Concerns Started Raining About New Technology: Genuine Review! Read Here!{2023}

Concerns Started Raining About New Technology
Concerns Started Raining About New Technology

Technology and apprehensions have gone hand in hand. The arrival of any big technology on the one hand raises the tide of expectations, and on the other hand it also creates scope for repentance!

Many times this penitence becomes bigger and bigger than the expectations. This is what is happening these days. In the rain of concerns regarding Artificial Intelligence, i.e. AI, the names of expectations are continuously decreasing.

The Wickets of Those Who Developed AI Themselves Are Also Falling.

Geoffrey Hinton, considered the father of Artificial Intelligence, resigned from Google some time ago. Along with this, he also attached a statement that he regrets his contribution to AI. Sam Altman, the top executive of the most popular AI application Chat-GPT, made a statement last week that regulating AI has become very important. Many of these concerns are about the ethical side of computer-generated artificial intelligence, and many about the privacy violations it may cause. There is also a third concern – unemployment born from the womb of AI. The kind of clouds that are hovering over all the economies of the world, this concern has become bigger.

This time the new technology that is coming, if its effect is going to be maximum on any class, then it is the educated section of the society. Where this technology will go later, we do not know right now, for now it is looking restless to replace first of all writers, journalists, litterateurs, painters, lawyers, doctors, software engineers, researchers, teachers and even scientists and economists. is | These days an AI anchor is seen telling the weather forecast on an Indian news channel. It is expected that soon she will be seen reading the news and even doing the work of conducting debates on various topics. Till a few months back no one could have imagined that such a threat would loom over the profession of a TV anchor.

These Are Such Classes

Till date no technology could dare to touch them. No technology had such capability and capability. But the technology that is coming now, it has capability and capability, as well as it has more work-efficiency than these professionals. These are the sections of the society whose voice matters and who also play an important role in shaping public opinion. The arrangements for preparing public opinion are also under their control. For this reason, almost all kinds of intellectuals of the world are seen opposing Artificial Intelligence. The intellectuals are protesting, but the laborers’ trade unions are keeping silent.

There have been broadly two assumptions about unemployment. Traditional thinking says that it is the laziness of the people that makes them unemployed, that is, if someone is unemployed, then it is his fault and not anyone else’s, but modern economists believe that unemployment is not due to the hard work of the individual, but due to the efficiency of the economy. is the matter of Where there is widespread unemployment, if anyone can be blamed, it is the economic policies and the politicians who frame them. It is a different matter that technology is often blamed for this.

AI is Coming

To a world that doesn’t have a surefire solution to its unemployment problem. Every new technology scares such a society. AI is also no exception to this. And right here lies another problem with AI. In the last century, we have tried to convince people that if you read and write, you will become a Nawab. There is definitely a problem of unemployment, but people have started to understand that they can get respectable employment only by studying. But now the employment of the most educated people is in danger. That is why AI is being considered as a technology that will uproot many established pillars and beliefs.

Final Words

AI is coming to a world that doesn’t have a surefire solution to the problem of unemployment. Every new technology scares such a society


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