Hydragun Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam? This Massage Gun! Check Genuine Read!

Hydragun Reviews
Hydragun Reviews

Massage guns have become increasingly popular in recent years. The trend started when companies such as Theragun and Hyperice introduced the personal massage gun. Since the time, a myriad of companies have launched their own versions in massage gun models. What began as a small-scale business with the most costly options, has now become an expanding industry that offers hundreds of choices that differ in terms of price and quality.

We’ve reviewed several massage guns, such as those from the Opove M3 and The Reathlete DEEP4S and TruMedic Massage Gun. In this review we will review our review of the Hydragun Massage gun. How does this machine compare to other options as well as is it worth the cost? Continue reading this review Hydragun review to discover!

About The Company Behind Hydragun

Hydragun is the main company for the popular Hydragun Massage gun. The company was founded in 2020 with the aim of providing a top-quality, low-cost massage gun. The company is headquartered on Singapore as well as having warehouses situated across Singapore as well as Australia.

In the moment, Hydragun offers three products. Apart from Hydragun, which is the Hydragun Massage gun, they added the Heating Pulse Knee Massager, a Mini Massage Gun, and an Thermosleeve. However, let’s take an in-depth review of their flagship product which is that is the Hydragun Massage gun to find out what it does and whether it’s worth a try.

About The Hydragun Massage Gun

The Hydragun is an acoustic Massage gun that was the product after 12 months of research and 20 different variations. There are many massage guns available and Hydragun is determined to be different by providing a high-quality product with top-quality materials and is available at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking through our Hydragun review, then you are likely already familiar with the advantages of massage guns that are percussive. Simply put massage guns are made to help speed up recovery from physical injuries. If you lift weights, take an exercise, or go to the slopes using a massage gun, it will help speed the recovery process and ease soreness.

When I first heard about massaging guns, I wasn’t convinced to buy one. I was shocked to find that people would pay that much for a basic massage device. …. When I first tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. Percussive massagers aren’t gimmicky massage machines – they’re genuine tools for recovery. I use an electric massage gun prior to my workouts to warm my muscles, and afterwards to help speed up recovery and prevent soreness. It can make a huge difference.

In that regard, let’s look closer at the Hydragun to determine whether it’s an appropriate alternative.

Hydragun Features

We’ve tried a variety of massage tools in Fitness Clone, and we constantly review them on a handful of areas.


If you’re planning to buy a massage tool it is essential to choose a good quality. You can trust me when I claim that once you buy an instrument for massage it will soon become an integral component of your exercise routine. It is important to ensure you buy a quality product that can stand the tests of time.

The Hydragun has passed the test with flying colors. It is among the best massage guns that we’ve tried. If you hold it, it is it’s a premium product, not just a cheap knock-off you can purchase from Amazon.

The massage gun comes with the aluminum body, sleek style, and premium materials.

Speed and Amplitude

The speed and intensity from a machine determines extent (and efficiency) that the treatment.

The speed is expressed in terms of units of (revolutions per minute). Hydragun comes with an rate of 3200 RPM making it among the strongest massage guns available. You don’t have to worry if you’re looking for a less intense massage, the machine has six different speeds you can select from. Many of the other massage guns we tried offered only four settings which is why this is a great adjustment feature that will ensure you’ll get exactly the amount of pressure you’re looking for.

Amplitude is the measure of the depth of the percussive massage millimeters. The depth is the determining factor in the the depth the massage receive. Hydragun is amplitude 12mm which is in the middle of the competitors. It’s less powerful than a Theragun but more powerful than the Hypervolt.

Attachment Heads

The Hydragun is equipped with seven interchangeable attachment heads. Each attachment head is specifically designed to provide specific types of massage.

  • Its Ball head is specifically designed to accommodate larger muscles (this is the head I employ).
  • This Steel flathead can be beneficial for flat muscles such as your chest, or areas of your back
  • The head of the bullet is used for joints and more extensive penetration
  • This Fork Head is beneficial for calves and your back.
  • Steel Domed Head and Round Head Domed steel head and round head made of steel give a firmer massage, with greater pressure
  • The curving head is specifically designed to work with muscles with curving areas, such as shoulders and biceps.

I prefer the ball head and round head made of steel, however every person will have their own preference.


The first massage guns that be sold on the market were extremely loud. The noise was loud enough to limit their effectiveness as tools for recovery. It’s less likely that you’ll use your massage gun if you need to disturb the entire family in order to use it.

In time massage guns have become more quiet.

This is one of the areas in which the Hydragun excels. It is the most quiet massage gun we’ve tried to this point.

Battery Life

The Hydragun battery can last for around 3 to 6 hours, based on the power settings you choose to use (i.e. low speed massage as opposed to. the high-speed massage). This is a premium option in massage equipment (especially when it can last for six hours). The majority of competing models come with a battery time that ranges from 1.5-3 hours.

Hydragun Pricing

Hydragun is available for purchase through Hydragun’s site. It is usually available at $299 however you are able to receive a discount of 25% off when you purchase it through this link.The price of purchase includes Hydragun and all attachments, as well as an easy-to-carry case.

Final Thoughts

Overall overall, it is a great product. Hydragun has been proven to be an great massage gun. It’s great for recovering (especially when paired with foam rollers and Chirp wheel). It comes with all the features you require It is well-constructed and priced reasonably. If you’re looking for an outstanding massage gun it is impossible to go wrong by using Hydragun.


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