Earth Shoes Reviews | Is It Legit Or Scam?{April-2023} Genuine Review! Check Here!

Earth Shoes Reviews
Earth Shoes Reviews

One of the main factors for many buyers is the ability to walk in comfortable shoes. A few brands offer features such as style, flexibility and comfort, as well as attractive affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly but still maintain high quality. Many companies compromise quality when cutting the cost for their goods.

But, with Earth shoes the company has delivered on the word and provides customers with different options for shoes. Thanks to our expert’s determination and dedication We will walk to you the Earth Shoes review article and examine if their products are in line with all of these requirements.

While the brand is in operation for many years, we are determined to discover whether they have gained any real knowledge in the field of shoe fashion and if they are aiming to improve the health of our planet for all. Let’s begin with the story of the company.

Earth Shoes Review

After being around for quite a while, Earth Shoes is a business that is based in the US which boasts of standing time that is in the most advanced health and fitness footwear. The brand aims to offer ecological footwear that is produced in a sustainable manner and design. Their design collection Earth is an old-fashioned collection of women’s footwear. They are created with wellness and comfort in mind. They are ideal for every occasion.

They’re also made to keep the wellbeing of the environment with the environment in the mind. The brand aims to achieve an easy vision, with my aim to help people not only look nice but also feel great. It could be a company that cares about the impact on the environment as well as any marks it makes , and also takes responsibility for the Earth.

As they’re committed to green manufacturing practices, their company mostly utilizes ingredients sourced from water-based, gluten-free shoeboxes glues that are non-toxic, as well as plants that have tanned leather. While the company was founded during the 70s, it was in 2017 that it joined forces in partnership with Tree For The Future and achieved the planting of more than one million trees.

The company is now focusing its business on the planting of trees, giving families the necessities of survival, like shelter and food, as well as shifting farmers away from the affluent but harmful technique to the traditional agriculture system of forest gardening. They don’t just help the farmers, but also help them.

The company gives customers healthy shoes with a fashionable appearance, distinctive style, comfortable and environmentally friendly materials. It is now a favorite among many because of its flexibility. So, before we move on to the top-selling shoes this is a comparative between the advantages and disadvantages that come with Earth Shoes.

Earth Shoes Pros:

  • Standard shipping is free in the event that you reach the threshold purchase.
  • Shoes have arch support, making them comfortable.
  • They offer high-quality footwear for women and being environmentally friendly.
  • Positive customer feedback on the internet.
  • Shoes at an affordable price, designer and fashionable to pick from.
  • There is a wide selection of 1970s and retro-inspired designs available.
  • It is available in wide width as well as medium size, too.

Earth Shoes Cons:

  • They are limited to formal footwear
  • No direct merchandise exchange
  • Only offers delivery to Canadian as in the US.

Why We Like Earth Shoes

Like the name suggests that one of the most effective ways to convey this message to the public about this brand is to state that they provide earthy shoes. So, they have everything available for those looking for a flexible and casual brand that is all in one place. Each design has an individual style as well as features of comfort across all Earth Shoes.

As an investor in Earth Shoes, you will also be able to access women’s not just sandals, but flats and sneakers, heels wedges, boots, wedges and casuals. The range is huge and we are unable to list all of it due to time and length of review articles. Therefore, this section will focus on the top-selling Earth Shoes for better understanding and easy choice if you are a brand new customer.

The Best-Selling Earth Shoes

There are many fashions that are popular and well-loved which this brand provides. They are available from Rocco up to. So our first item on this renowned list is Earth Shoes Rocco. Although it is made of nubuck leather for the feeling of softness the shoes combine stylish design with casual elegance. The shoe is well-known for its versatility, hence it is easy to wear and has the traditional loafer shape. The laser-cut design is precise, making them ideal for all-day wear because they are comfortable to wear.

The next model in the list will be the Monarch. The basis of those shoes lies in the famous moccasin, which is made from top quality leather. The leather also softens as you wear the shoes. There are five different colors to pick from, however, they’re suitable for everyday use. They also come with an ultra-comfortable footbed that is powered by the Power Path that provides extra support, and are compatible with all the casual outfits.

Next up is Erica that, though basic, is still classic and is a great option to add to your wish list. The Scandinavian design was the inspiration for the shoe and featured the soft silhouette, cork-style footbed and an rounded toe. The shoes provide not only a better support but also a lot of bounce. They’re suitable for use indoors and at work during a informal daytime. They are constructed with the ability to wick moisture away and are available with 3 colors available from our inventory.

There’s also Ellery described as fun yet elegant shoes or clogs. They are constructed of durable and comfortable suede material. On top, they include the overlapping color blocks across panels, making them look attractive. They are constructed from fabric made from LWG gold, which is tested at a tannery in order to guarantee the sustainability of customers. Because of the line that wicks moisture away, these shoes are ideal for wearing in warm weather. They also fit comfortably as they come with the classic footbed that is powered by the power path.

We also have our top Earth Shoes as Shanti. The designer has also made it distinctive by combining style, function, and super support. The upper portion of the shoes have sturdy leather and an elastic heel strap that has its intricate details. The toe box is spacious and bouncy. It is also easy to put on and remove due to the rubber-flexed outsole.

So, if you want to start your journey with Earth shoes now, do not have to struggle. The above are among our top and most popular shoes available. Try them out and you’ll be able to save time looking through the entire selection.

Where to Buy Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes are available in many stores on the internet. However there are a few online stores that are trustworthy enough to provide authentic shoes made by the brand. The first store we recommend to buy Earth Shoes is their official store on It is also possible to use the store locator on their site to locate the closest store that is located near the location you live in. If you prefer, you can purchase these shoes at online stores such as:

  • Amazon
  • Zappos
  • QVC
  • Walmart

Are Earth Shoes Worth It?

With a variety of promotions and discounts and many positive reviews online, Earth shoes remain a extremely sought-after footwear brand that we strongly recommend. The boots are made of woven material and designed to provide maximum comfort. They are carefully designed to be made with style , using top-quality soft leather, as well as suedes.

When they go online, customers can attest to not only the high-end quality, but also the ease of wearing these shoes, in which the brand puts customers the top first priority. So, these aren’t just an excellent investment that will be worth your money.

The shoes are made from eco-friendly material and are eco-friendly, and the company is involved in a variety of charitable activities that aim to improve the lives of the community. Earth Shoes again comes featuring the original retro-inspired designs which will receive compliments from your loved ones upon purchasing the comfort, style and fashionable designs.

Earth Shoes Discounts

Our review also took us to see what the brand has to offer that will lower your expenses. Absolutely, our experts conducting the study also discovered that the business offers numerous discounts and promotions through their website. They currently offer 20% off your first purchase made from their store.

This can only be done after you have subscribed or registering the account using the email you have provided. You can join the mailing list and receive the latest news and regular sales promotions on the website. The majority of their shoes are sold for sale at a lower cost. Be on the lookout.

Earth Shoes Contact

If the article reviewed above did not provide the information you needed and you require clarification on Earth Shoes or the company generally, we’ve got you covered. We’ve conducted the information and have found a variety of ways to reach Earth Shoes. Earth Shoes have listed the number for 1-877-372-2814. You can as well send them an email to the address

Additionally they have a contact form online on their website that you can fill out with pertinent information and forward to them. In addition to these contact information they are also actively engaged on all social media channels. So, you can reach them at any time via the accounts on Facebook, Instagram and the TikTok accounts. The team of marketing and staff are available to assist you.


Q. What should I do to keep my Erath Shoes?

For cleaning to clean your Earth Shoes, wipe using an item of clean, damp clothing. Then, treat your shoes with an environmentally friendly cream conditioner is the best. For Suede shoes we advise cleaning them with a dry, clean cloth. After that, you can make use of the brush, while taking off any diets left on the surface.

Q. Are earth shoes too small?

Earth shoes available on the internet information are wide and sized. They are designed to fit the shape of the feet consequently, the company makes sure that you are able to access the huge selection of wide-soled shoes.

Q. Does Earth correspond to the prices of shoes?

Based on our experience and the data obtained from online sources and data from the online information, the company doesn’t offer the same prices for shoes with other stores. If the brand puts the shoes for sale for 14 days or less you can buy them at a discount cost. There are a lot of deals available at their web site.

Q. Are Earth shoes fitting to the size?

Many customers have online been raving about these shoes as fitting exactly to size. Many people are thrilled by this feature and appreciate the fact that the company is looking at the sizing. They also clarify that in the event of an problem, contact the customer support for assistance.

Q. Do Earth shoes have the ability to support your arch?

Although the shoes do have the arch-support feature the level of support is not too strong. If you’re interested in online shopping and you’ll see that the majority of these shoes are evaluated for their arch support.

Q. What size of shoe do Earth company provide customers?

On their website as well as from the retailers online, Earth Shoes are available in US sizes and sizes range from 6-12. The other designs come with the exact size that is medium and wide width.

Q. What’s the Earth Shoes shipping policy?

Although the company is trying to expand its offerings however, at the moment of writing this review, the Earth shoe company was providing delivery only to Canada in addition to US states on its own. They provide free shipping to the US as well as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska and also APO, AE and AA or AP regions for all purchases from their online store. The company delivers its orders via FedEx and UPS primary carriers, however, the final delivery process is carried out by UPS.

If you choose to use FedEx or USPS Expect your delivery to arrive within 5-10 business days following the date of dispatch, based on the region you live in. Orders placed within the hour after 2 pm will be processed and shipped the next business day. Apart from the standard shipping options, there is two-day expedited shipping options for customers in the US.

This will ensure that your order will be delivered by 4:30 pm if it’s to your company but to your residence before 8 at night. The shipping time does not include weekend or, in the alternative, the holiday season. If you place an order worth $120 the company will provide you with free shipping, but it does not cover Northern territories like Nunavut, Yukon, and Northwest territories. The majority of orders are delivered within two working days.

For customers from Canada The company promises delivery on time, within 10 working days and this varies based on the location. The transit time above does not include the processing time of 24-36 hours for normal orders.

Q. Does Earth Shoes offer order tracking?

Earth Shoes have the tracking option on all orders through their store. You can log into the order tracking option on the Earth shoes account. Alternatively, If you’re an unregistered user, you can go to the section for orders on their website . There, you will find their track orders icon. The icon will direct you to the carriers such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx and then you can utilize their tracking numbers or the order number.

Q. How do I return my purchase for Earth Shoes?

The company is committed to ensuring that their customers are completely happy. So, you are able to make a return in the event that the item or purchase that you purchased isn’t satisfying you or is not up to scratch. In the event of a return, you are eligible for a refund, but this is not applicable to final sale items. They accept returns if the products are in good state, in good condition, and unworn provided that you return them within a timeframe of 90 days after the day of the purchase.

The company does charge customers for return shipping of $5 and is deducted off the amount of refund. Earth Shoes does not have any exchange policy directly. Therefore, they recommend you test the shoes first indoors to see if they are comfortable before you put on them for your normal activities. Return and replacement can only be claimed if you purchase through their website.

Customers who reside in the US are entitled to free return shipping as the package comes with a no-cost USPS returns label. Returning a package is simple if you have an account. If you’re the guest, you may return the purchase if you follow the correct procedure.


Earth Shoes is a famous brand that offers quality, comfortable shoes that feature the first retro-inspired style. In the article above we’ve reviewed the company from its beginning to customer feedback as well as discounts and the top-selling products in the stock. The brand has earned its reputation from numerous praises on the internet about its breathability, lightness and moisture-wicking style. Earth Shoes is here if you are looking for premium comfort in footwear without spending a fortune. They provide expert customer assistance and guarantees on discounts or lucrative deals. Try it today.


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