Eversincen Review: Get Detail? Eversincen Scam or Legit?

Eversincen Review
Eversincen Review

Are you looking to understand the real story of Eversincen? If yes you’re at the right spot. In the Eversincen review, we’ve tried to reveal the true face of this website, so you’ll know whether this is it an Eversincen .com scam or an authentic.

What is Eversincen .com?

It’s an online store that sells a variety of items like Vavatik Streak-Free Miracle Cleaning Cloths random color (Reusable), 3D Planet Crystal Ball The Portable Travel Fluid Makeup Bag for packing Bag(10 Pcs) Unbreakable Wire Trimmer Blade, Polo Shirts and Suits Innerwear and Fashion Earring, the fourth Generation Of HD Privacy Screen Protector Women’s Casual FULL-LENGTH LOOSE Pants, Panama’s Classic Hat Handmade in Ecuador DIY Flooring Furniture Repair Kit etc. But, there are many things you need to be aware of about this store prior to choosing it as your preferred shopping spot.

Eversincen has been identified among the troublesome websites based on the following details on its web site:

Contact Information:

As of the date the review was written, the company has disclosed its parent company’s name as well as address as LANDBASE TRADING Co. LTD. 1st Floor Beaconsfield Msam40 Junction 2, Beaconsfield A355 Windsor Drive, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, HP9 2SE In the near future, it might change the name of its parent company and address as other kinds of sites have changed their parent address and company names in the past.

Website security:

It has put up false trust seals logos for McAfee, Norton, etc. on its very few Product Details pages. When you shop on this website on its few Product Details pages, your financial and personal information , including your credit card details could be stolen.

Discounts and Sales Offers:

It claims to offer numerous products at steep discounts. Be aware that nowadays, fraud sites offer large discounts to draw customers to their fraud.

Copyed content:

Many details are available on its website, such as its theme for its website that matches with a variety of troublesome websites.

Returns and Exchange:

It comes with an Return Policy that is considered to be a bit unreal in the exchange and return of products. It states that you are responsible for the cost of your own shipping charges when returning the item, and the shipping cost is not refundable. It is therefore difficult to obtain the full amount of your payment back from these sites due to the unclear terms.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

The customer service as well as the delivery time of websites similar to this are not as good in accordance with the complaints made by customers of similar websites.

Our Final Verdict:

Based on the above evidence, it can be made that Eversincen is among the websites that are considered to be suspicious.

If you would like to share something regarding this company, please be sure to leave a comments below. Please send this review to your family and friends via your social media profiles to inform them about the online store.

Today, a variety of new online stores claim to offer various products on massive discounts, however the majority of them are frauds. Therefore, it is recommended to stay clear of new online stores, or at the very least conduct some research prior to purchasing items from these new online stores since the majority of these online stores do not deliver bought items to their customers or even deliver totally unrelated or low-quality items. Some of these online stores have charged credit cards of customers in random ways without their permission. If you’ve had the misfortune of purchasing from fraudulent websites, we advise you to immediately call your credit or bank company to protect your credit card details.


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