Freestyle Diapers Review: Is It Worth Your Money? Detail Here!{MAY-2023}

Freestyle Diapers Review
Freestyle Diapers Review

As a mother of six children, a former daycare provider, and a former foster mommy; I’ve had lots of experiences with diapers. From brand names to store-bought as well as chemical-free cloth, I feel that I’ve tried all. 

As a mother around 18 years ago my aunt was known to swear by Pampers so I went with them. When I was just one month old, the newborn was so swollen I was unsure of which diaper to use! When we took her to the doctor to have her check-up at 1 week and a kind nurse advised me to test a different brand of diapers because her granddaughter suffered from terrible breakouts when using Pampers. 

I rushed to the store and changed that same day. Within 24 hours her bottom was looking much better. This was the beginning of my quest to find the top diaper company.

Freestyle Diapers Review: Chemical Free Diapers That Work!

Did you have the knowledge the fact that Freestyle Diapers is the first diaper company that uses 100% tree-free, non-toxic core? Their unique BambooTek Core isn’t just the most sustainable option available on available, it it also can absorb 1.5 times more water as other disposables!

Note: If you want saving money on your diapers, you can use the coupon code ‘SLEEPTIGHT25’ to give the Freestyle Diapers to try!

Made From BambooTek

Have you thought of BambooTek? It’s the next level of absorbency, and Freestyle Diapers have it! You’ll get an inner layer made from organic bamboo that is 55 percent more absorbent than the top diaper brand. Because Freestyle Diapers utilize bamboo pulp instead of viscose there aren’t harmful chemicals or bleaches present in their diapers. This means it’s safe to put it on baby’s delicate skin.

Features At A Glance

  • The Freestyle diapers are 5 percent more absorbent than regular diapers.
  •  The are astonishingly soft to the feel.
  •  Chemical-free
  •  Created by artists limited edition prints.

Initial Observations

First of all, I am awestruck by what I feel that the subscription to the Freestyle diaper assures me that I won’t have to run out of diapers. (No longer late-night trips to the store, because no one was paying at the count of diapers! Yay!) The baby we have is now 15 months old and I bought her four-size diapers. My order was shipped without hassle at my door. The first thing I noticed upon opening them was how soft and comfortable they felt! They’re the softest diapers I’ve used.

Comparison: Freestyle Versus Abby & Finn

I’d like to provide you with the opportunity to compare similar diapers so I’ll talk a little about the distinctions among Freestyle and Abby and Finn. Freestyle Diapers are top eco-friendly diapers that won’t cost you a fortune as well. Abby & Finn also offer an environmentally friendly alternative.


Freestyle Diapers are accurate in terms of the size. Our daughter weighs about 21 pounds at present, which means she’s technically in the size 3 or in the size 4 category of Freestyle Diapers. I tend to move to the next size by a couple of pounds prior to the “starting weight” of the diaper. That’s why I picked the size 4. The baby has been quite regular in the size 4 diapers for a little over 1 month since. When you look at Abby and Finn diapers, you can see the Abby or Finn diapers, it is possible to observe how thinner they are. She’s currently wearing a size five diaper with the brand. The slimmer style that comes with Abby & Finn diapers also could cause problems for chubbier infants and leaks in the event that you don’t get an appropriate fit.


Both brands come with Velcro-style tabs which I adore. (Anyone remember the old days of tape and at times the tape was not stick anymore or tear completely when you tried to use it to use it? Luckily, this kind closure isn’t going to age or weaken its ability to hold. I’m going to affirm it is true that these Freestyle Diapers include a combination of velcro and a tiny area that’s slightly sticky like tape. The double closure can be secured quite easily and is firmly held.


One of the main reasons why I decide to keep with a particular type of diaper or none is due to their absorption. No one likes a diaper which leaks! The most important thing the diapers that are branded top of the line offer is their excellent absorbency. I’ve tried several stores brands in the past which didn’t work. These past few weeks, my Abby and Finn Diapers have started to leak onto us frequently too. So I’m happy to say we have Freestyle Diapers appear to be doing what they promise since they haven’t leaking anyhow on us to date! I’d definitely put them on the top of the list right along with Pampers, Huggies and Luvs in terms of absorption.

I also like that Freestyle Diapers feature a color changing line, so that you can easily see quickly if the baby is in need of changing.

Cost Of Diapers

The distinction of Freestyle as well as Abby & Finn when it involves cost isn’t too significant. Freestyle Diapers cost just a bit higher, and that is to be expected when purchasing the best quality product.

When you purchase the Freestyle Diapers You have two choices:

  • One Box At A Time (1 Month Supply) = $98 per box
  • Subscribe and save (Shipped every month, you can easily alter, pause, or unsubscribe at any time) = $78 for each box

For Abby and Finn diapers, buy only one package at a go or bundle. Individual packs cost $33 for each size, and each size has a different amount of diapers in. For instance size 4 diapers have 52 diapers per pack, while size 5 packs contain 46.

For the size that our baby needs this translates to 54 cents for a Freestyle Diaper and 50 cents for each Abby & Finn Diaper.

If you take a look at a Bamboo brand diaper like Dyper their size 4 box costs around $89 which is about 11 dollars more than their Freestyle.

Final Thoughts On Freestyle Diapers

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied about our experience using Freestyle Diapers. They’re definitely a good alternative if you’re searching for a environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly and chemical-free disposable diaper alternative. Cloth diapers are available I’ve tried it in the past and it’s not an easy task also. There’s also a significant upfront expense when it comes to cloth, along with an added costs for washing.

Freestyle Diapers allow you to have diapers that you enjoy and that are delivered to your doorstep each month for a price which isn’t excessive for the majority. If you’re in search of the most secure, safest diaper, try Freestyle!


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