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How To Writing High Quality Listicles For Your Blog
How To Writing High Quality Listicles For Your Blog

Listicles are a type of content which is becoming popular on the internet and are among of the most well-known types of content on the internet currently. Are you having trouble creating articles for your company blog? If so, your task of creating content will become much easier if following the guidelines on this guideline.

Listicles Explained

You’ve probably read some listicles and not even realized that it. The person who invented them isn’t the person you’ll bump into or interact with online. A product of the 11th century the listicle is believed to be created by one woman known as an Japanese poet named Sei Shonagon.

Nowadays, any piece of writing in list form is thought to be an article in list form. They’re brief sweet, easy, and quick to read. They’re also suitable to create any kind of content including blog posts, ebooks and infographics.

Listicles are a great way to use to present interesting facts and other information on your website or blog. They’re also an excellent method to increase more traffic and increase engagement.

Additionally, the format of content is very popular among bloggers since they’re easy to create and distribute. Writing long-form content for your site or blog is in essence to improve SEO and rank therefore don’t quit on it. Make use of listicle-style articles to break the monotony, and to share helpful ideas. A listicle, for instance, could be written to explain an individual’s traits, or to give some of the most popular places to go in cities.

Lists are frequently utilized to provide information concisely. In a listicle, you’ll provide lists of things in bullet format. The most well-known type of listicle would be”10 Things,” or the “10 Things” list, that lists 10 items in an orderly format.

How to write high-quality listicles

Once you’ve mastered the basic aspects of a listicle let’s take a look at ways you can create them for your business blog, which includes:

  • How to begin an agenda
  • Find instances
  • Personalizing your listicle

1. Select a subject that is interesting to you

You’ll have to pick an area that you are interested in so that you be able to write it down with passion. If you’re not interested in something, nobody else is also.

You can get a lot of ideas by studying other lists. Begin with a simple Google lookup for “best” and then look through results until come across something that catches your attention. If you come across an interesting list and appealing, click on the link to read the whole article.


The list begins with what are the 10 most important things you can visit as well as do when visiting NYC. If you’re planning to go in New York City, also known as the Big Apple, this list will help you decide the activities you can do while there. If you’re looking to visit the Empire State Building, you ought to read about the top Ten Things to Do In NYC.

2. Make a list about it

When you’ve located an article that you like go through it attentively to make sure it’s pertinent to your website or company. Keep notes while reading. This will allow you to think of ideas for your next articles. Paste the URL into an entirely new document. Add some additional text to personalize it. Include links to related sites and articles, as well as any images or images that assist in explaining your point.

3. Write a brief summary of what makes this list unique

Then, write a brief explanation of the reasons why people should read this list. Include any figures or statistics to support your assertions. If possible, include links to other sources to support your claim. In the brief review, include your thoughts about what makes this list different from other lists. Include at least one hyperlink for the source of the list.

4. You can also add some uniqueness by adding a personal anecdote or anecdote

The quality of your listicle is the key to the success of your listicle. You’ll want the content that is long-form or videos and the like and so on, to be considered authoritative information that search engines appreciate. Include personal stories or experiences. If you’re writing for a business blog, the task gets more difficult, which means you should concentrate to share information regarding the company, not on your personal experiences. Invite your colleagues to assist you create stories that relate to the topic you’re putting on your list.

Make sure you include a call-to-action towards the conclusion of your article. This will allow readers to understand what they must do in the next.

5. Send it to your followers

This is not the time to hide. Everyone should read your listicle, and to make it a trending topic for your audience. Make use of your social media profiles as well as guest blogs forums, and email marketing to promote the URL of your listicle. The sites that accept posts with well-written content include:

  • Reddit
  • Connectingin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Utilize the email lists you have created to tell your subscribers that you’ve published quality lists and think about other strategies for digital marketing also, such as content marketing.


Are you tired of writing lengthy articles? Try mixing your blogging with shorter-form lists. So long as the blog posts are well-written and original, i.e., not duplicate content from other websites, it’s be a valuable inclusion on your blog. Furthermore, when your contents are relevant to your readers, and clients, your listicles can enhance your branding and marketing.


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