Google Pixel 7a Review: Is It Worth Your Money? Genuine Review!{MAY-2023}

Google Pixel 7a Review
Google Pixel 7a Review

In 2023, Google is hoping to beat the competition this year. We are aware that Nothing Phone (2) is in the works however, the Pixel 7a has the potential to be the first phone to enjoy (mostly) without a hitch in fame and fortune at the very least, for a month or two. Google’s middle-priced Pixel comes back earlier than expected with a modest price bump


Amazing cameras at a reasonable cost


PS50 price jump

Google’s newest mid-range phone called the Pixel 7a was inevitable. We weren’t expecting however was for it to launch so early into the calendar year. Based on the initial predictions to Pixel 7a Pixel 7a to make an appearance during the summer, like previous models the arrival of the Pixel 7a was a pleasant surprise.

But, obviously the fact that this phone is a little earlier makes sense in light of the fact that things didn’t pan out exactly like they had hoped in the 2022’s Pixel 6a. Fantastic in all ways It didn’t get an easy time getting towards the top spot on the price-sensitive rung and was released a couple of weeks after the highly anticipated Nothing phone (1).

What you should be aware of

The Pixel 7a is Google’s answer to users who want an experience of the highest quality for lesser cost. There are some key variations, but the features are largely similar to the other models.

The list of the specifications that are essential to the device is a difficult task to discern the difference. The Pixel 7a is equipped with the same Google-designed Tensor G2 chipset as the regular Pixel 7 and it has a display that is smaller (6.1in as opposed to 6.3in) but it’s an OLED display with 90Hz refresh. It’s also equipped with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage but there’s no way to increase it up to 128GB.

The phones appear identical as well, sporting the identical horizontal camera bar that is at the rear. The only distinct difference is the photography hardware The Pixel 7a sporting 64MP (f/1.9) main camera and 13MP (f/2.2) ultrawide 120-degree angle on the back, as well as an additional 13MP (f/2.2) selfie camera on the front.

Price and price and

The Pixel 7a will be available to purchase starting 10 May, and the price is exactly where it is. There’s just one variant that’s available (8GB+128GB) which is priced at the price is PS449 which is PS150 lower than the original price for the Pixel 7 seven months prior.

There’s been a slight price increase for 2023 when compared to the previous one. The price for this year’s Pixel 6a however. The 6a was priced at PS399 which implies that we’ll need to shell out an additional PS50 (13 percent) to get the 7a Pixel. It’s not a big jump however we’ve seen larger increase from other companies, however, it’s important to mention.

What’s the cost against the the market? It’s not a bad price, after all. iPhone SE costs exactly the same that Pixel 7a at PS449, and the Pixel 7a at $449 however it comes with the 4.7in display, a single 12MP camera in the rear and just 64GB storage. The A15 Bionic processor beats out its rivals with its superior performance, however.

Also, there’s an alternative, the phone that isn’t even a thing (1), which is a good alternative even though it’s due to be replaced in the next months. It’s less expensive then The Pixel 7a at a price of $399. and its display comes with an maximum resolution of 120Hz, and it features a unique light-up “Glyph Interface which is located at the rear. The Nord 2T from OnePlus is another option worth considering and is the most affordable among these phones at just PS369.

Design and the key features

If you’ve only seen one Pixel, you’ve seen all of them, which is why the Pixel 7 isn’t the exception. The horizontal camera bar that runs across the entire dimension of the phone is back, but it’s not as big as the one on or the Google Pixel 7 or the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

With a dimension of 73 x 152 9mm, it’s smaller than full-fat models. It’s still a bit lighter with 193g as opposed to 220g and 197g. With the size of smartphones increasing with each new model it’s refreshing to have one that’s moving toward a smaller, more portable. In contrast the iPhone 13 Pro Max is absolutely massive.

The phone is available to pick at a price of Charcoal (seen in this image), Snow, Sea or Coral shades. Google has taken it to the extent of aligning the horizontal camera bar to your preferred hue and is also launching pastel shades on the the Pixel Buds A-Series headphones – in case you’d like to buy a new pair that is colour-coordinated while you’re in the process of buying.

In the event, Google made sure to emphasize that the 7a was “the most robust A series device that has ever been constructed” and that’s because of the new mid-frame design that the company claims improves the protection of your display from accidental falls. It’s IP67 tested for dust and water resistance the same way as the previous models.

The Pixel 7a’s apex of ports and buttons are all located in the right places and include buttons for power and volume control on the right side, as well as the nanoSIM slot situated on the other side. The USB-C 18W port is on the bottom and it is located between two speaker grilles, though one of them is only there to provide a sense of harmony.

The most exciting addition to this year’s model comes with the return to face unlocking. This feature was not available on Pixel handsets for couple of years. It’s good to see it come back in addition to the traditional in-screen fingerprint and PIN unlocking methods.


Its 6.1in Full HD resolution (2,400 by 1,080) display is an OLED panel that has 90Hz refresh rate that can be switched to 60Hz, if you’d prefer. Google claims that the maximum brightness will be 25% brighter than the Pixel 6a of last year’s however this doesn’t coincide with our testing and the 7a is achieving similar levels of brightness. I recorded 505cd/m2 when auto-brightness was off, 480cd/m2 when auto brightness turned on, and 859cd/m2 with auto brightness on HDR playback.

Color performance, on other hand, is stunning. There are two display options that are available this year which are Natural and Adaptive, which is the most accurate in terms of colour among the two. In this mode this display exhibited 93 percent of the sRGB spectrum of colours, with a an overall volume of 94 percent as well as the mean Delta E of 0.86 – any less than one is almost flawless.

The battery’s performance and life

In terms of the internal components in the Pixel 7a We’re getting the Google Tensor G2 chipset this year. It’s a 5nm octa-core part with the clock at 2.85GHz and the same processor that is found in the other Pixels. It also comes with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, but does not come with the Pixel 7’s option of 256GB.

There’s nothing that differentiates from the performances of Pixel 6a or 7a when we run our benchmarks however there’s plenty to be pleased with here. The speeds are decently quick, with both 1,061 and 3,309 on the Geekbench 5 single-core and multi-core tests. It beats those of the Nothing Phone (1) by an acceptable distance.

The Pixel 7a’s rise in refresh rates from 60Hz to 90Hz allows to faster frame rates in gaming applications. Its Tensor G2 is quite powerful in this respect, and its Pixel 7a reaching 62fps in the GFXBench Car Chase test, in comparison to 50fps the previous year. Use this test using the Manhattan 3 benchmark, which is an older more graphically-friendly test, and you’ll be able to can achieve a flawless 90fps.

The best part is the battery life of the Pixel 7a. This is a feature where it is clear that the Pixel 7a is hugely improved over the model it replaced last year. It scored 23 hours 49 minutes in our looping video test, which is three hours more than was the Pixel 6a achieved last year. It’s also the longest-lasting smartphone within its price range that we’ve tested, and by a quite a large margin, too.


One of the main reasons for the appeal of the Pixel lies in its operating system. It’s the first phone to receive the core Android upgrades and updates – Android 14 is in the works They’re also the closest to “stock” Android as it is possible to obtain.

The Pixel 7a isn’t any different, coming in conjunction with Android 13 and layered with Google’s Material You interface adjustments. As with last year it gives you full control over the way themes and widgets appear on your phone. It also aligns the interface to your preferred wallpaper design.

The Pixel 7a gets a handful of brand-new Google Assistant features, too. Call assist features that were previously restricted only to Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are available here, such as Clear Calling wind noise reduction and call screening. This is where your phone can handle robocalls for you. The latter feature, however, will only work within the US at the moment of writing.

Other AI-based functions include an automatic voice message transcription feature within the Messages app, and the hands-free voice assistant that allows for typing.


The only place that this Pixel 7a diverts course from the other models is in the camera’s hardware, but it’s important to note the software as well as capabilities are identical to the rest of the line.

The Pixel 7a is equipped with an incredibly large 64MP camera on the rear. This camera is close to a 13MP secondary camera that is 120-degree ultrawide. On the front there is a single 13MP camera that will handle the phone’s selfie-snapping functions and is housed into the top center of the screen. It’s the form of a tiny hole punch.

In actuality, it’s one of the top smartphones, with full stop, to capture portraits. Subject definition is pleasing and sharp with well-judged tonality and facial features, as well as an easy distinction of blurred backgrounds. Finally the video recording is great with the ability to record 4K resolution videos at 60 frames per second, which is fully stabilized. The footage was crisp and clear, and was generally stable even when panning at a rapid speed.


On the surface the Pixel 7a’s updates aren’t that significant, however, dig a bit deeper and you’ll find numerous improvements across the board, ranging from the battery life as well as cameras and software.

Overall All in all, it’s clear that the Pixel 7a is one of the best mid-priced phones I’ve tried over the past few years. It’s also a worthy winner of the Best Buy award.


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