Guy nicknamed ‘Mr Teddybear’ has been described as a real life werewolf Read(Dec-2022)

Guy nicknamed 'Mr Teddybear' has been described as a real life werewolf
Guy nicknamed 'Mr Teddybear' has been described as a real life werewolf

A man has spoken out about how he was a fan of his excessive body hair that resulted in him being called an actual werewolf.

and a large amount of attention from women.

This man, who hails from California pointed out the drawbacks for having hair that is thick according to him “humidity is not your friend.”

He began growing an adequate amount of hair around 13 and, since then the hair hasn’t ever stopped. As he aged and became more confident, he was embarrassed of his hair. His his former partners even chastising his hair.

“I used to wax my body hair and get it all lasered off years ago when I was ashamed of it,” the man said.

Since it didn’t work He worked very hard to accept himself, particularly because shaving was exhausting. He confessed that whenever shaving the hair, after three hours, it was growing back. Mr Teddybear also revealed that his ex-girlfriends would frequently humiliate him and make him to trim his hair.

But, he claims he will never do it again , even though some people are still experiencing strange reactions, such as some desire to hug Teddybear.

In spite of all this, Mr. Teddybear simply brushes them away as he does his hair. He has launched his own hair-care products.

He creates his own range that includes beard oils According to him, they aren’t expensive to make and will actually dry your fur out.

He also said that he washed and conditioning twice per week. He then applies beard oil to his hair to ensure that it gets softened and gives off a wonderful smell.


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