Invisalign Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Genuine Review

Invisalign Review
Invisalign Review

I’ve had (or used to have) large spaces between my upper and lower teeth, which are – or were slightly unbalanced. At the age of 13 I was close to getting braces, but I did not get them at the end because my dentist told me that after 6 to 9 months of wearing wires made of metal around my tooth, they may be able to wander back to where they were once more. 

It was, in truth, not worthy of the chance being ridiculed. Twenty-four years more later, I’m becoming less and less worried about what others believe. I’ve finally straightened my teeth and was all set to endure an entire year of straightening to achieve the perfect smile. It’s not a bad thing that things are less obvious as they were obviously, thanks to Invisalign.

The things you need to be aware of

If you’re still thinking of braces as a thick, steel rails that run through your teeth, much like the classic episode from The Simpsons, then you’re a bit out of fashion. Invisalign consists of transparent plastic trays that are placed on top of your teeth, slowly moving them towards the position they are supposed to be. Each tray is made specifically for your teeth based on X-rays as well as scans. Then, it is changed with the next set of adjustments every one to two weeks. This allows you to slowly improve your smile over the course of time.

Clear braces? What’s the problem? Yes, there are some. Apart from the price and the hefty price tag, which I’ll discuss in a moment They’re quite disruptive in your daily routine. The trays made of plastic need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours every day, with two hours set aside for drinking, eating and scrubbing your teeth. If you’re not a fast eater this is a pretty strict schedule.

This is vitally important Since these plastic shells are pressed against one’s teeth, you wouldn’t have food particles stuck to them. And while it’s possible to take a drink with them however, everything else poses an extremely risky because of the plastic’s sensitivity to staining. In a far distance you is able to tell you’re wearing Invisalign however the effect can be ruined if your tray is stained due to coffee, red from juice, or orange by wine. If this happens to you The good news is that you’re just 2 weeks from having a new set of clear trays.

However, it’s a significant inconvenience particularly if you’re who has a busy social life that is based around cafes, bars, and eating out. However, even when you’re not then you should keep an extra toothbrush in your bag throughout the day.

Price and the competition

This is a small inconvenience when compared to the amount. According to the information at the beginning of this article, the price is between PS1,500 and P5,000, depending on the state at which you first start your teeth. For me, the price is around PS2,925, or 13 months of retainers for PS225 for a try. 

My dentist has set a limit on this, which means that even if my teeth have been taking longer than expected (my present ETA was about 16 months) the cost will not exceed PS2,925. You may be interested in obtaining an identical guarantee from your dentist.

The cost can be wildly different among practitioners, so it’s worth looking around. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to go again every two weeks to get an appointment and a new tray It’s a good idea to locate a local clinic.

You can also lower the cost when you just need only one pair of dental implants… But most likely not the amount you imagine. Since my top set was the issue I was told that I could only make use of a single tray however:

If you left the bottom set unfinished,) the final results won’t be as impressive, since leaving the bottom set unaltered could limit the mobility of the to. It would only take down two months from the time of therapy to save just PS450. I thought, in the event that I had to pay that much, I might prefer to go all the way of the.

However, there are also cheaper alternatives. 

In addition to the standard metal braces however, other clear brace firms have appeared with some that have eliminated regular checks and reduce the price.

The most popular of these are Smile Club Direct, that costs PS1,539 for the same service. There, you can have the option of having a scan done at the store, or online – and receive all the trays at once. This is less expensive, however in the event that you have teeth as bad like mine, you could like the peace of mind which comes with regular check-ups and adjustments by your dentist.

Review of Invisalign Initial consultation and the fitting

The best part is that you’ll be able to get an estimate of the price prior to the time. The majority of Invisalign providers offer a no-cost consultation in which they’ll provide an estimate of amount of time and expense involved and their impression of how stunning the final results are.

When you’ve signed the line and your teeth are examined one at a time using the aid of a handheld device then you’ll get an X-ray that will give a complete picture of your mouth to ensure that the trays will be shaped to suit your mouth. After that, you’ll are waiting for the first tray to be constructed however, in this instance I received a brief video that shows the improvements made every month passing by in a second-by-second fashion. My personal experience is that improvements kick into action in just 3-4 seconds.

There’s also the actual process itself. 

It’s not the most relaxing experience but it’s nothing in comparison to other procedures that require a lot of effort. It involves opening your mouth while teeth are examined and tiny enamel-colored attachments are inserted into some of them to help the movement of their teeth.

Then, you’ll be given your first set of trays and the dates when they have to be changed, and an item to keep them in good condition. My personal kit consisted of an incredibly small travel toothbrush and a case to place them in during meal times and a mint-scented squishy to chew on as I put them back into. The bubble gum and the pineapple (!) is also on the market, it seems…


It’s been Invisalign for the past 15 months and this morning I purchased six more trays for the adjustments. After a couple of months I was seeing enough improvements to justify the procedure – had my teeth been in a different position in month 6 I wouldn’t likely had the desire to join.

I’ve covered the expense of my treatment in installments over the past year and, for me, it was well worth it. I’m now getting things stuck between my teeth, for the very first time in my entire life and don’t have to be concerned about the hidden judgement of others about my smile (sidenote I’m assuming that this was always a myth because I’ve only begun looking at other people’s teeth after I got my own.)


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