FitMyFoot Reviews: Don’t Buy Them Until You Read This!{Aug-2023}

FitMyFoot Reviews

The cause of health issues could be caused by any of the factors. Insoles that aren’t fitted correctly illustrate why individuals can suffer from these problems. FitMyFoot is designed to help reduce complaints of pain caused by insoles that aren’t shaped to the foot’s contour.

FitMyFoot is a company that is specialized in foot health. They develop 3D printed arch supports by making custom footwear, which includes sandals and insoles as well as their straps are designed for females and males. The feature of on-demand allows users to find an insole that is perfect for the specific size of their feet.

Offering custom-designed features for each human foot, the company promises that all its products are able to lower hip, knee back pain, fatigue in the feet and so on. The claims they make aren’t just words. The company has conducted several years of studies that have has led to approvals by medical experts.

As a result of this achievement, The New York Times has been featured under the brand’s name. Therefore, the number of followers on Facebook have increased to 10, 000plus in addition to 5.8k on Instagram. Incredibly over 50.000 customers have been able to experience the convenience that the products offer.

Do you want to know more about reading the remainder of Review of FitMyFoot? Let’s talk about the background of the company.

A brief overview of FitMyFoot

FitMyFoot is the brand new name of Wvii wearables, which was established at the end of 2014.. The company is now led by Chris Jolley is the company’s CEO. A number of core teams with different backgrounds, including biomechanics, business, software development advertising, and marketing have assisted in the process of development.

The journey for the company has been fairly smooth since the beginning of nine years ago. in 2016, the company set record-breaking records within Kickstarter history. They then launched the first sandals that were custom-fit one year later.

This is the story that their journey continues 2019. FitMyFoot received the Golden A’ Design Award for their outstanding design earlier in the year. They launched the world’s first 3D digital foot model in 2020.

The brand collaborated with association and foundation groups to offer insoles for frontline workers during the Covid period. From that point on they continue to produce insoles and sandals that are beneficial to all. Keep up with the products that the brand offers in its range without putting off too long!

The FitMyFoot Test

When we talk about the FitMyFoot products, keep in mind that they sell sandals, insoles, and a selection of straps. In fact, the most important item the brand offers is insoles. But, sandals and belts are equally promising.

The collection inside their catalog includes 18 models. 17 models are available made from patterns, solids and wool special collections. Additionally, one model is from a custom option.

For the sandals collection The company is currently producing two styles that are designed for males as well as women, and includes distinctive straps. Every sandal is available through a custom order. Let’s take a look!

Collections from FitMyFoot

  • Insoles
  • Sandals
  • Straps for women
  • Straps for men

In the next review, we’ll explain the above products, as well as specific instructions, and what item is the best for your needs. Keep checking back!

FitMyFoot Insoles Reviews

Let’s take a look at the most popular product of the brand, Insoles. It can be used for use as an substitute for medical orthotics..

The company sells insoles that come with a variety of options. As we have mentioned previously they offer insoles that come in four varieties including: an inner in multiple solid colors, inward soles that have distinctive patterns, insoles made of wool material, and customizable choices.

You can pick from black zircon, pink and sky blue as solid choices. In addition, you can select from frost, aloha waves, spacewalker and red gradients for patterns. There is a wool materials for hiking shoes as well as personalized insole options based on your images.

In addition the insoles are all constructed with a soft, concave heel cup that helps maintain a healthy posture and overall strength. You will not feel any pain while sitting for long periods of time because the top cushioned footbed comes with the insole. The breathable fabric helps your feet dry from sweat.


  • A deep heel cup with a contoured design
  • Long-lasting premium footbed
  • Cushion for the heel that absorbs shock
  • Custom-designed arch support for dynamic customisation

It is a safe product as it’s efficient and cost-effective, with prices as low at $99.95. In addition the company also points out that the two sizes of inserts are full and 3/4 length. The dimensions are suitable for daily shoes and for shoes with narrower.

FitMyFoot Sandals Reviews

It is possible to purchase Sandals when the sole inside is. The company offers two custom-fit flip flop selections for both genders. They have a collection of each choice accompanied by impressive features.

Furthermore, there aren’t sandals as comfortable as the ones that the brand offers. Both collections for women and men have comfortable elements. With the shape of the shell-shaped waterproof foam it is no longer necessary to fret about stretching. Similar to the insole it also has an elongated heel cup to safeguard your feet.

In contrast to normal sandals, the flip-flop features an ultra-soft toe thong that is comfortable to wear between your large toe and index finger. Then, seamless and adjustable straps ensure that your sandal will perfect for your every move. Also, there’s no reason to overlook the other benefits because the sole inside and flip-flop ease the pain.


  • The heel cup is deep contoured and shaped.
  • The ultra-soft knit thong for toes
  • Straps that can be exchanged
  • Custom-designed arch support for dynamic customisation

You can purchase the sandals for about $129.95with all the wonderful features. Additionally, you will find that the flip-flop has two different colors of the footbed that are black and espresso. The straps are available in five shades: black, olive, navy and red the leather.

FitMyFoot Straps reviews

We’ve talked about our thoughts on the Straps previously. The item is a compliment to the sandals of the brand. They offer straps that are suitable for women and men. The female belt cannot be used to secure a male’s flip-flops, and reverse.

What’s unique in the straps? It’s removable. You can replace the belt to another color. The strap is available in five colours for men that include black, navy red, olive along with brown. In addition, the belt for ladies comes in four shades of navy, black plum, brown, and black leather.


  • Flexible straps for exchange
  • A variety of colors to choose from

In the next step, you could purchase as low at $20.00 for every strap you’ll need. If you decide to purchase brown leather the price will be increased of just $20.00 more.

The FitMyFoot custom instructions

Since every person has a different left and right size of foot This brand provides customized insoles and sandals for feet that are unique. Thanks to FitMyFoot that has an application that you can download from any device for creating your own inner soles.

All you need to do is snap the picture of your stunning feet and upload it in only a couple of minutes. The process of taking a picture of your feet can be as long as four times the time as directed. First, you’ll take a photograph that shows your feet in the air. After that, you’ll have to upload an photograph that shows the foot’s arch.

Furthermore, the firm provides more details about the arch’s height, width and the overall length of a foot. They also offer the best practices and tips to choose the right size for both your right and left feet. You can visit this page for more information or to check out the latest current news.

The Fit My Foot Pros as well as Pros and

One of the factors to take into consideration when purchasing products is to consider its strengths and flaws of company. You can find these points in the tables below.


  • Offer custom-designed insoles
  • We have a range of arch-supporting sandals for both men and women
  • Created to ease the symptoms of various ailments
  • Durable use
  • Reputation by practitioners
  • Biomechanics advisory for back
  • The product is made in the USA
  • HSA & FSA qualified
  • It becomes the main competitor to medical orthotics
  • Winner of the Golden A’ Design Award in the year 2019
  • Have 50.000+ satisfied customers
  • Free shipping for orders that exceed $150.
  • 30 days guarantee, money back


  • At present, there is no shipping available currently available to Australia, Asia, and Europe

Who is FitMyFoot for?

People who require an insole to improve their health can select a selection from this line. It is not necessary to be concerned about what you can choose. They have a range of patterns, colors and wool.

Additionally, the brand offers custom-made insoles which can be purchased through the app’s advanced features for thosewhose work involves wearing shoes. If you are looking to move from the normal sandals to orthotic-type shoes that are comfortable and beneficial to the health of your feet The brand has the ability to meet such requirements.

Does FitMyFoot really make sense?

In reality, the company only sells sandals, insoles and straps. But, are you in the process of determining if those products are worth the money? We’re here to tell you FitMyFoot’s worth every penny!

The company produces the best quality products for your feet, using cushioned heels that are shock-absorbing. The footbed is a durable top-quality component.

It is safe to be confident in the brand as the products are comfortable and soft. They feature a deep-contoured heel cup that supports the heel to a great extent. In addition, a soft knit toe thong will keep both forefinger and thumb free of pain. You won’t regret it since the company takes care to craft its products based on the requirements of humans’ feet.

FitMyFoot Shipping Policy

We are pleased to announce that the company provides international shipping services to customers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Buyers are eligible for no-cost shipping when their purchase is greater than $150..

In the same way, the company states that every item will be delivered in fourteen days. Due to the high demand the shipping process may take longer than anticipated.

The FitMyFoot return policy

While the company offers an option to return the item but they would prefer that customers receive the highest quality product possible. In case of need they are unable to return the item, they give a return period for 30-days. days. Customers can also exchange the item if there’s an issue when they receive it. Contact our staff via about how to return or exchange the item.

How to Contact FitMyFoot

The brand offers a dependable customer service that can assist you with your queries. Since there isn’t a phone number listed on the site for inquiries contact them via email at:

  • Principal email address:
  • Email for media:
  • Email for partners:
  • Complete your information on this page.

We have a complete list of social media accounts belonging to the company: accounts:

  • Facebook: FitMyFoot
  • Instagram: @fitmy.foot

Authorized Address

802 W Jefferson St Suite 1, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Where can I purchase FitMyFoot?

Are you ready to replace your sandals or insoles? If yes you’re ready, this web site of the official company is the best spot to buy everything you arch-related need since they don’t have branches.

End of FitMyFoot’s

Finding an insole to help you with back pain is simple because FitMyFoot is here for you. They can support every inner sole as well as flip-flops with the highest quality footbed and cushioned heel that are kind of orthotics that are medical grade.

Additionally, FitMyFoot presents inexpensive, custom-designed inner soles and sandals you can wear every day. You can choose their range or make use of your own photos to print your insole, this brand is able to do it all!


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