Night Shift More Deadly For Men: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Read Here!

Night Shift More Deadly For Men
Night Shift More Deadly For Men

Working the night shift is more dangerous for men than for women. They are at high risk of blood pressure and diabetes. This information has come to the fore in a study conducted in Britain.

It has been said in the study that the body clock of men is more sensitive. In this, if you work against the time, there is more possibility of disturbance in it. Everything from their gene activity to gut bacteria and blood pressure can go awry. Its potential is useful in its women.

Researchers used the data of 90,000 people working in different shifts in Britain for the study. It found that those who worked standard hours were more likely to have metabolic syndrome, a major risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. Apart from this, there is a risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure and excess fat in the body.

On the other hand, compared to women working standard hours, this risk was found to be negligible in women working in the night shift. whether they worked as a medical professional or as an employee in a warehouse. This study has been published in the journal Science Transnational Medicine.

Artificial lighting must work at night

Dr. Sabra Abbott, an associate professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, said she doesn’t want people to interpret this as saying that women working the night shift are not bad. Wherein Fitzgerald also insisted that the whole matter was complicated. Both experts also said that the study’s findings highlight the potential health effects of working the night shift. Everyone should know about the importance of good sleep. They include receiving sunlight during the day, and working under artificial light at night.

The difference was not clear in the studies so far

Studies to date have also linked night shift work to an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases. It is seen that it is difficult to eat healthy and exercise when you are working night. Due to this, the natural circadian clock of the human body is also affected, which decides the time of sleeping and waking up. However, the difference in risk between women and men was not clear.

The effect of income on education

Researcher Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School and Medicine and lead author of the study, said job type also played a role in these risks. He said that the work of all shifts is not the same. This risk can vary depending on the job. Apart from this, the basis of education and income also has a great impact on these risks.


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