Lily Hair Express Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam? Mar-2023! Genuine Read!

Lily Hair Express Reviews
Lily Hair Express Reviews

Are you in search of hairdresses to create beautiful braids in your course hair? If so then you’ve heard of The Lily Hair Express. What exactly is it? On their site, they offer stunning hairstyles that anyone would die for. Would we recommend this for you? Let’s take a look at Lily Hair Express reviews by the customer.

What exactly is what is Lily Hair Express? It’s the salon or company that provides the most gorgeous hairstyles. There you can find diverse bridal styles. This is where you go to go for if you’re searching for a twists. You can find the butterfly locks here as well as feed Conrown and much more.

A lot of salons within your area claim to provide great braid styles. However, we recommend that you always check for reviews and ratings on different platforms, such as Yelp. When you read the reviews and customer reviews you can gain more information about the company.

For the Lily Hair Express reviews, we will concentrate on the reviews from customers and the hairstyles they offer. How long will the classes last? What are the advantages? What is it that makes it stand out of the rest?

Who is The Most Popular Braider?

Therefore braids are fashionable and offer you the perfect style in the summertime. If you’ve got the straight hair , it will look great on you. Do you want to find out who the most well-known braider is? Let’s have an look.

The Stylists That serve the best Braid Game

  1. Pekela Riley. Co-founder of Salon PK in Jacksonville, Florida and the pure texture extension range True as well as Pure Texture.
  2. Renya Xydis.
  3. Brittany Sullivan.
  4. Nicci Welsh.
  5. Ruslan Nureyev.
  6. Martina Fortner.
  7. Jahmai Lumpkin.
  8. Jasmine Anna.

Do the hair braiders at lily offer the best braiding? Find out in the reviews of the Lily Hair Express.

What’s the deal? Lily Hair Express

Liliane is a professional in the beauty industry and has been a obsession since her very early age.

Liliane moved from the USA in 2016 and has since begun working alongside her sister in the beauty salon. She is also very concerned about her family due to the economic turmoil. She was sane and focused on her work, and then decided of turning her personal financial situation to the positive.

How many years is Lily Hair Express been on Yelp?

Lily Hair Express has been listed on Yelp since the 29th of May, 2020. the only reviews they have are five stars.

What is Lily Hair Express?

Lily Hair Express is at 1338 B Crain Hwy, Bowie, MD.

What hairstyles are they Giving You?

Here are a few of their favorite hairstyles that they recommend to you to consider:

  1. Knoless/Box Braids
  2. Conrows for Feeding
  3. Butterfly Locks
  4. Natural Style
  5. Two feeding Conrwons

There is also a distinct category for the following:

  • Twisted Styles
  • Briad style

How do I make an appointment?

The next steps that will help you can make an appointment.

  1. Click on the hairstyle you’d like to wear.
  2. New window is expected to then open.
  3. Here you can find every aspect of the particular style.
  4. Click the book.

What are the rates?

Bomb Twist or Spring Twist

  • Four hours at $300.00
  • Bomb Twistor Spring Twist Cost Base $300
  • This is not a style intended for long perm hair.
  • Your hair should be healthy and not overly long.
  • Small, at shoulder height.

Men Straight Black Conrown

  • $40 minutes at $60.00
  • Men Straight Black Conrowns $60 and Up

Men Box Braid

  1. One hour at $80.00
  2. Men Box Braids Price: $80 Base and Up
  3. Medium Marley Twist.
  4. Mid-back length. $160.
  5. Waist length. $180.
  6. Butt length. $220.

Medium – Senegalese Twist

  • Medium Senegalese Twist.
  • Mid-back length. $180.
  • Waist length. $220.
  • Butt length. $260.

The final verdict (lily hair express reviews)

We have a final decision on Lily Hair Express. Lily Hair Express. Based on reviews of Lily Hair Express reviews, we can determine that the service and their hairstyles are top quality. Customers are happy with their hairstyles. There are some buyers who have timing issues However, the results are amazing.


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