Hard Rock Hotel New York Review: Is It Worth Your Money?{2023} Detail Here!

Hard Rock Hotel New York Review
Hard Rock Hotel New York Review

Many are familiar with people who know the Hard Rock brand for its delivery of music-themed restaurants and cafes across the globe for the past 50 years, including recently shut down places in Sydney* as well as located on the Gold Coast. But the real fame today can be located in their hotel and casino brand.

From Sentosa Island on Singapore up to Marble Arch in London, Las Vegas, where they’ve recently purchased Las Vegas’ Mirage and The Universal Orlando Resort, there are now 42 HardRock Hotels & Casinos around the world with 22 of them within North America alone.

The newest to open – scheduled for May 2022 – will be an all-new building on 48th Street, which is located in the central part in New York’s Times Square.

It’s intended as a music-infused jewel, providing a luxurious, comfortable choice for those who prefer to make use of their visit in The Big Apple as an opportunity to lounge, party and enjoy being at the heart of live music.

I was able to visit the hotel while on a trip in New York last month, and here’s what my experiences were like.

The Hotel

Let’s begin with the stunning entryway you see at the top of this post; that atrium welcomes guests as they enter through the doors that rotate and it’s amazing. An outfit from “Empire State of Mind” (at this point, the non-official song that is the official anthem of New York City and a frequent reference point in hotels’ marketing) co-creator Alicia Keys, is the focal point of the atrium, which is surrounded by the massive staircase encircling and leading up to the second level, where the check-in area is hidden behind. But don’t worry about it there are also outfits of Jay-Z and Beyonce in the elevators.

There’s also breakfast and lunch in the The Sessions Restaurant which has seating both outdoors and indoors as well as a bar. The food was superior to what you would think of from the brand even if you’ve only been to one of their “Cafes”. The bakery is on-site, and create chocolates and pastries in their executive kitchen, which includes delicious croissants. The seating area inside is set in the middle of the steps, and is surrounded by the gallery of music instruments (famous instruments most often) and a secluded wall.

There’s also the Rock Shop of course, and a cafe with cakes and coffees in the basement as well as there’s the NYY Steak Restaurant, presented by The New York Yankees. You can expect fish, steak, and even options based on plants that are based on the quality and presentation with the Executive chef Oscar Gonzalez. There’s also the RT60 which is their gorgeous rooftop bar situated on the 34th floor.

There are guitar frets that are on the roof. You can’t take a look around this hotel and not be aware of the purpose behind it. Take a look back at the picture of the atrium and you’ll find sound bars surrounded by Keys’s dress. There are sound waves incorporated into the carpets of the hallways. You’ll also see memorabilia scattered throughout the floors. In the case of The Beastie Boys, for instance were an integral part of my floor.

One of the most appealing aspects of the of the hotel from a practical point of view is that they have more than five elevators available to the general public, which means you will never be waiting to get a lift into your room, despite of the massive size of the hotel with 36 floors and 446 guest suites and rooms. This is a refreshing change from the usual experiences of even high-end Hotels located in New York City: two elevators for a multitude of rooms, with one elevator that is always down. Ah, the advantages of a new construction!

Alongside the design, other music-related features are included in The ” The Sound of Your Stay(r)” program that allows you to add an instrument for your bedroom, play records and listen to music playlists on Spotify. In terms of the room Let’s get to the room…

The Room

We had a stay in the Deluxe King room, from which you can see a glimpse from Times Square. As soon as you step into the room you’re greeted with nothing less than ease. Two cozy, comfy silky Hard Rock robes sit in the cupboard, along with the matching slippers. There’s extra storage room, along with a laptop size safe, a tiny sliding fridge as well as the Lavazza(r) Espresso machine machine.

The desk is comfortable, and a good air conditioner. The”do not disturb” sign and housekeeping requests are in the form of buttons, and the light shining to the side of the room.

The room is well-lit and features a range of mood-settings (like “relax” as well as “sleep”) as well as buttons located on the left side of the bed, and close to the door. There are also curtains that can be manually shut off for the bedrooms, as well as an electronic privacy and shades screen for the bathroom.

A huge bath is the focal point of the bathroom. It includes the heated floors of marble, as well as a stunning gold feature wall (which is in harmony with the shower heads, etc.) as well as a large rain shower. The toilet also gets its own bathroom and a huge rain shower, with the hotel’s logo being applied to toilet rolls, as well as a “general entry” sticker is on the roll already placed and “b-sides” are written around the backup.

The Rock Spa(r) products are designed specifically for Hard Rock by Gilchrist & Soames and include sweet grass shower gel, shampoo conditioner, and cleansing bar located near the bathtub as well as inside the shower. Also included is shower caps and hair dryer, vanity kit and scales.

In the other rooms There are some nice elements throughout the room that highlight the theme of music. Some are more obvious, for instance, the reality the fact that Bruce Springsteen is watching you asleep – while others require a more attentive eyesight. For example The King Bed, perfect in its comfortable position, is embellished with guitars, in the pillowcases and then incorporated inside the cover of your duvet. All part of the branded “Sleep-Like-A-Rock(r) luxury cotton linens”.

There’s a sound wave in the artwork hanging on the wall over the bed, the ridges in the vinyl keys to your bedroom (as as well on the packaging of bathroom products) as well as the guitar’s pick that’s hung on the wall, to allow that security lock to rest against is a great feature. There’s probably more I didn’t notice, too.

As is typical at hotels around New York, it often took a long time for the heat to begin flowing through the the lavishly luxurious shower or bath and, without the taps being labeled, it became difficult to figure out how to start the heating. We eventually figured it out, but not until we had some issues.

There’s a straightforward solution, however it’s to add a few of these questions on the FAQ page that is already in the menu for room service. In this regard, they must include information about”The Sound of Your Stay(r) ” The Sound of Your Stay(r)” program that allows you to bring a guitar for the room, which was not clearly stated until you saw the information through their site. There was an announcement that stated that you can request a yoga mat to the room in conjunction with the ” Rock Om(r)” yoga program. We can safely say that that this hotel has a lot to offer of options, so a thorough research before you check in is advised. Whatever you decide to do, you’re sure be able to enjoy a comfortable stay. It’s not as if you’re lacking options for options to enjoy. You’re in the middle of New York City after all!

There’s a wide range of rooms to browse through on this page and the possibility of rooms with balconies is a great feature for the area.

The location

It’s only a short distance to the various shows on Broadway and several subway stations. You’re also very located in the middle of Manhattan and you’ll be able to be able to see Times Square from your window! You can go to Broadway Inbound to purchase tickets for a variety of excellent shows, including classics such as Wicked or The Lion King, more modern hits such as SIX, the Tony Award Winning SIX, A Strange Loop or the hilarious Mr. Saturday Night, and a unique opportunity to catch Billy Crystal live on stage in his first Broadway musical! There’s also POTUS which is among the most hilarious shows I’ve ever witnessed. There are certain things that only happen within New York.

Pizza’s are available from some of the most recognized spots within Times Square around the corner and there the M&M Store just across the street. Naturally the bright lights of Times Square make their way into your bathroom, however there’s a great soundproofing system throughout the house as well as the main area includes black out curtains that will ensure you have an uninterrupted sleep regardless of the time you fall asleep. That is for New York, let’s face it – can be at any time of day or evening.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to have a comfy night’s rest at Times Square, with the sounds and sights of music that are infused into every aspect your stay, take a look at Hard Rock’s most recent hotel. The design is stunning as are the beds, which are comfortable and the location is unparalleled.

The only issue is that there’s a need for more explanation of certain features of the hotel as well as hotel, despite it being an all-new property which will certainly increase in the future but doesn’t show the standard of what’s to be had.

In the end there’s nothing not to be awed by Times Square’s most dazzling new attraction. Even if you don’t plan to stay there, make sure to stop into one of the many great eateries on the premises, check whether there’s a special event happening and enjoy the amazing atrium. They’ve done a great job with the hotel, which makes it an important part of Times Square in itself. And did I mention that the croissants are delectable?


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