Nadine West Reviews: Spring 2024! Is It Legit Or Scam? Read Now!

Nadine West Reviews
Nadine West Reviews

Nadine West is a subscription-based clothing and style service which is geared towards women. After joining, you’ll be asked to submit your measurements, colors as well as patterns and any accessories you would like to have including sunglasses and scarves.

On a bi-monthly or monthly interval, a stylist of Nadine West will select the best clothing and accessories according to your personal style preferences and mail the items straight to your address. You will receive a pre-paid shipping label as well as a comprehensive list of all the items together with the respective prices. The cost for shipping will be a small amount upfront for shipping, which is less than $10.

After you receive your package, you are able to test the items at your home, and choose which you’d prefer to keep, and what you’d prefer to return. Should you choose to retain at most one thing, the cost of shipping will be subtracted from the price of the item. If you decide to keep the item for 20 dollars that you want to keep, you’ll be charged $10 for the item.

It is crucial to quickly return unwanted items within the time frame of a few days to help you make a decision. Once you have decided on the items you want to keep, head over to Nadine West’s website. Nadine West’s website and rate or discuss the items received. The feedback you provide will be utilized by your stylist to design the next order and ensure it is in line with your personal style preferences.

1. The bag contained six items.

Both the top and bottom that are shown below were both included in this package. The bottoms are extremely elastic, cotton legging that is a little jean-like in real life however I’m sure they appear as pure black. I’ve received similar leggings by Nadine West in the past and kept the pair. In the present, I have so many leggings I’ve become very selective on what I buy. If I really needed leggings I’d buy them however, I don’t, therefore, I decided to not purchase these. Additionally, they’re sold as $27.99 which I believe is a bit overpriced. A little less than $20 is the price I would expect to pay for a basic pair of leggings such as this.

1. The top color is one that I am a fan of! 

I love purple and this is among my favorites colors of the purple. The top comes with pockets, that are adorable. It’s almost like small dress, however I checked and it’s described as a top and not an actual dress. I’m not a fan of the length of tunics on shirts, therefore I decided to pass on this. The fit was pretty close! This top retails at $33.99 which I found to be somewhat high.

2. The pants that are shown here were both part of this particular shipment. 

These aren’t the same pants the above picture, but it’s difficult to tell from the picture I’m sorry. They’re cheap and a costume-like fabric. I am not a fan of this material and have never walked in to stores selling it. I’d like to see Nadine West stops sending clothes in this fabric since it doesn’t feel like it was made well and it’s very scratchy/itchy according to me. The bottoms cost 37.99 to keep, which is excessive to me too.

It’s a skinny black tank with an a little rouching around the middle of the chest to create some shape. The top also has slightly flared shoulders instead of simply a rectangular shape. I find this top pretty, however I’m still hesitant to wear tank tops currently because I’m uncomfortable with my arms. This is why I’m only keeping sleeveless tops only if I truly enjoy the top. I love this one however, I’m not thrilled with it enough, so I decided to let it go. It costs $32.99 in order to retain it.

3. This necklace of silver was part of during this shipment. 

It’s a long, twisted chain that has an open hoop, and an assortment of chains that hang from the hoop. I find it very cute however I’m not one to wear jewelry with a fashion style such as this. I usually have a collection of jewelry I wear all the time, that’s pretty basic with the exception of events like an event like a wedding. It doesn’t seem sexy enough for a formal event and it’s too expensive to wear on a regular basis, so it’s not for me. I think it’s adorable however. It’s priced at $34.99

4. The fabric is so soft, it’s a little fuzzy, but it’s lightweight and thin. 

I love how it fits to the waistline naturally. It gives just enough fashion to it as compared to the typical t-shirt dress that I believe it appears a little more put together’ and more flattering for my body as well. It’s also extremely comfortable to wear since it’s light, soft and stretches. This is a must-have for me! It is $39.99.

Overall, it wasn’t an thrilling bag for me since I only kept one thing. I would keep the leggings in case I had needed they, but I have enough leggings. The best part with Nadine West is that as you keep at least one thing in each bag, you won’t be out any money since the shipping costs are taken out of the cost of each object you keep.

5. The top and bottom were both shipped in this particular shipment. 

I’ll go over more about the upper in the next paragraph. The bottoms are kind of burnt orange leggings. I’m a big fan of leggings but I prefer cotton-based ones to lounge in. They’re more stretchy or spandex like fabric in them, and I think they’d be ideal for working out in, however they’re not as comfortable for relaxing. I opted to not purchase the pair, even though they seemed good quality. I don’t wear these kinds of leggings often. They’re $34.99.

Here’s a more detailed picture from the front. It has a touch side which you can tie manually on either side of the hip. The op also comes with. I found it look more stylish than regular tank tops. I’m not content with my body to wear tops like this, so I chose to not purchase it, even though I really like the look. It costs $27.99 and I’m keeping it.

2. This necklace is simple and elegant according to me. It’s not my style however. It is $34.99.

I had a lengthy debate over the dress! It’s a bit thicker fabric that does an excellent job of keeping its shape instead of clinging onto your figure. It has a zipper on the back, so I had to get assistance to put it on, but I enjoy the overall look it provides. It’s more luxurious than the majority of summer dresses. 

I would think it could be a nice choice to wear in a formal environment or any other formal occasion…though there aren’t a lot of those! I chose not to keep the dress due to the design in the material. I love florals, but this pattern isn’t exactly the kind of floral I typically choose to wear. Also, I thought that only had a few small blue flowers in the pattern seemed unnatural and distracting. This is it’s close, but not something that I would consider a long-term investment. The price is $40.99.

3. The final item in this shipment contained was this cardigan. 

It’s thin and light so it’s perfect for spring. It’s a very stretchy fabric which is very easy to put on. I’m not a fan for longer cardigans as well as the split sides it has, so I decided to get rid of it. It is $37.99. This is a rare one that I didn’t take anything home! It was a great experience of trying on clothes I would normally not.

4. Want to know what Nadine West has in store for you? 

Sign up now to complete a fashion test. The cost is around $10 shipping cost. Then, when you’ve kept at least one item from your package the shipping cost will be taken off the price of the product. It’s an enjoyable opportunity to test out new clothes. 


There are only a few days between when your items are delivered and the time you have to return any items you don’t want to keep (but an prepaid shipping label is provided). Be sure to be prompt in trying on the items, and then return the items you don’t want to keep.


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