Indian Women Also Got Fond Of Online Video Games: Check Here! Genuine Review!{2023}

Indian Women Also Got Fond Of Online Video Games
Indian Women Also Got Fond Of Online Video Games

The online gaming industry in India has grown to $1.5 billion and is now making inroads among women too! A Lumikai report states that 507 million people play online games in India, of which 43% are women!

It has happened so many times that gamers have been counted on the basis of gender! These girls not only play video games but also make money from it! The report also states that 27.3 per cent of India’s 1.4 billion population is in the age group of 15 to 29 years!

In The Lumikai Report, Gamers Were Counted On The Basis of Gender.

1 – 43% share of women There are.
2 -50.7 crore total gamers in the country.

Reason For Increase

The report cites the availability of cheap smartphones and low-cost access to the internet as the reason. Due to this, gaming has come within the reach of the less resourceful section too!

Thinking Has To Change

Those who prepare the report say that they are making a special place! The belief of our Indian culture is ‘Girls don’t play games! This needs to change!

Participation of All Sections of The Society.

  • Total population -1.4 crore
  • Female gamers – 43 percent
  • Male Gamers – 55%
  • Others -2 per cent

Double The Number From Last Year.

Reports suggest that the gaming population is growing at a rate of 12 percent annually! At the same time, the number of women has increased at twice the speed as compared to last year. According to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the number of girls participating in e-sports increased to 22 percent in 2020!

Facing Online Trolling.

Online trolling levels are alarmingly high in gaming! A survey by the social media community Local Circles in 2023 found that 86 percent of women are worried about being trolled! E-Sports Federation Director Lokesh Suji says that a lot of work needs to be done in this direction.

Most Downloaded Games!

Last year India had more video game downloads than any other country in the world! In all, Indians downloaded 15 billion video games! This has also increased the opportunities for girls to earn money. According to the E-Sports Federation, women can win up to $ 1200 i.e. about one million rupees in a tournament! Although this money for women is still very less as compared to men. At the same time, they have to endure a lot of abuse online!


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