you’re in search of scratchers for cats I’d suggest choosing one that has the best reviews and comes from an reputable seller. There are a lot of great scratchers for cats available which means you’ll be able find the right one for your cat. It should also be one that you are confident in purchasing


The Organlada Cat Scratcher may look attractive, but the absence of reviews and the inability to find it on trusted websites like Amazon can be a cause of anxiety. The product may be reliable however, it’s equally likely that the product isn’t. Without further reviews, it’s impossible to know for certain.

It is recommended to pick products with favorable reviews as well as a solid track history. Consider other scratchers for cats with reviews that are extensive could give you greater confidence in the quality and compatibility of your pet’s favorite.


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