Dziowa com Reviews: Real Or Fake Review? Detail Here! Jan-23!

Dziowa com Reviews
Dziowa com Reviews

This article about Dziowa provides a comprehensive understanding of this site’s Product and its reliability. Go through our entire article to find out more about Dziowa

In this post, we’ll explain whether you buy any product from Dziowa online and if you should. The store offers casual Pajamas, Bra, suit Suit, etc. and their trust rating is one percent.

In the present Dziowa com Reviews, we will discuss everything we know about the site as well as the products it manages, as well as additional information regarding the legitimacy of the website. To learn more, read the entire article below.

What exactly is this website? Dziowa website?

Dziowa is an internet-based store that sells in the Casual suits, Bra Pajamas, Suit and more. category. women’s camouflage print casual Two-piece Suits and Women’s Angel Energy Corset Black S-3XL Short tail , short kangaroo super Dalian hoodie Summer Graceful Stripe Two-Piece Suit,and other collections.

The domain was registered on September 20th, 2022. It expires on the 20th of September in 2023 according to the whois records. The trust score for the website is one percent. The best site to evaluate any online shop.

Important specifics of Dziowa com website:

In this section, you’ll find all the essential information regarding Dziowa com website, read through the entire article carefully and decide if you to purchase something from the website or not. We always advise our customers to conduct some research on our site or Google whenever you are planning to buy something from a brand new website.

  • Website name: Dziowa
  • Website link: Dziowa com
  • Email:
  • Contact number: SUITE 10542, BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL EASTATE, ABBEYLANDS, MEATH, C15 DD72 IRELAND (this isn’t a return address)
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Categories of Products: Casual suit, Bra, Pajamas, Suit, etc.
  • The Product Type: Women’s Camouflage Print Casual Two-piece Suits. Women’s Angel Energy Corset Black S-3XL, Short Tail super Dalian short kangaroo hoodie, Summer Graceful Stripe Two-Piece Suit
  • Payment options: Visa, Mastercard and Discover
  • Time to deliver: After the order has been processed it takes the warehouse 3 to 5 days to complete your order. You will receive a confirmation when your order is delivered. In the majority of cases the package will arrive within the time frame of delivery. However the delivery date can be affected by the flight arrangements or weather conditions, as well as other external circumstances. Refer to the tracking details for the most exact delivery date.
  • Refund Policy The majority of items that are unopened that are sold by Dziowa in good in a pristine condition, if return within thirty days of purchase will receive a credit or exchange. Certain products sold by dorbkf come with an amended return policy that is noted on the packing slip, the receipt or dorbkf’s policy board (with some exceptions to reimbursements),, or the description of the item. Items that have been opened, damaged or are not issued receipts could be denied the right to a refund or exchange.
  • Social media hyperlinks: None

The above points can aid you in understanding the legitimacy of the website. Let’s take a review both the negative and positive aspects of the site.

Positives about this store online:

  • Valid SSL certificate. HTTPS is available to consumers for to ensure their safety.
  • It provides a variety of payment choice to the clients.
  • It provides all the available and current policies to customers.

Negative aspects from Dziowa Review:

  • This site has a low trust score of of 1 percent which raises concerns about trust.
  • The website has negative reviews on other websites.
  • The website’s content is copied from a different website
  • The domain name for the Website is brand new, it was registered on 20th September 2022. The domain expires on the 20th of September 2023. This creates issues with trust.

Now, you are able to be aware of both positive and negative aspects of the site, let’s examine the evidence to prove that the website is legitimate or not, check through the following section and make sure to include your thoughts if you’ve had a chance to use this website and it could aid many people who are confused about the website, so always give your thoughts.

The following points can be used to prove that Dziowa com is a legit or a scam:

  • 1. Website Age 20th September 2022 expires on the 20th of September 2023.
  • 2. Maximum Discount Offers: Up to 70 percent off
  • 3. Site’s Trust Score: 1%, according to scamadviser
  • 4. The validity of the address of contact that is SUITE 10542 BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL EASTATE, ABBEYLANDS, MEATH, C15, DD72, Ireland (this does not constitute a return address)
  • 5. Customer Complaints: There are no reviews or ratings appear on their website.
  • 6. The authenticity is that of Email ID is:
  • 7. Returns and exchanges Most of the time the refund you receive will return to the payment method employed during the purchase. If you have more than one method of payment the refund could be made for all the payment methods you use. Refunds to PayPal generally take a minimum of about 1-2 days. Refunds for credit cards issued by third parties typically take between about 1-3 days. For more information about refunding a credit card issued by a third party you should contact the bank which has issued the card. It could take up to 5 business days for them to examine and process the returned items at the Online Returns Center before processing the refund.

A few questions concerning this retailer:

Do you think Dziowa com website a scam or is it a reliable source?

The site has a broad assortment of Casual suits, bras, Pajamas, Suit, ect.The website features a large selection of Casual suits, Bras, Pajamas, Suit, and more, but they still offer all their products online , and they don’t take orders via Cash on Delivery. To find out more about the website’s authenticity, the following information can help you learn what you can about its accessibility and credibility. Check it out here:

  • The date of creation for the website is 20th September 2022 . It will end on the 20th of September 2023.
  • Unrealistic Prices: Upto 70% off
  • Trust Index: 1%

What is the current age on the site?

The date of expiration for the website expires on 20th September 2022. The website will expire on September 20th, 2023.

What payment method do they support?

Payment option avaialable – Visa, Master card, Discover

How can I contact them?

The contact information that is listed on their website are #10542, BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL estate, ABBEYLANDS and NAVAN Meth C15 DD72 IRELAND (this does not constitute a return email address), and Not accessible

What is the time of delivery?

Once the order is paid, the warehouse requires approximately 1-3 days to complete your order. You will receive an email after your order has been delivered. In the majority of cases the item will arrive within the time frame of delivery. However the actual date of delivery could be affected by the flight arrangements or weather conditions, as well as other external circumstances. Refer to the tracking information to determine the most precise delivery date.

What is the discount offered on their site?

The coupon on their site Upto 70 percent off


We’ve discovered that this site has a trust score, which means that less users are using it.It’s evaluated as being 11% out of 100 when it comes to trust. In addition, the website requires reviews from customers.The well-known portals have displayed warning signs. We’ve examined the prices to see whether they’re excessively high or low.We suggest conducting a thorough analysis of the site prior to buying anything.


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