How much do family YouTube channels make: Is It legit Or Scam? Genuine Read! Check Here!

How much do family YouTube channels make
How much do family YouTube channels make

Family channels, comprised of vlog-style family channels , as along with channels for children and are simply captivating for anyone of any age. there’s something about peeking inside the daily lives of a different family that piques our interest and gives us a warm feeling. It’s been widely known that family channels can to earn an enormous amount of money from YouTube however, how much? What exactly is the source of the source of money?

Family channels in the style of Vlog:

Vlog-style channels for families give viewers the chance to witness the daily life that other families. They’re extremely popular due to their ability to normalize a lot of the challenges that parents face such as meal preparation cleaning the house and organized, as well as entertaining the kids. It’s also always fun to witness a fun family routine every now and then. Here are a few of the most well-known Vlog-style family channels which bring in a large amount of income from their lifestyles:

Aspyn as well Parker

Aspyn along with Parker really is the channel that’s second of Aspyn’s main channel Aspyn Ovard. Aspyn’s main channel she produces lifestyle content as well as on her joint channel together with Parker (her partner in crime) she posts vlogs that are family-oriented. Aspyn along with Parker recorded every moment of their lives as a couple, including their wedding day, pregnancies and family vacations.

Aspyn Parker and Parker are uploading videos on their channel for the past 8 years, which means she’s also had time to accumulate multiple streams of revenue. In addition to their vlog channel Aspyn also owns her own online store for clothing, Luca and Grae, and both Aspyn and Parker regularly promote sponsorships on their different social media platforms.

On their YouTube channel The top Aspyn and Parker’s sponsor is HelloFresh. They have collaborated 40 times and been able to get more than 12.2M views. Aspyn and Parker nearly always remember to talk about how easy and simple HelloFresh can make cooking. Additionally, Aspyn and Parker mention their diverse diets. Aspyn prefers vegan food and decides to buy the vegan version from HelloFresh and Parker is able to purchase the standard boxes for him. They also mention that HelloFresh comes with a variety that includes kid-friendly dishes (since many parents understand how difficult it is to introduce new foods into their kids’ diets). Short version: we’ll likely see of HelloFresh on the Aspyn and Parker channel by 2023.

Utilizing ThoughtLeaders’ YouTube’s YouTube Sponsorship Calculator We estimate that an ad in Aspyn as well as Parker’s channels is $0.017 CPV. This means that, based on Aspyn as well as Parker’s present viewing average and the recommended ad price is between $4,312 to $6,037. However, Aspyn’s Parker’s main source of income comes likely from ad revenues Their estimated earnings from advertising is $180K annually!

The ACE Family

The ACE Family is one of the most popular family-oriented channels, with 18.7M viewers. This family loves to document family-friendly pranks, challenges and more. The ACE Family have been uploading videos to their channel since 2016 and

Alongside the income they earn from YouTube In addition to the revenue they earn from YouTube, The ACE Family also has their own merchandise, as do many other YouTubers, but the bulk of their earnings come from YouTube advertisements and sponsorships.

The most popular sponsorship for the ACE Family comes from Best Fiends, who they have collaborated with three times. Their partnerships have helped them rack more than 18 million views. Best Fiends has actually been working with creators of content since it was launched in addition to The ACE Family is a perfect example. Their first collaboration through the app came in 2017.

With the aid of ThoughtLeaders’ YouTube’s YouTube Sponsorship Calculator we have estimated that an advertisement placement on the ACE Family’s YouTube channel is worth $0.026 CPV. This implies that, based on their current average of views the recommended ad cost will be between $32,602 and $23,287. Similar to Aspyn and Parker The ACE Family’s main source of income is Google AdSense – their estimated annual ad revenue is $1.4M annually!

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood loved to try at pranks and challenges on his family and friends ones, which is why he has earned him such a large fan base. The vlog channel of Roman has grown into his primary channel on which he blogs (his channel Roman Atwood has been off the air since 2016.) Also, Roman uploads videos of his life with his family.

Alongside his YouTube channel Roman Atwood has also recently launched his own podcast, “The Roman Atwood Podcast, and his wife and he also have a line of merchandise known as “Smile more”. Roman has also launched his own app, Smile Inc., which generates revenue from ads and in-app purchases.

Roman’s estimated advertising income is $2,000 per day, which is estimated as about $730,000 per year, based on ad revenue by itself. In addition, Roman has the occasional video sponsor With the help of ThoughtLeaders’ YouTube’s sponsorship calculator We estimate that an advertisement on Roman Atwood’s Vlog channel can be worth $0.026 CPV. The suggested ad cost is between $23,287 to $32,602 for a one-time sponsorship.

Family-oriented channels for children:

In the past few years, there’s been an increase in children-oriented YouTube channels, where youngsters engage in entertaining and outrageous activities (think costumes as superheroes or riding on toy trucks through the neighborhood). These channels are populated with millions of subscribers and, as a result they are earning millions of dollars every year. However, getting the channels’ sponsors is extremely rare since the audience they serve isn’t mature enough to be targeted in this sort of manner. This is why, here’s the reason why these channels are thought to be among the highest-earning channels for the platforms, along with what they’re actually earning:

Vlad Niki and Niki

Vlad Niki and Niki Two brothers from Russia, began their YouTube channel in the year 2018. They attracted their first million subscribers over a period of time. The number of subscribers is 90.6M and there is no doubt the number will continue to increase. Vlad 9, 9 years old and Niki seven years old upload videos of the two of them playing with toys as well as sharing their daily activities.

The two own 21 YouTube channels YouTube with 18 different languages . This implies that they’re earning an ad-based revenue from every one of the channels. They also have an app with that same title, Vlad and Niki, that includes a variety of games that kids can play and enjoy. They also recently signed the terms of an arrangement to partner with Playmates Toys, a Hong Kong-based company for toys. The company’s products are available through Walmart, Target, and Amazon as well as you can purchase their products specifically designed for kids at their official website.

What’s likely to be Vlad and Niki’s highest income is their ad revenues from their various YouTube channels. In the course of a month it is believed to Vlad and Niki make $4.78M while in one year, their revenue is derived from Google AdSense is about $71.69M. We now are aware of how they can purchase all those toys.

Like Nastya

Similar to Nastya is likely to be one of the wealthiest children in the world. at just 8 an old she is the owner of 10 YouTube channels that have more than 300 million viewers together. Nastya’s Google AdSense from her biggest channel, which is on English is expected to be about $80.23 million annually.

Where other sources of income for Like Nastya comes from? Well , Like Nastya has also created her own app that is an all-genre game which follows Nastya her dad, as well as their pet feline Funny in four mini-games. As Nastya also created her own line of NFT called Nastya’s Originals. She also signed an exclusive worldwide deal with IMG just a few years ago to create a line of licensed consumer goods including toys, to household items.

Kids Diana Show

The year 2020 is when an online media business that is geared towards children and teens, joined forces with Diana to create their brand Love Diana, their brand new name. Love Diana. The Love Diana offers consumer goods including a mobile game as well as a 40-episode show that blends live-action and animated. The show is accessible on YouTube along with Prime Video, Roku, PlutoTV, Xumo, and Samsung TV+. To top it all off, the earnings generated by Google AdSense that Kids Diana Show receives is estimated at $112 million a year which makes it quite easy to label Diana a millionaire child.

In the span of just seven months, Kids Diana Show beat the YouTube milestone that many creators would only dream about – achieving 100 million viewers. Diana’s content features children’s music and unboxings, as well as vlogging, roleplays, and educational entertainment as well as being frequently joined by Roma and her brother, who has his own YouTube channel. Diana along with Roma also have a variety of joint channels in various languages, but they are not as popular or with the level of success as the Kids Diana Show has seen.

One thing you can be sure of about certainties is that YouTubers have seen huge success no matter if you’re talking about this new kind of children’s stars or families who have made a career of sharing every aspect about their life.

If you’re a company or creator who is interested in taking a look at the YouTube sponsor calculator a go Make sure you look it up. If you’re a company looking to collaborate with best YouTubers within the category of family channels, get in touch and we’ll assist you in finding the perfect creator to work with.


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