Drinking Alcohol Reduces Muscle Strength: How It Affects! Check Here!{2023}

Drinking Alcohol Reduces Muscle Strength
Drinking Alcohol Reduces Muscle Strength

Excessive consumption of alcohol is also harmful for the muscles. Due to this, there is weakness in the muscles in youth itself. This information has been revealed in a study conducted in Britain.

At the same time, the study also said that consuming 10 units of alcohol or one bottle of beer every day causes the most damage to muscles, it can cause weakness in youth. In the study by the University of Shoeist Anglia, researchers used data from the UK Biobank. This included the health information of half a million people in the UK. The researchers analyzed data from nearly two million people aged 37 to 73, mainly in the UK.

The researchers of the study explained that this is called sarcopenia, which is a disorder of the muscles and is dangerous for health. Due to this, there is a decrease in bone size, problems like osteoporotic fractures, weakness.

Risk of Genetic Disease

According to the researchers, due to the occurrence of this disease in the middle of life, it can also be genetic. Which can also affect the lifestyle of the coming generations. He explained that alcohol increases glucocorticoids which cause muscle breakdown. At the same time, it also changes the gut microbiota and increases ammonia in the body, which is dangerous for muscle proteins.

Conclusion: Take These Steps

  1. Make a routine and eat a balanced diet
  2. Exercise regularly, this will increase functional abilities
  3. Take required protein according to body weight
  4. Take regular rest


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