Meta Platforms Inc Statistics: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Monthly Active Users!

Meta Platforms Inc Statistics
Meta Platforms Inc Statistics

Prior to that, called Facebook, Meta Platforms Inc. ( Meta) is the new name and identity to all Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s goals. Mr. Zuckerberg first expressed interest in the idea of a Metaverse in 2014, when Facebook bought Oculus in 2014. Oculus in 2014.

Meta Platforms Inc statistics show that the company is the proprietor of more than 78 companies and departments devoted to different R&D programs. In the course of these developments, Meta Platforms Inc has developed into an extremely powerful corporation. This article will provide information about the more specific Meta Platforms Inc statistics in 2023.

Key Meta Platforms Inc Statistics 2023

  • Meta Platforms has 3.6 billion active users per month.
  • Mark Zuckerberg owns $398 million shares
  • Meta Platforms Inc earned $104.8 billion in profits in 2021.
  • Meta bought $21billion for WhatsApp
  • Meta disclosed 311,127 Australians in an Data breach
  • Meta is home to 3 million of advertisers using its platforms.
  • Vanguard holds $22 billion worth of Meta shares. Meta shares

What’s the Metaverse?

You’ve probably heard of VR, but it’s the Metaverse is taking the entire experience to a whole new level. It’s a world of virtual reality that lets a range of products and services are infused with digital technology to create unlimited possibilities for leisure and business integration.

But, there isn’t single explanation or concept that explains this technological revolution and the possibilities it offers.

It’s also referred to in the form of “the future of the web” with the aim of connecting our physical and virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg is convinced that the Metaverse will be ready to welcome the world in five to 10 years.

According to certain people, the metaverse’s applications are endless and could transform how we communicate and conduct business.

In the course of these changes, Meta Platforms Inc has developed into among the top well-known and influential companies within a short time.

Meta Platforms Inc.’s Acquisitions Statistics

Based on Meta platforms’ data, Meta didn’t get to the point it is now on its own, and it’s also not like they didn’t have a plan for possible competition over the years.

Since the launch of Facebook, Zuckerberg has acquired more than 78 companies, and each is a part of Meta’s larger scheme. Below is the breakdown of some of the most significant acquisitions made over the course of time.

Meta Platforms Inc Statistics: The Instagram Acquisition

Following the acquisition, because of its fresh design and design, Instagram flourished quickly and received more interest in the eyes of Facebook customers within a short period of time.

When Meta purchased Instagram the video and photo sharing application wasn’t generating any income.

The company had just 13 employees in the company. Clearly, Zuckerberg had big plans for the application in the beginning.

A younger segment of users predominantly used Instagram. Users use the Instagram app to share and browse short video clips and images as well as Meta identified huge corporate sales in marketing and sales opportunities.

And that’s not even counting the numerous integrations we are seeing every day. According to the latest data, every year Instagram makes Meta Platforms more than $20 billion.

Meta Platforms Inc Statistics: The WhatsApp Acquisition

Shortly after Instagram’s acquisition Instagram, Zuckerberg set his eyes on the popular messaging application WhatsApp that had a rapidly growing and thriving user base.

The messaging app works as an advertising-free platform that can be used in areas that have little or internet access.

This is among the main reasons for why WhatsApp has gained popularity across the globe. Recent data reveal that WhatsApp had two billion registered users during the initial quarter of 2020.

Experts believe that Zuckerberg paid more than one-tenth of the worth for Meta Platforms in 2014 to complete the purchase of the messaging application.

At the end, Meta decided to pay more than $19 billion. This represents an increment of $3.6 billion more than the original amount.

This was because of the compensation package offered to WhatsApp employees who remained with Meta and it caused a shake-up in the balance of things for many employees.

From this point, Meta interacted with more people from all over the world and grew its reach and even upset its rivals while doing it.

Meta Platforms Inc Statistics: The Oculus Acquisition

Oculus is a company that develops virtual reality technologies which was the primary driver for Meta to venture into the VR technology market. In the year 2016, Oculus presented its first VR headset..

Based on the information available, Meta spent more than $2 billion on the acquisition of Oculus, the pioneer of virtual reality Oculus in 2014.

From that point on from that point, Ms. Zuckerberg began daydreaming about the idea of Metaverse and imagining the infinite possibilities that the company could come up with using VR and AR technology.

While the Metaverse was announced in the last few days however, the concept has been being developed for quite a long time.

As the idea of the metaverse grows it will create a variety of online spaces that will allow interactions between individuals to be far more complex than they are in daily life.

It’s going to need updated technology to enable it which is another reason we should anticipate that full implementation will take about 10 years.

Additionally, it is aiming to offer an economic system made up of physical and digital aspects that can transfer digital assets across multiple Metaverses.

In addition to the part Oculus was able to play in development of the Metaverse below are a few additional acquisitions which have happened through the years and each played their role within Meta. Meta umbrella.

Meta Platforms Inc Statistics: Other Acquisitions

  • Parse – $85M
  • LiveRail – $500 million
  • Atlas Solutions – $50-$100 million
  • Onavo 100-$200 million
  • TBH $100 million

Meta Platforms Inc Statistics About Revenue and Monthly Active Users

Meta is among the fastest-growing companies in the world and has a market value of more than $960 billion on October 1 2021. In the trial period of 12 months, Meta earned $39.0 billion in net profit and $104.8 billion in revenue.

Additionally, the amount of active users on Meta Platforms has topped 3.5 billion users worldwide on an average basis.

These numbers are likely to increase with the advancements in the pipeline in the coming decade, as well. Meta Platforms Inc. has no plans to reduce its growth rate.

Data on the Shareholders of Meta Platforms Inc.

Meta is currently valued at around $327 per share on the exchange. Top management members of the company Directors who sit on boards of directors, or those who hold more than 10 percent of the shares are often called ‘Insiders.’

The shareholders who own these shares have directly owned shares. The shares covered in this article don’t relate to shares offered by normal stock options.

Top Insider Shareholders

1. David Fischer

David Fischer owns 37,089 shares which is about 0.001 percent the total number of shares owned by Meta. He heads the sales and marketing teams of Meta Platforms Inc .

Fisher was previously Vice for Google’s Online Operations and revenues up to 2010.

Additionally, Fischer was also the US Treasury Department’s deputy chief of staff and also serves as a director of Alterra Mountain Co.

2. Michael Schroepfer

Schroepfer is CTO of Meta Platforms Inc., and is in charge of Meta Platforms’ technological development teams that focus on areas such as AI as well as VR.

He has the 600,873 Meta shares. That represents 0.02 percent of the company’s total shares. He’s declared that he’ll step out from the role of chief technology officer in 2022.

3. David Wehner

Wehner is Meta’s Chief Financial Officer since 2014, directing the IT and finance departments. David Wehner currently holds 22,521 Meta shares, which is less than 0.001 percent of the total shares available.

Top Institutional Shareholders

Individual investors who invest 5percent or more of a company’s stock is considered to be institutional investors. In addition, they hold more than the 65% in Meta Platform’s shares.

More details about Meta Platforms’ top institutional investors, along with how many shares they have are available below.

1. Vanguard Group Inc.

Vanguard is an investment management company with 440 conventional products that are low-cost and ETF’s. Vanguard ETF (VOX) is one of the funds. Vanguard ETF (VOX), that has 4.6 billion under management it is among the many Vanguard funds that hold the shares in Meta Platforms Inc.

Meta The most prominent asset within the portfolio of this fund which accounts for about 17.1 percent of its assets.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Based on the information in 13G report, Mark Zuckerberg owns 398 million shares of the company at the time of December 31, 2020.

The eighth-highest-paid individual in the world, Zuckerberg, is worth more than $67 billion according to his net worth.

His net worth decreased to $9.9 billion the year 2019 as compared with 2018, but he is still in the most wealthy ten people.

The largest investor is Zuckerberg. As we’ve mentioned Zuckerberg co-founded Meta which was later renamed Facebook and been the CEO of the company.

3. Fidelity

On May 27, 1967 Fidelity launched in May 1967 the Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) which the fund is able to provide capital market value, generally investing in common equities that are based on certain growth indicators.

Fidelity’s investment with Meta Platforms Inc. surpassed the market value of $12 billion. It is currently holding 5.12 percent of the equity The figures are subject to changes in rates in the market and could be easily changed.

The Fidelity group holds around $119 billion in assets as well as an expense ratio of 0.85-0.90 percent, as per March 2021 numbers.


This Meta Platforms Inc statistics for 2023 indicate the fact that Zuckerberg as well as Meta Platforms Inc. will continue to drive the company and their vision for the world. Although the company has often been proud of its efforts to bring the world and closer, Meta Platforms Inc. is just the beginning of a bigger purpose that extends beyond social networking.

It’s not difficult to see that the emergence of the Metaverse can be used in a variety of ways that could benefit society. Despite the unforeseen issues that online and on social networks unravel in the past 15 years, have made many people are determined to avoid these problems from happening in the Metaverse.


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