Japan’s Youth Have A Big Trend Of Weekend Marriage!{2023} Genuine Review! Read Here!

Japan's Youth Have A Big Trend Of Weekend Marriage!
Japan's Youth Have A Big Trend Of Weekend Marriage!

In countries with developed and fast-growing economies, it has become common for marriages to end in divorce. On the other hand, the situation is opposite in Japan, where only 1.2 percent of marriages end in divorce. Because of this, there is a separation marriage i.e. weekend marriage. This medicine has been done in the report of Pu Research Center.

The people of Japan believe in not interfering much in each other’s life, this experiment is now being used in Japan to ensure that there remains a place in the relationship between husband and wife. Under this, even after marriage, most of the couples were living separately, so that their privacy and independence could be maintained. This kind of practice was first imagined in the book ‘Sotsukon no Susame’ by the writer Yumika Yusugiyama, which came two centuries ago.

Expenses are also divided:

In the separation marriage system, married couples agree to separate without quarreling. During this, like a common husband and wife, the same emotional connection would have remained between them. They also share the expenses among themselves. They meet at the end of the week. There is no law regarding separation marriage. However, according to Article 752 of the Japanese Civil Code, couples can still be legally married while living apart.

Maldives also has the highest divorce rate

In the recent report of Male Research, it was found that almost half of the marriages in America end in divorce. From the decade of the 60s, this big trend started appearing in other countries as well. Now the divorce rate is highest in Maldives, where 5.5 cases out of every 1000 marriages end in divorce. Divorce comes in more than 40 percent of marriages in America and Canada. After this, divorce cases are also big in Russia, Georgia, China, Ukraine and Costa Rica.


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