Eufy RoboVac 15C Max Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Detail Here!

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max Review
Eufy RoboVac 15C Max Review

It’s the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max is the more powerful version of our most affordable robot vacuum RoboVac 30C. RoboVac 30C. In our review of the latter this year it was the very first time that we were entirely satisfied to endorse a robot vacuum that was this affordable.

maybe not surprisingly I was eager to give the newest model to our Eufy collection a go. A fantastic robot vacuum that offers efficient cleaning capabilities at an affordable cost.


  • Very quiet
  • The length of time to clean
  • Highly efficient for the price


  • No laser room mapping
  • There are no improvements to the design.

What you should be aware of

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything special regarding it. Eufy RoboVac 15C Max; it’s just like robotic vacuums. Certain things catch your attention when you take a closer look however. It’s extremely slim and can happily wander across your floors, offering up 100 minutes of cleaning time at a cost of $1.

This is enough time to tidy even the largest of apartments or rooms and, if it becomes apparent that 15C Max is running low on juice, it’ll be able to make its way back to the dock and charger itself. The 15C Max’s slim profile makes it easy to slide under or into smaller spaces, which makes it ideal for areas that are difficult to reach such as the bed or the sofa.

In terms of features it’s a great device for enhancing your experience. Eufy 15C Max is compatible with Alexa and Google which means you can control it by using your voice. It can also be controlled using its own application or, for those who prefer more of a hands-on approach you can use a tiny remote control that comes in the box. Other accessories included in the box are an extra filter, two additional spinning brushes, and an assortment of cable tie.

Price and price and

At PS270 At PS270, the 15C model from Eufy is a reasonably priced vacuum that’s comparable to the earlier model from Eufy, 30C that will set the price at PS250. In exchange for the additional PS20 you gain more suction power however there’s nothing else that’s different in the models. There’s a difference between the two. Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a similar priced alternative, at about PS250 however, in our tests, we discovered it to be less effective than the Eufy. It’s often priced, but when you can get it at less than PS200, it’s an excellent alternative.

If you can stretch your budget even further and you can afford it, this Neato Botvac D7 is the most effective robot vacuum available and it is available up for between 500-600 dollars through Amazon. It is clearly higher in price, but you get a lot more in return once you reach this price point, due to the addition of laser-based guidance rooms mapping, virtual no-go zones to mention the few features.

Design and features

Like the similar priced competitors Similar to the similar priced rivals, the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max looks exactly as you’d imagine. It’s round in form as well as, similar to the RoboVac 30C, is 325mm wide and 72mm high, which means it’ll be able to fit into many difficult-to-access areas especially furniture with a low ceiling.

Underneath is a huge 0.6l dust container at the rear, located right behind the primary cleaning tool. To either side of it there are two motorized rubber wheels, and they are assisted by a smaller pivoting wheel located in near the top of the unit for stability. Two rotating brushes at the front assist the machine to remove dirt from edges and corners. There are also sensors for dropping on the bottom to prevent the 15C Max from falling down the stairs.

It’s a classic look however, due to the brush’s width restricted to the space between wheels, it’s not the most practical design. This is why we like Neato’s D-shaped vacuums which have the roller brush placed just in the front of the wheels and covers the complete distance of its body. Its shape ensures you’ll need to bring an handheld vacuum to the more challenging areas of your living space.

One thing that is not included in the Eufy 15C Max is infrared scanning and room mapping. The method of cleaning is not as systematic and involves a lot more uncertainty and repetition. This is perhaps not surprising considering the price. Instead 15C Max 15C Max employs a mix of infrared sensors as well as physical bumpers. It incorporates this with a pre-determined cleaning routine that repeats for a certain period of time.

This means that it’s slower than vacuums such as those from Neato BotVac D7 but also that you aren’t able create virtual boundaries to prevent your RoboVac from entering the difficult areas of your house. Instead, you’ll need utilize the cable ties included in the box to clean your space or purchase the boundary tape yourself since it’s not included in the box.

Easy to use and performance

Despite the fact that it is not able to mark out rooms prior to cleaning them, even with its inability to plan out the rooms before cleaning, Eufy 15C Max does an impressive job. The automated cleaning functions are extremely thorough, covering the majority of the surfaces. Even if you set the device to run without selecting an option and the RoboVac will happily wander through your floors before reaching all areas in the space. It was able to handle my hardwood floor and carpet, and was able to easily navigate over the threshold strips that separate rooms.

However, I noticed that it was struggling with my floor mat, which wasn’t firmly attached to the floor of my laminate hallway. Instead, it pushed the mat away and continued in its routine. Like any robot vacuum the 15C Max is not able to deal with cables that are stray. It is essential to ensure that these cables are removed using the ties supplied or, in the event you’d prefer, get them away completely until vacuuming is completed.

If you’ve got metallic black furniture or items in your home such as bins, TV stands or table, you may find the sensors on the RoboVac struggle to detect them up. However, this isn’t something that’s only experienced by Eufy.

with 2,000Pa suction power, it’s the 15C Max is a powerful unit for its cost and is an ideal upgrade from the Eufy 30, which is equipped with 1,500Pa. Even with the added capacity, it’s still astonishingly silent, regardless of three settings you select. (It comes with three settings for cleaning that are Standard, the Boost IQ setting, and the Max.)

I was able to find that the default setting was good enough to scrub my hardwood floors, however my carpet area benefitted from the use of the two settings that are more powerful periodically. With Boost Intel it is possible to have the suction speed automatically adjusted to allow you to remove different flooring types all at once without needing to change manually the suction power when the cleaner shifts between the two.

There are also functions to spot, edge and quick cleans both on the app and the remote. They can be useful if you want to do a precise cleaning of a particular location. It is also possible to set clean-up schedules with the app. And, if you don’t have your phone or the remote in your bag it is possible to start cleaning with the voice control of Alexa and Google Assistant, although note that you’ll need a smart speaker that can act as a substitute for the vacuum – it has no microphones of its own.


With a power rating of less than PS300 It’s difficult to find anything positive about the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max. It’s a quiet, efficient device that does not require to be charged every five minutes and more importantly, it’s capable of cleaning dust and dirt without having to do excessive babysitting.

If you’ve never tried robot vacuum cleaners previously and don’t want pay more than PS500 for a more expensive model such as the Neato it’s the model to consider. It’s not as lux with every bell and whistle you’d receive with more expensive models, however, you’ll struggle to find a cleaner as great as this at this cost.


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