McTrpayment: Is It Review Legit Or Scam? Genuine Review! Detail Here!{MAY-2023}

McTrpayment Scam Post has disclosed details about a site that lets people receive their tax refund for inflation. Are you an California Middle Class Tax refund debit card Holder? 

Are you interested in the site which allows taxpayers to get Tax refunds. California Tax Board provides one-time relief from inflation for all citizens by making payments to their accounts, or through debit card.

Mctrpayment is a popular method used for American debit card users to make their debit cards active. Scam Post has analyzed this site and has provided their findings for tax refund recipients.

Is Mc Trpayment Com Legit?

  • Domain age This domain has been registered since 9th of July , 2022.
  • Alexa rank Mctrpayment is a company with an Alexa rank of 89440.
  • Domain expiry – This site will close on the 9th of July in 2024.
  • trust score: A score of trust lower than 2% is an indication of trust which indicates the authenticity of a site.
  • Permanent address The contact page has the permanent address of this site.
  • Plagiarism The website’s content is not copied. What’s it?

California’s government took the decision to lower gasoline prices and the rising inflation. California’s legislature approved legislation that provides relief to one-time payments and cash. Many people believe that the card is a fraud card because it’s been able to be used by people across various states.

Mc Trpayment is a website cardholders can visit to enable the debit card they have. The tax relief is offered to residents of the 11 millions California counties. The bank that issued the card is New York Bank. Scam Post also discovered that the website was linked to a high authority website, and users are directed to this site through

Information on California’s Tax Refund Debt for Middle-Class Credit Card

  • Citizens can receive tax relief via debit and cash transfer.
  • FTB has joined forces together with Money Network in order to provide benefits, such as debit card.
  • Citizens with incomes over $250,000. are eligible to receive payments between $300 to $1050.
  • You can enable your debit card by visiting
  • To avoid the cost of fees, customers must be aware of their credit cards ScamSocialMedia Reactions: has a variety of threads dedicated on tax refunds and the debit cards. How do you activate debit cards used by those who own these cards. For activation of their debit cards the majority of internet users call 1-800-240-0223. Some people, however, go to to find the pin.

Final Verdict:

Mctrpayment is a website that is owned by the Money Network group and working with FTB to provide tax refund debit card for California citizens, has been referred to as Mctrpayment. This website is secure for tax refund recipients who want to verify the status of their refund. Did you have the tax refund debit card? Comment.


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