MEG’S Monster Reviews: Is It legit Or Scam? Mar-2023! Genuine Review!

MEG’S Monster Reviews
MEG’S Monster Reviews

Meg’s Monster is a sweet but sometimes disturbing story about a young girl who is best friend with a monster called Roy. Is this charming indie turn-based rpg game worth exploring? This is our review of Meg’s Monster for Nintendo Switch!

Meg’s Monster is an adorable but sometimes disturbing story about a girl who makes friend with a monster called Roy. Roy and a companion try to assist Meg locate her mother. This is the only story we’ll share with you. If we had told you anything else we’d give away unexpected twists in the tale. Meg’s Monster’s tale is good, in the majority. There is some padding in places to increase the length of the game but the narrative has many memorable moments and the ending of the game is just right.

In terms of the gameplay itself, it’s quite good. It has the turn-based battle system which appears to be akin to old school Pokemon however, it’s quite different. There’s plenty of planning involved in this battle game. The majority times, Roy can’t be hurt but the aim of battles is to ensure that Meg isn’t crying because if she tears, it’s game is over!

To prevent Meg in a calm state, you’ll need to make use of toys to cheer Meg up during battles. There are other kinds of battles you can engage in with Roy also, but once again it is a huge snare. Battles are enjoyable, but not always simple. Thanks to having the Try Again button. The game’s exploration isn’t that extensive, but there are some fascinating storylines to discover. The graphics of the game are fantastic.

Meg’s Monster features very nice, Gameboy Advance style graphics. It looks like an old GBA Pokemon games or Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. The graphics are extremely precise. The character and design of the areas are amazing.

Overall Meg’s monster is an amazing game. It’s not an extremely lengthy game, and perhaps could have been a bit shorter however, its story is touching and its gameplay is sure to be a hit with old school RPG players in particular. Meg’s Monster is a great option for this game’s Nintendo Switch eshop.

Meg’s Monster scores 8.5 /10.

Thank you for PR Hound for providing a review code for the game. Meg’s Monster is due out on March 2 2023. It will be available in the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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