Ellie Activewear Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam? Genuine Read Here!

Ellie Activewear Reviews

Are you in search of an innovative brand of activewear to put in your closet? If so, take a look at Ellie Activewear! Ellie is an established brand that has grown more popular in the past few years because of its attractive designs, premium fabrics, and a comfortable fitting. We’ll talk about the features that make Ellie Activewear tremendous and whether is it worth it.

About Ellie

The company was founded in 2013 Ellie Activewear is an American brand that designs stylish and premium athleisure clothing. With a primary focus on offering the most comfortable leggings that enable you to move easily and with confidence, the company is a perfect fit for women who is looking to build a fashionable and stylish outfit.

The company is well-known for their monthly subscription boxes that are designed to help you develop your sportswear wardrobe. You can buy items on your own through the website or enroll in one of their subscription boxes. Each item is delivered in a box that is branded and comes with an individual note from the founders of the company.

The brand is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable in and out. They offer various sizes from XS to XXXL, as well as tall and trim choices. Furthermore to that, their clothes are made of high-quality products that are designed to last. The clothes can be washed in the machine along with having a hassle-free return policy if the item doesn’t suit you.

In the end, Ellie Activewear aims to create a space that brings style and function with stylish clothing that which you are able to put on comfortably while working out. If you’re in search of shorts, leggings or joggers or a tank-top – it’s possible to find something that is a perfect fit for your preferences and style.

Pros and pros and Ellie

Ellie Activewear could be the best option If you’re seeking the convenience of getting new fitness equipment delivered to your doorstep every month. With Ellie you can personalize your box of subscriptions with different designs and styles that will meet your needs. Ellie also offers a variety of single-purchase items for those who do not want to sign up.

Ellie also has more affordable prices than other retailers, and free shipping on all purchases. This makes it much easier for customers to buy their Activewear without stressing about high shipping charges.

The problem is that Ellie doesn’t offer shipping to international destinations. Therefore, customers from outside the US are not able to purchase items. Some customers may consider the cost excessive and would rather shop elsewhere. Additionally, their range of single-purchase items may be smaller than other stores.

All in all, Ellie Activewear provides convenient monthly delivery of fashionable fitness set, saving customers time and money on their activewear purchases.

Ellie Boxes Review

Ellie provides five distinct workout outfits that members can pick from The sets include Nine Lives and Complete Contrast, Head in the Clouds, Posies in Paris and more. Each set comes with an outfit of leggings and the top.

Nine Lives featuring a mix of gray and black, this dress stands out due to the cheetah print and high-waisted style. The polyester/spandex blend provides the perfect feeling and a long-lasting shape.

The Complete Contrast set comprises of two different shades of green with various designs. The breathable fabric lets users to remain cool when exercising.

Head in the Clouds This is the perfect box for people who want to make a statement. It’s got a tie-dye motif which is guaranteed to make heads turn. The fabric is lightweight but sturdy, making it a comfortable and flexible.

Posies in Paris Posies in Paris: This set’s purple and pink hues give a lively touch to your workout outfit. With its slender shape and fashionable design this set is bound to be a popular choice.

Are Ellie Leggings Squat Proof?

You don’t want to be worried about your leggings becoming worn out when you’re working hard and trying your best. It’s good to know that Ellie pants are made to be totally Squat-proof! The double-layered fabrics keep you protected and sturdier during your workout.

Nine Lives

The Nine Lives ensemble is Ellie Activewear’s exclusive subscription set. The sorkout ensemble from ThActivewear includes biker shorts as well as a sports bra and a cropped t-shirt with an ostrich print. It is made of light and pliable fabric. It also has a tie-back at the back for the shirt as well as high waist pockets for shorts.

It’s perfect for endurance training, running or any other kind of exercise. It can be worn with your running shoes and Ellie Terry wristbands for sweat absorption to finish the appearance. Nine Lives is a great outfit. Nine Lives ensemble will make you feel sexy and relaxed when exercising.

Full Contrast

This outfit is ideal for an easy workout that includes three pieces: the Farah Tank, Freestyle Short as well as the Tulip Sports Bra. It is made up of spandex and polyester this garment offers air-conditioned ventilation and allows for a flexible range of movements, which makes it perfect for pull-ups, squats, and weight-lifting.

The white hems around the neckline of the brasserie and the curved hems on drawstring bottoms provide an elegant touch to the overall appearance.

You’re Head in The Clouds

This Head In The Clouds ensemble by Ellie Activewear is sure to provide a calm and serene appearance. The set is constructed of a soft and stretchy spandex and polyester blend which is a comfortable and attractive. The blue color scheme features clouds of purple and pink for peace and tranquility, perfect for yoga or relaxing.

The set comes with it with the Melange Twist Crop top, the high-waist printed Ankle Leggings for Contenders, and the Hooded Burnout Cardigan. You can purchase the entire set for $165, or each piece on its own for $55. If you’re taking part in an exercise class or just need more real-world experience, this set of Ellie Activewear will give you the feeling of being in the clouds.

Posies In Paris

The Posieyou’rearis Collection is three-piece set of the Ellie activewear brand, created by Jessica Simpson. The set comprises three pieces: the Cassie Hoodie, the Tummy Control Legging and the Honey Tank. It features a gorgeous floral pattern with muted colors which makes it ideal for both loungewear and active wear.

The material of this set is breathable, light and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for exercising or just relaxing. It is available in sizes from small to large and is priced at $55 for the whole set. The Ellie activewear review suggests using white tennis shoes to dress it.

Are Ellie Leggings Squat Proof?

Absolutely! Ellie leggings are made from top-quality materials and designed to remain in position regardless of how you move. Online reviews confirm that their leggings can withstand squats and will not tear when you do an intense stretch.

Ellie will also not have flatlock seams or moisture-wicking materials to provide the best quality and comfort. You can therefore be confidently go to the studio or gym without having to worry about embarrassing wardrobe mishaps.

Is Ellie Worth It?

Absolutely! Ellie Activewear is worth the hype. Its quality clothes is impressive for their price and the variety of patterns, colors, and styles makes the brand distinct from other brands of activewear. The subscription box offers great value-for-money and provides customers the chance to constantly refresh their wardrobes by adding new pieces.

The range of sizes offered ensures there’s something to suit all. If you’re looking for trendy inexpensive, comfortable, and high-quality Activewear, Ellie is worth checking out.


In the end, Ellie Activewear is an ideal choice for people searching for stylish, quality exercise clothes that won’t cost the earth. With the wide range of styles available, and no choices, there’s something to suit every person. While leggings may not be 100% squat-proof the comfort and quality of their materials make them a fantastic choice for your everyday activewear.

With a majority of customers writing positive reviews, you’ll be able to trust the items you purchase from Ellie. When you’re in search of a reliable workout outfit or casual clothes, Ellie Activewear will have the right item for you.


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