Gumbonog Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Detail Here!

Gumbonog Reviews
Gumbonog Reviews

We invite you to read the complete critiques of Gumbonog . Do you also plan to make purchases online and are trying to determine whether Gumbonog is a fraud or genuine?

If you answered yes you’re at the right spot since in this post we will provide detailed reviews and after reading you’ll be able determine the credibility of this website for shopping online.

About Gumbonog on the web:

Gumbonogis an internet-based store selling products such as edible silicone drain eggs Boiler, 6 hook the Punch-free Kitchen Hook. The date of registration for is the 1st of March 2023. This is a new website and the credibility score of the website is 1%, according to the scamadvisor. It is therefore suspicious and untrustworthy to make a decision on online shopping. Let’s examine some of the specifics of this website.

Positives Points of this website:

  • HTTPS Connection: The website is running Valid HTTPS in place.
  • This website has free worldwide shipping.
  • This site has an email for contact
  • This website doesn’t provide many positives to consider.

Negative aspects of the website:

  • The site doesn’t provide any feedback at all.
  • The website is brand new.
  • The owner of the site hides his identity via WHOIS by using a paid-for service.
  • This site doesn’t have many users.
  • Reviews of customers aren’t on the website.

The above points can assist you in understanding the credibility of the website. 

The following points suggest that this site could be a fraud:

  • Website Name: Gumbonog
  • Website creation date: 1st, March 2023
  • Website Contact Email:
  • Facebook account is not available. It’s not accessible.
  • The return policy provides 30 days for return, however there is no proof available.
  • SSL certificate: It is an authentic certificate.

Take note of these points when you purchase online from this site to avoid being fraudulently swindled by any website and ensure that your purchases are safe and secure.

Gumbonog Reviews on other site:

The site has bad reviews on other sites such as Quora as well as Reddit. A lot of people have posted their experiences of shopping on Gumbonog .

Conclusion of Gumbonog Review: Is Gumbonog com a Fake or Real?

Gumbonog website is currently listed as a new site and has a low trust rating and has no reviews from customers on their website. With all of these issues it appears to be an online scam.

If you’ve had a bad experience purchasing from this website and would like to share your experience, leave a post a comment here to help other shoppers to find out. Are Gumbonog is a fraud or is it a legitimate site? 

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the average age of a website?
Website creation date: 1st, March 2023

Are real customer reviews available on-site?
No, no customer reviews were discovered.

What is the score on trust of the website?
This site has a high trust level of just 1 percent.


This review is basing itself on our research. Make sure to do your own research before you purchase online from any site online to ensure you do not be swindled by websites and keep your purchases secure and secure.


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