Is Catchsave Scam {June 2022} Read Customer Reviews Here!


This article on the Catchsave Scam is going to inform our readers to determine if the shop is safe to shop at. Additionally, you will be informed about the specifications of this shop. Continue studying.

Are you in search of an incredible website that offers women’s watches, smartwatches and other products? Catchsave is a great choice. The website is part of India and its users look for its authenticity details. Therefore, this article will answer the question, is Catchsave Scam? This post will inform you on the complete information about the store.

Continue following this blog to find out the truthfulness, accuracy and trustworthiness of this site. Therefore, you must read the information ahead.

Does it look like a genuine site?

Catchsave Shop is an online shop that lets customers shop for amazing items that are for ladies, cooking items such as refrigerators, smartwatches, smartwatches etc. It is not clear if this website is legitimate or fake What can we do to determine? Scams on the internet are growing in popularity and consumers are concerned about their security. Therefore, they must examine all the guidelines, Catchsave Reviews details, registrar information dates, registration dates, information about trust factors, etc.

This will help users to determine the legitimacy of the website as well as other information such as specifications. For instance, this website appears to be trustworthy however, the following factors will ensure that the website is legitimate or not:

  • Register Day the 14th of March, 2022 is the date for registration of the shop Catchsave. The website is 3 months old, and it has limited duration.
  • trust factor A: Catchsave Shop has only a sixty percent trust score. It’s a low trust score and suggests that the site is not believed to be reliable.
  • Registerer:, LLC Registers the Catchsave store.
  • Customer FeedbackIs Catchsave Scam? The official website has reviews of kitchen items only. Customers seem to be satisfied with the product, however these reviews are not genuine, as websites do not display any reviews.
  • Social Media The shop is none of the social networks in stock. The shop is not gaining any followers on social media.
  • Information Security This official site is protected via HTTPS. Therefore, the website is secure and safe.
  • Lost Data The information is listed, including email, phone number and address. However, the name of the owner is not included.
  • Policies Policies for customers are available to the buyer’s preferences. The policies are satisfactory.

Overview Based on Is Catchsave Scam

Catchsave Shop is an online shop. The store has a variety of things like kitchen equipment including smartwatches, mobile phone mini-refrigerators and earbuds and many more. The customers will not be dissatisfied with the variety of items. Take a take a look at the products listed below:

  • Air Fryer
  • Microwave Oven
  • Toaster
  • Hand Blender
  • Smartwatches from brands such as Noise and others.
  • Mobile phones from brands such as redmi, Vivo, one plus, etc.

Features of Catchsave Shop

  • The URL to buy from the Catchsave shop is
  • Contact email address for Catchsave:
  • Phone number details: +919134230480
  • Information about the address of Catchsave Shop: 343, Town Railway RD Nagercoil, Kerala, 62900, Hill View.
  • To determine If Catchsave Scam We have read some positive reviews of kitchen items however, they may be fake since no websites have published any reviews.
  • Return and Refund Policy: This shop offers the option to exchange or return items.
  • Shipping policy: The company provides free shipping for all goods that are sold in India.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Master Card, Discover, Maestro, PayPal, etc.

Positive Points

  • The email, telephone number and address information are provided.
  • HTTPS protects the domain.

Negative Points

  • Positive reviews are sometimes mentioned regarding kitchen appliances, however they are not reliable because online websites don’t contain any reviews.
  • There are no social media websites accessible.

Catchsave Reviews

Catchsave store has reviews about their kitchen products where buyers have said that the items are sturdy and of high-quality. However, these reviews cannot be authentic as none of the online websites have listed any reviews. The website isn’t available through any of the social media platform. In addition, contact numbers, email addresses, and address information are listed. However, the details of the owner are not listed. The customers should understand that the value of user reviews to determine the authenticity of the site. How do you get a refund from Credit Card Fraud? Learn here for more information.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this post in the article What is Catchsave Scam The store does not appear to be legitimate since it has a short life expectancy of only three months, and a low trust level. It is important to determine these things’ significance to ensure they are not a problem. Therefore, do not be averse to this site. Find out more about how to receive the reimbursement from PayPal scamming.

What are your thoughts about the legitimacy of this site? Do share them with us in the comments section below.


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