Gold Coast Girl A Chicago-Based Fashion Lifestyle Guide: Genuine Is It Real Or Scam?{April-2023}

Gold Coast Girl A Chicago-Based Fashion Lifestyle Guide
Gold Coast Girl A Chicago-Based Fashion Lifestyle Guide

Gold Coast Girl is an online guide to fashion and lifestyle located on Chicago, IL. The goal of our site is to offer readers the latest fashions and hot trends in fashion and beyond. We also provide readers with insightful comments and stunning images to keep you informed in all things fashion! From the latest trends on runways to professional reviews of the latest cosmetics, Gold Coast Girl has everything covered! Follow us now!

Gold Coast Girl is your go-to source for advice on fashion and lifestyle inspiration. It was created to help those who are a modern Gold Coast woman living in Chicago. The ultimate guide includes beauty tips and trending fashions homemade projects and healthy food recipes, ideas for travel and more that will ensure you live the best life.

Have a look for yourself. Whether you’re trying for tips on how to make the perfect cat-eye or achieve the perfect summer body you’ve always wanted in shape before summer closes we’ve got your back! Hello and welcome to Gold Coast Girl! We can’t wait to tell you about this with you!

A Brief Summary of My Style and My Lifestyle

I am a twentysomething fashionista located in Chicago. I love going out to the mall, shopping and sharing my experiences with you. I’m hoping to provide an insider’s look at the most recent fashions, what’s trending on Chicago, the Chicago world of fashion, and lifestyle tips that can simplify your life. I’m obsessed with street style, distinctive looks and cost-effective ways to stay fashionable!

Keep an eye out to monthly recaps! Since I realize that some readers may not have the time to read my blog on a daily basis Each month I will be listing the best posts from the previous month. Don’t fret if you aren’t a fan of reading only text-based blogs There will be plenty of pictures as well! Be sure to sign up to my blog and keep me updated on all social networks to receive regular updates. We’ll see you again!

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This is an lifestyle and fashion blog located in Chicago with a focus exclusively on Chicago’s Gold Coast. We share the life of an urban woman as well as look into fashion trends of the moment, locate new hot spots in the city and also celebrate every milestone in life. Join us for our journey!

Follow our adventures on Instagram or join our mailing list to stay informed on everything GIRL. I hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. If there are topics you’d like to be to be covered, contact me!

Seven Tips for Chicago Fashion and Fashion Blogger

1. I’m always looking for new products to enhance my beauty that’s why I am a sucker for buying my makeup from Sephora as well as Ulta.

2. My absolute favorite outfit right now? Adidas track pants. They’re comfy, and I can wear them with the cutest sweater and boots.

3. If you’re seeking something more elegant Try a lace-trimmed shirt with black denim or ankle boots, and the classic leather jacket!

4. I enjoy trying new restaurants in the cityRecently I’ve been enjoying Pinello Bistro in Lincoln Square. It’s delicious food and they also offer a wide selection of wines as well!

5. And lastly If you’re ever in Chicago Make sure you go to Millennium Park- it’s gorgeous at any time of the day but is most stunning when illuminated at night.

6. To find out where I’m headed next, check out my blog or follow me on Instagram or Twitter @goldcoastgirlchicago.

7. Keep an eye out for my next blog post on where to find chic and trendy Jewelry All Over Chicago!

The Beginning

Welcoming To Gold Coast Girl! This blog is an online blog that is about fashion and the daily life and city life of Chicago. This blog is dedicated to sharing my passion for everything trendy including fashion trends and their sources to my personal reviews of my favorite clothes and places. I hope you’ll are enjoying reading about what motivates me and what I’m currently doing and everything else between!

I am looking forward to reading posting more soon!

The Best, Gold Coast Girl

Most Viewed Posts You’ll always see my most popular posts here. there’s a good chance you’ll discover something that you like!

A city-specific guidebook to Chicago: Now that I’ve caught your attention and you’re considering following me and exploring my work. Let’s take a look at what sets Gold Coast Girl apart from other fashion blogs and how it will keep readers returning to read more.

The First Steps to the Ocean

If you’re here, it’s because there’s no way you’re from The Gold Coast. However, don’t let that deter you from visiting. You’re on the right track. Gold Coast is waiting for your visit.

The Gold Coast girl is a guide to all things style and lifestyle in the North Shore of Chicago. From elegant stores to hidden cafés This blog will provide you a glimpse of the top places in the city to shop, have a meal and relax! My aim is to inspire all people whatever where you reside or what style they are looking for.

This is my first blog article on the essentials to an enjoyable day at the beach. Sunscreenbecause we cannot do anything without shielding our skin from harmful UV radiations! Find a great SPF and discover which one is best for your skinand type – water-based or oil-free.

Ice skating at Millennium Park

I went out with a friend with a friend, and we went for Millennium Park for skating. It’s been so chilly lately that the rink was shut however it was enjoyable to be there and exercise. I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that we’ve recently been experiencing snow here in Chicago however I did feel that the people were not as warm as they normally are when they venture out.

In the middle my nose began to bleed and I couldn’t find an unused tissue! The only thing I was able to do was to take off my gloves . I then blew my nose over them. Gross? Perhaps it was, but I wasn’t snorting over myself the way I would have if my nose had gotten swollen.

Malls Galore

The Gold Coast is a shopping location unlike every other one within the metropolis. The Gold Coast is a place that is a must for anyone including traditional department stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom to trendy boutiques. It’s not just shopping that’s the main reason you should head to this part of town, however. It’s also a great place to hang out. Gold Coast is home to the city’s top bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

So put on your shoes and get out there! State Street – The Magnificent Mile State Street takes you from the one end of downtown to the other, with a variety of department stores, shops as well as hotels and tourist spots. There’s everything from discount footwear and clothing on Nordstrom Rack or Brookstone (if you’re in need of an iPad to go) and European fashion houses such as Hugo Boss or Versace.

Dining out in the Midwest

The Midwest is now an ideal destination for foodies. From farms-to-table eateries and some of the finest pizzas in America You’ll find it everywhere.

It is home to greater James Beard Award winners from the Midwest than any other area in the nation If you’re looking for a new location to eat, go west and look into your choices! Pizza: Midwesterners consume more pizza per person than any other state.

St Louis is home to Imo’s Pizza, famous for its Provel cheese. Milwaukee has Pizzeria Libretto, which is featured on the hit Netflix series Chef’s Table. Then there’s Burt’s Place located in Chicago and was named among the top 10 pizzerias across America in Eater magazine.

The Great Outdoors

Chicago, Illinois, is the third largest cities within the United States and the most populous city other than New York City and Los Angeles.

About 2.7 million people reside in Chicago and it is an ideal city to live in. One thing I love about the city is the abundance of spots to go exploring in the great outdoors. If you’re seeking fresh air and a great exercise, think about taking one of these three trails!

Lakeside Fun!

The most effective method get rid of the summer heat by getting an ice cream cone that is delicious in Lucy’s Creamery and taking a walk along the shores Lake Michigan. It’s summertime but you’ll be having fun regardless of the season it is at these family-friendly places in the Chicagoland region!

Activities like fishing, biking, and biking are all available to those who are seeking to experience the beautiful outdoors. If you’re looking for something indoor that’s as enjoyable as outdoor pursuits, make sure to stop at one of the numerous museums, or go to a show or movie in any of our city’s theatres – there’s plenty to do in the city!

The Museums of the World, Art Galleries and Entertainment

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the top art museums around the globe. It houses an impressive collections consisting of Impressionist and post-Impressionist art drawings, prints, sculptures photographs, and other decorative arts. It also has a large collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities.

Chicago hosts many other museums, such as The Field Museum of Natural History featuring a large dinosaur exhibit; Shedd Aquarium with its impressive aquarium animal exhibits The Adler Planetarium and John G. Shedd Boy’s and Girl’s Club, which are delightful for kids. If you’re in the market for live theatre, you should try at the Lyric Opera of Chicago or the Goodman Theatre which is in which Broadway shows have been performed before entering on the Great White Way.

Theatre also showcases amazing music talent, so make sure to catch shows performed by artists such as Tony Bennett or Harry Connick Jr. These artists could perform at the Ravinia Festival (summer) or Old Town School of Folk Music (winter).

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! I hope that you learned something about my hometown and the lifestyle of the life of a style blogger. I’ll see you again in my next blog post! Top, Gold Coast Girl

If you’ve not read my previous post on creating your own fashion business read it here. Follow me with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter since I frequently update my posts! Make sure to sign up by entering your email address and then check for new posts every Monday!


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