Death Due To Heart Disease Increased Year By Year: Worrying!{2023} Read Here!

Death Due To Heart Disease Increased Year By Year
Death Due To Heart Disease Increased Year By Year

Heart disease is becoming the main cause of death worldwide. This medicine has been done in the report of the World Heart Association. In this, it was told that the number of people dying due to heart disease has increased year by year all over the world. Same, the cases of heart disease have increased by 60% since thirty years.

FostoPintu, co-author of the report and former president of the WHF, said the four major non-communicable diseases are cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes. This report shows that heart disease is becoming a major threat especially in low and middle income countries. However, 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes can be prevented with better health and policies.

According to the WHO, countries must spend at least 5% of their GDP on health services in order for non-communicable disease cases and death rateto work. The report sets a target of reducing premature death ratefrom non-communicable diseases by 25% by 2025 as compared to 2010.

The Recommendations Were Made in The Report

  • Implementation of all major policies to deal with heart disease
  • More attention needed in low and middle income countries
  • Spending a higher proportion of GDP on health services
  • Reducing the death rate from non-communicable diseases by one-third

Indian Heart Getting Sick in Working Age

Heart disease remains a non-communicable concern in India as well. However, according to government data, the proportion of deaths due to non-communicable diseases in the country has increased to 63%, this is a matter of concern for the people associated with health services and policy makers. Dr. VK Behl, former head of the department of cadiology at Delhi AIIMS, said that the biggest concern in the country is that people get heart diseases at a young age. The biggest reason for this is diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption etc. There is a need to control it.

South Asian countries’ spending on health services

  • Nepal – 4. 4%
  • Bhutan – 3. 6%
  • India – 2.9 %
  • Pakistan – 2.8%
  • Bangladesh 2.6%

Have To Spend More Money

It has been told in the report that high blood pressure, air pollution, tobacco use and increased cholesterol are the main reasons behind the deaths called non-communicable diseases. In view of this, experts have recommended an increase in the expenditure of health services. He said that countries which spend more on health care as a percentage of GDP. There has been a decrease in the death rate due to non-communicable diseases. It has been told in the report that 2.6% of GDP in Bangladesh, 3% of GDP in Bhutan. %, 2.9% of GDP in India, 4.4% in Nepal and 2.8% of GDP in Pakistan are spent on health services.

1. 63% of the victims of non-communicable diseases die every year in India

2. In 1990, there were 12.1 million heart disease patients in the whole world.

3. Heart rock cases increased by 60% in 30 years, 2.05 crore patients found in 2021

Final Words

According to the report, where there were 1.21 crore heart disease patients in the year 1990, their number has increased to 2.05 crore by 2021. However, by 2025, the Sangh is making various efforts to reduce it. According to the report of the Heart Association, low and middle income countries are more at risk.


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