Is Ariana Grande Dating Kelly Hyland?: Is It Real Info? Read Here!

Is Ariana Grande Dating Kelly Hyland?
Is Ariana Grande Dating Kelly Hyland?

Does Ariana Grande dating Kelly Hyland, the 30 year old American Singer isn’t dating American artist Kelly Hyland and being a speculation.

Is Ariana Grande Dating Kelly Hyland?

There isn’t any information about the possibility of Ariana Grande dating Kelly Hyland and Kelly Hyland dating. It is rumored. The singer is currently rumored to be in a relationship with Ethan Slater after a split between her and former partner Dalton Gomez. There isn’t any evidence or reliable reports suggesting that Ariana Grande or Kelly Hyland are sincerely involved.

The claims about their connection are merely hearsay, and should be taken seriously. Based on the most recent available information, Ariana Grande is accounted for being involved in a relationship with Ethan Slater, following her divorce from her former husband, Dalton Gomez.

It is crucial to rely on trustworthy sources and verified media sources when searching for information on famous personalities’ personal lives, since false theories and unsubstantiated reports are likely to be circulated within media outlets. As of now, there isn’t any evidence to suggest an emotional connection with Ariana Grande or Kelly Hyland, and any reports that promise to do so should be regarded as outrageous tattle until confirmed by reliable sources.

Who is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande-Butera, who came to her world on the 26th, 1993, is an eminent American singer, musician, and entertainer. She has earned a place as a recognizable character in the world of contemporary popular music and is often regarded as a pop-culture icon. One of her greatest strengths is her incredible four-octave voice reach, as well as a fantastic whistle register that has earned her vast recognition.

In her long and illustrious career, Grande has earned various awards which include two Grammy Grants One Brit Grant One Brit Grant, a Bambi Grant Two Board Music Grants Three American Music Grants as well as nine MTV Video Music Grants and a staggering thirty Guinness World Records.

Her entry into the world of music started very early, at age 15 with her performance to the 2008 Broadway musical “13”. It was her work as Feline Valentine on the Nickelodeon television series “Triumphant” (2010-2013) and “Sam and Feline” (2013-2014) that brought her into the limelight. Her talent caught the attention of the industry’s top executives after they stumbled upon her music covers on YouTube and prompted her to join Republic Records in 2011.

What is Ariana Grande’s significant Other?

Ariana Grande’s husband her husband is Dalton Gomez, an extravagance realtor. The couple was married in 2021. However, tragically their union came to an end after two years, leading to their separation. Their relationship went public in the year 2020, after Ariana Grande was photographed giving an unintentional kiss to a person located in Los Angeles, who was later identified for his identity as Dalton Gomez.

Final Words

The couple’s wedding was announced in December of the year 2020. they arranged for the entire group to attend an intimate and private ceremony in the couple’s Montecito house in their home on May 20, 2021. No matter Ariana Grande’s fame and status as a VIP, Dalton Gomez remained undeterred and grounded, providing the impression of balancing her personal life. Dalton is depicted as young but seasoned and has a distinct inner compass that guides his daily everyday.


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