New Feature Launched in Google Search with AI/Apple{MAY-2023} Read Here!

New Feature Launched in Google Search with AI/Apple
New Feature Launched in Google Search with AI/Apple

Google has added two tools to its image search, which are meant to curb fake images, Google has introduced the name about this message!

Google has given information about this feature in its blog. With its help, any kind of fake AI photo on the Internet can be identified! The advantage of this will be that before downloading and sharing any photo, you will be able to know whether that photo is real or made by AI!

Apart from this, Google has also said that it will also mark all the pictures on its platform with the help of which tool it was created.

Conclusion:-Google-Apple’s security alert feature released

Google and Apple are working together to strengthen the security of users. Recently a draft has been submitted to protect users from unwanted tracking. Companies will now send notification alerts to the user on tracking via Bluetooth!

In fact, Android and iOS users use AirTags when the device is lost. This service works through bluetooth tracking. Many times the user is not aware that he and his location are being tracked through his device. In such a situation, now all Bluetooth location tracking devices will have to work along with sending alerts. This feature will help protect against unauthorized tracking!


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