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How Businesses Are Using AI Cloud Services
How Businesses Are Using AI Cloud Services

Artificial intelligence is vast and easily accessible. Cloud-based services consist of AI to create chatbots Machine Learning Models for Natural Language Processing and more companies of any size can accomplish a lot through SaaS with no human resources.

Eliminating people from routine repetitive tasks enables firms to allocate their staff for more lucrative, high-value tasks.

Change is inevitable, though worrying for employees who are worried that they’ll struggle to remain employed when their employer begins employing AI cloud-based services. However, businesses must be competitive, cut expenses, boost efficiency, and expand. So how can they accomplish it all while keeping their current employees?

While the emergence of emerging tech has led to the death of the first-line support operator, in favor of AI chatbots, new roles have been created such as the data scientist, analyst and hybrid roles that require human beings to collaborate with robots.

Big Players in AI Cloud Services

With the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based services, who are the biggest companies within AI Cloud Services?

Datamation says there are a few technology companies who are pioneering the way in AI cloud-based services which include:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba Cloud

There are a lot of AI suppliers also that are using AI and it’s used in specific services for industry.

For instance, SalesForce, the well-known business CRM platform and marketing system has also acquired AI businesses and refined its offerings to make them more automated and a greater application of machine learning to handle repetitive tasks such as the acquisition of customer data and report-writing.

Which industries are using AI?

Here’s the A-to- Z of the sectors that utilize new technologies, from autonomous vehicles to online advertising and more.


General practitioners (GPs) have increased their reach to customers by offering online consultations made using AI chatbots to identify health problems. AI is also utilized in imaging analysis and the development of personalized medications.

Insurance, Finance, Banking

Professional service providers use AI chatbots plus data analysis to determine customer credit histories quickly. Additionally, AI speeds up fraud detection as well as money laundering activity.


Customer discovery and data-driven insights are huge businesses for companies providing services. Companies are looking to focus their marketing and sales efforts on their target audience. Google is the world leader in data analysis and they utilize AI for their algorithm to create Adwords as well as Google Analytics and marketing insight.

Big Data

Personal data management is more complex today as there are laws regarding what businesses should and shouldn’t handle it. For instance, EU’s GDPR compliance mandates all companies that are located in or operating within the EU to adhere to the data protection and privacy regulations.

How does your company go about capturing data, storing and utilizing personal information?

How You Can Benefit From AI In Your Business

There are many other uses for AI in the field of business, besides collecting and analyzing data. Forbes offers five applications for AI in business which include:

Control of Product

Making sure that your customers are getting the value they pay for is a time-consuming task when your company employs employees to review each product that leaves the conveyor. AI is beneficial, utilizing machine learning to analyze and spot flaws in products prior to it reaches the consumer. Furthermore, AI is also part of the delivery process, i.e. logistics and transport.

Work Scheduling

managing large groups of people managing their schedules isn’t something you would wish on anyone. But now you don’t have to since AI can handle it better than humans. The ability to reduce peak times and distributing the work flow to more peaceful times is easy do with AI.


Cybersecurity is an important consideration for any business that uses the Internet. AI improves security by detecting cyber-attacks and quarantining malware and viruses to mention a few of its initiatives. Continuous surveillance and improved endpoint detection i.e. how hackers can infiltrate an organization is made easier by security systems that use AI to detect intruders.


AI is everywhere, and there are numerous tech companies and service providers. Additionally, experts in new technologies are highly sought-after.

Companies can achieve greater efficiency and operational efficiencies by with the help of AI to enhance customer service as well as manage delivery and products as well as schedule work. It also helps them reach their target audience and monitor the security of their systems.


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