New Pokemon Presents Has Been Announced For Next Week Check Here!(2023)

New Pokemon Presents Has Been Announced For Next Week
New Pokemon Presents Has Been Announced For Next Week

An exciting fresh Pokemon Presents has been announced for the week to come. We’ve got all the information to date, as well as some speculation about what could be revealed.

The new Pokemon Presents has been announced on February 27 2023, at 8:00 am central. The episode will be about 20 minutes.

What is expected to be revealed? 

The only thing we know we know is it’s going to be “exciting information”. It’s not much. The speculation online has been that we’ll get Scarlet/Violet DLC. This is quite likely. There is also speculation about a new Pokemon Dungeon game. This is a possibility. It’s highly unlikely that a brand new Pokemon primaryline title will ever be announced , since we only have Scarlet/Violet in the last quarter of the year. A dungeon or another spinoff game could be in the offing. Most likely announcement would be the Scarlet/Violet DLC however.

Another piece of speculation is related to the Nintendo Switch Online. With Gameboy as well as Gameboy Advance games available on the service right now, people are beginning to speculate whether we’ll get the games for Gameboy and Advance Pokemon. There is a chance that we’ll receive an announcement about this, but we’re not certain of the likelihood! Make sure to keep your fingers crossed in case you’d like to see the announcement.

Whatever the Pokemon announcements are you can be certain that will be covering all of the Pokemon Presents and any game(s) that result from it. Stay tuned!


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