Danny Koker Net Worth: Is It Real Or Fake? Check Here!{2023}

Danny Koker Net Worth
Danny Koker Net Worth

What is Danny Koker’s Net Worth?

Danny Koker is an American car restorer and reality television actor with an estimated income of more than $13million. Also called “The Count,” Danny Koker is best known for operating the Count’s Kustoms, a shop for cars that specializes in customization as well as decorations. 

The shop is the subject on the popular History Channel reality show, “Counting Cars.” Prior to his part as a character on “Counting Cars,” Danny Koker often was featured on the reality show “Pawn Stars” as an expert. In addition to Count’s Kustoms, Koker owns numerous other businesses in Las Vegas. It includes Count’s Vamp’d Bar and Grill, as well as Count’s Tattoo Company. While living in Vegas, Danny Koker also formed a rock group named Count’s 77. The band, which was not as successful, had a significant hit, dubbed “Summer of ’77.. “He has also been famous for his collection of cars, which includes 50 as well as 70 motorbikes.


  • Category:Richest
  • Business > Designers
  • Net Worth:$13 Million
  • Date of Birth:5 January 1964 (59 years old)
  • Place of Birth:Cleveland
  • Gender:Male
  • Nationality:United States of America

Danny Koker has managed to make a lot of money in the first fifty years of his existence. From touring as a gospel musician, to instructing how to fix cars to hosting a TV show, and then opening his own auto shop, to being a part of the reality show and operating a bar and tattoo parlor, to swaying by himself with his very own group Danny Koker is anything but the typical auto salesperson. His path to design and show fame may have been a bit tangled but his experiences have certainly had an impact on his work. 

Instead of choosing to focus on show business over cars or focusing on the design of cars and ignoring music He has managed to create the most of all the things he loves. The designs for his motorcycles and cars are known for their practical strong, durable, and stunning His works are often described as “full of heart”. The accolades don’t come as a surprise since the designer has lived a life of affluence.

Early Life

Danny Nicholas Koker II was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 5 1964. He was raised in Cleveland as well as Detroit, Michigan, in the same family, which was a mixture with Ford Motor Company employees and professionals from the show business. He was always interested in automobiles and learned how to fix and retrofit cars. 

He was enthralled by vintage cars and realized that he’d like to have his own collection in the future. However, his childhood days were spent in the car – singing. The father of his was also a performer and pianist. Baritone with classical training as well as pianist, he performed as part of the Cathedral Quartet throughout the 60s and also played with the Weatherfords and The Foggy River Boys.

As a young man, Danny and his family were also on tour with being part of the Rex Humbard Singers throughout the years. He sang with his dad and grew up with music. Much of the time he was in the car as well as in concert halls all over the globe. 

Danny was deeply involved in the music world that was black as well as Southern gospel music as a child and continues to consider gospel his preferred genre that he listens to, even despite the gearhead/heavy tattooed appearance.

After a long time traveling the family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where his father started running an local television station. Danny was initially popular as host of “Saturday Fright at the Movies” which was a horror B-grade film series in which the character was “Count Cool Rider”. He eventually quit the show and performed in the background and decided to concentrate on his passion for cars.

Counts Customs

Danny Koker went on to find his own auto repair business, Count’s Kustoms. In the past few decades, Count’s Kustoms has grown into among the top renowned custom-built shops in the US and around the world. With 9 employees members, The Count’s Kustoms has a reputation for locating and purchasing vehicles that are old, making amazing designs, and then reselling the cars consistently and with success. Their knowledge of cars of all kinds is recognized worldwide. Danny Koker’s passion for vintage automobiles has led him to accumulate more than fifty vehicles. He is determined to buy motorbikes and cars that catch his attention. He likes working on older automobiles and frequently refuses requests to repair or retrofit a car with modern features.

A popular figure in the automotive world, the wider public were introduced to him when he started appearing as a guest on History Channel reality series, “Pawn Stars”. He was enlisted as a motorcycle and car expert from the start of the series the third season. The show’s popularity resulted in History providing him with his own show.

Counting Cars

Many years passed through before he was able to appear on “Counting Cars,” but in the course of time, his appearance was prominent in “Pawn Stars” as an expert in the field of automobiles. Then, he got the show of his own, “Counting Cars.” “Counting Cars” has been in the air since August 2012 and has become extremely well-loved. It follows the day-today operations of Danny Koker’s workshop and follows his design and manufacturing events from beginning to end. This show made Danny Koker an international star around the world and has increased the amount of customers who visit his shop.


In exchange for his part in the TV show “Counting Cars,” Danny Koker reports that he earns a wage in the amount of 100,000 per show. The number of episodes that are shown for each season varies, however between 2016 and 2018, it was equivalent to 16 seasons. Based on this figure, Danny Koker earns roughly $1.6 million annually for his part as a character in “Counting Cars.”

Other Businesses

In addition to Count’s Kustoms and Count’s Vamp’d Rock, he also owns the Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill as well as the Count’s Tattoo Company, a tattoo studio in the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. Although he is a fan of making cars, he has kept the musical inclinations that shaped him. He plays with the group, Zito77. Zito77 was formed in the aftermath of Danny and a few musicians performed an unplanned set at an open mic event at Vamp’d. The shows proved to be more successful than anyone could have imagined.


Danny Koker is marred to Korie Koker The couple has been a couple since. While they were together there was a false rumor that Korie Koker was dead. It was later discovered to be an untruth.


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