Mandy Rose: Told The WWE Superstar Get More Info Here!{2023}

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose has made it clear to the former world champion that she was not interested in him at all. Dolph tried to invite Mandy Rose to Hornswoggle’s debut boxing match however Mandy appeared to have little interested. This has caused many adversities on Dolph Ziggler.

WWE News: Mandy Rose Told The WWE Superstar To Stop Pursuing Her

Mandy Rose has made it clear her former World Champion that she did not like him one very much. What transpired, you be wondering? The truth is that Mandy Ziggler and Mandy Ziggler were romantically involved angle at WrestelMania 36 back in 2020. They were able to see that Otis was deeply in love with Rose. Rose became a tiger to Dolip and was able to get close to Otis and the crowd were able to cheer in unison. There were a lot of surprises to Dolph Ziggler to take in.

Ziggler did not stop there. He was a hound to Rose on online platforms for months following the time she was swayed away from Ziggler at ‘The Show of Shows. The year before, in April, Ziggler asked if she could go to the Rough Rowdy 14 show with him. The event is a debut boxing match to The WWE Superstar Hornswoggle If you aren’t familiar with Rough N’Rowdy is. The thing is, Mandy didn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm as Dolph Ziggler. Mandy shook her head and told that he should stop following her. This is certainly a traumatic time for Dolph right now.

What Did Mandy Think About Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph’s romantic inclination was only a brief one. But, it appears that he will be in a good relationship with Mandy in the early 2020s. What do Mandy think of Dolph currently? You may be wondering. In the words of Dolph Ziggler “It is so much fun working with him. He obviously has a lot of experience in the business, and he’s very helpful, and he was… still a lot of fun working with him.”


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