Luluk Nuril Viral Video: Genuine Detail Leaked on Twitter, Telegram

Luluk Nuril Viral Video
Luluk Nuril Viral Video

Luluk Nuril Viral video has generated an internet sensation. Keep your eyes on this article to learn more about her outrage as well as the process refreshes.

Luluk Nuril Viral video is an internet-based business and entertainment personality with a large following on her virtual entertainment platforms. She is a prominent presence on TikTok which is where she could be known by the name @luluk.nuril.

As of the time of distribution of this piece of text, Luluk had north of 900,000 supporters. Through her online entertainment she has the highest post-posts that are quickly included in the spotlight.

Additionally, Nuril’s recognition is making the rounds across the Web recently since his video went viral on the internet via online entertainment.

In the viral clip, Nuril was seen yelling at an female researcher, who was working at a store within Probolinggo, East Java.

YouTube’s Luluk Nuril’s viral YouTube video is playing across the Web

Luluk Nuril’s Viral Video is making adjustments on the internet because his viral video is being viewed through by many users on the internet. According to the report the story, she was filmed in a video where she was seen screaming at a female researcher.

The researcher is allegedly working at a grocery store located in Probolinggo, East Java. This video clip of Nuril the researcher being scolding him became an internet sensation in aftermath of its posting on TikTok the site in the latter part of August 2023.

Additionally, Nuril furthermore recorded various clasps within the car, and described the sequence of events the events. Nuril admitted that she was angry because she felt she was being treated in a way that was not fair to a research assistant.

Nuril spoke of the coed’s under-rated her when she was shopping and she thought of her as unprepared to pay for the child’s items of clothing she chosen in the Monster segments.

About Luluk Nuril Istri Polisi spilled photographs

The video of Luluk Nuril has transformed into a viral web phenomenon. As reported in the prior issue her story, she was reprimanded by a researcher understudy and was filmed in a clip that quickly turned into a sensation with a variety of different virtual entertainment venues.

When the video was made public, Luluk obtained a colossal response on the internet and many people condemned her. In the video she was shown criticizing the coed’s understudy and then allegedly made fun of her.

After the video that she had filmed of her reprimands her understudy , Luluk acted mischievously by filming herself and Patwal. The information became significantly more than expected when Luluk was identified by the police mate was.

The incident was further reported by the police and a pristine supplant given, which was talked about in private under.

Luluk Nuril case supplant

The incident was reported by the police, and authorities. The Indonesian Youngster Assurance Commission (KPAI) found that Nuril’s actions violated his rights under the Kid Security Regulation.

Her name is honoured for being her husband was Bripka Nuril who was in the Tiris police force for . Three months prior to that being elevated to be a part of Binmas Polsek Tiris. Tragically, the position did not last long because of the actions of his friend.

Probolinggo Probolinggo Police Chief AKBP Wisnu Wardana stated that Bripka may be a bit far from his present position. The general guidelines and the disciplinary what is happening are currently under the supervision of Propam.


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