Herman Miller Mirra Review: Is It Legit Or Scam? Genuine Review!{MAY-2023}

Herman Miller Mirra Review
Herman Miller Mirra Review

An excellent office chair that is very adjustable and extremely sturdy, it also is backed by a 12-year warranty. Mirra Mirra is the Herman Miller’s mid-priced chair, which means it’s more expensive than other chairs and yet a bit cheaper than the top-of-the-line Aeron. 

The price listed above is the most basic version of the chair however, even though it’s an excellent value it’s worthwhile spending an extra amount to acquire the additional features you require. 

The Mirra features a suspended mesh seat. It functions similar to a hammock that covers your back, spreading the weight of your body across its width It’s also quite wide at 480mm, and should be adequate to accommodate the majority of people. The standard seat is 432mm in depth however an additional depth adjuster is priced at PS32 and gives you a between 420 and 490mm. A handle beneath the seat’s front edge lets you alter to the edge of your seat.

The most important money-saving feature in the Mirra is its back made of plastic. It has numerous ventilation holes and was cool while in the field, but it’s not as luxurious experience of a mesh-backed back similar to the one found on the premium Aeron. It is possible to get an upholstery back for PS80 but you’d be better off purchasing the Aeron rather than the Aeron itself.

The robust plastic back is more padded than the Aeron and people with heavier weights or back issues might like this model. The lumbar support is an option for PS27 and is well worth the additional expense. The back is large too which means that even the biggest users will feel supported as the back is leaned forward.

Leaning on your back can be something you’ll need to do often. It’s simple to get the seats set up to your liking by using the tension adjuster to the right. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to tilt backwards by gently easing your weight forwards and vice versa. The chair can move seamlessly and smoothly and smoothly, with the base and the seat being in motion as one. An additional front tilt control is included in PS19 however, you’d be better off using the forward-and-back tilt control in PS46. This lets the seat tilt slightly forward and allows you to get over your keyboard, without having to curvature your spine.

If you have the tilt limitation feature fitted the arms feel truly not necessary, but they’re useful for when you want to swing back to unwind. Fixed arms are expensive at PS63 in particular, when the adjustable versions (PS106) are just as great. They’re comfortable but have solid padding and can be adjusted for both width and height. They can also be bent outwards or inwards.

Final Words

With all the additional features the Mirra is priced at an incredibly high PS575 with VAT included, but many people won’t need the entire set of features, but they’re all there for. As a person who has sat on a fully-fledged version, however we’d find it difficult to give up one of them today. However, with the 12-year warranty, you’ll have an abundance of confidence that the furniture will endure for. It’s a world away from the average cushioned PS100 office chair and is well worth the money when you have much of your time in your office.


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