Canelo Next Fight | Still The Face Of Boxing? Check Them Out!{2023}

Canelo Next Fight
Canelo Next Fight

After Gervonta “Tank” Davis’ seventh-round knockout of Ryan Garcia in a massive show that brought in more than 1.2 million purchases in the United States and produced the fifth-highest boxing gate ever in Nevada time with $22.8 millions in sales of tickets, Davis was anointed as the new “face of boxing.”

While impressive, Davis surpassing Canelo Alvarez may be a bit too early. In addition to Canelo’s impressive run as a pound-for-pound fighter, and world champion in four divisions, the Mexican legend is still the world’s most lucrative fighting professional.

However, Canelo’s grip could be sliding as the doors are now open to allow Tank to assume the role.

He will be defending his undisputed super middleweight title with John Ryder on Cinco De Mayo weekend at Akron Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is also Canelo’s first time boxing in his homeland in more than a decade. Even with being a 32-5 Ryder not having much of a name when it comes to the opponent, it’s anticipated that the venue will be packed with more than 40,000 spectators. Although Canelo is still the biggest sport’s superstar, there are concerns about how time he can stay at the top of his game.

Alvarez is back in the arena in his first fight since he scored an unanimous, but largely uninspiring victory over Gennadiy Golovkin in September. Before that, the fighter was a loser his decision in a fight with Dmitry Bivol when he challenged for the WBA (Super) light heavyweight title in May. It wasn’t an especially difficult loss either. In the very first fight since losing to Floyd Mayweather back in 2013, Canelo was thoroughly outclassed. Even though he failed to be a champion by battling an opponent who was above the weight of his opponent, his image was tarnished by how much he was defeated by the technical superior Bivol.

In spite of the decision to remove the 40 year GGG, Canelo is still trying to regain his stunning appearance and will be looking to return to form against Ryder. It isn’t common for Ryder UK fighter to provide the most resistance. For many the fight is an opportunity to showcase a fight to allow Canelo to impress the fans in his country by giving an outstanding performance. What he does after that will determine if the boxer will stick to the notion that he is one of the “face of boxing.”

It’s quite possible that Canelo may have issues with Ryder and this could affect his reputation, but it’s unlikely. In the event that he puts on an impressive performance his next move will determine his position as the most significant boxing prospect in the future.

Canelo’s next fight is: Bivol ou Benavidez?

It could feel as if Canelo is around for a long time but he’s just 32. But, despite being the most productive seasons for athletes, Canelo has had some considerable distance in his physique. He made the switch to professional in 2005, and has been through more than 62 fights in the span over 17 years. What that means is a body with lots of miles on it, making Canelo an “old 32.” There are valid concerns that Canelo is Mexican champion is showing signs of slowed down.

However, Canelo retained his undisputed title as a 168-pound champion and will fight against Ryder in the title fight as reigning champion and champion. The issue is that Canelo would like to see to get a second chance at Bivol. The alternative is Interim WBC Super Middleweight champion David Benavidez He has been eyeing Canelo for some time and is an offensive powerhouse with the ability to give Canelo some trouble in the arena.

Other than Benavidez and Bivol and Bivol, with the former being the most popular There aren’t a lot of alternatives for Canelo to grab the interest of fans. Although Canelo would like to get another shot at Bivol however, there’s nothing in their last fight to suggest Bivol would do better second time round. Bivol has made it clear that the fight is only wants to fight in the event that Canelo would place his 168-pound titles on the to be put on the line and it’s possible that this fight won’t be an issue for the champion who is undisputed. If he accepted Bivol’s challenge and fall in the wrong direction, it could be a major blow to his reputation.

Another option might not be the best option as Benavidez hopes to overtake Canelo as Mexico’s most popular attraction. Benavidez has the requisite age (26) with a look that draws crowds. The Canelo-Benavidez match is believed to be the less of two possible outcomes, however the loss of someone who isn’t just looking to win title, but also the fans he has would be a crushing loss.

Could we be witnessing Canelo in the final ninth of his professional boxing? 

It’s possible. If this is the case, his status as the biggest boxer may be at risk. Perhaps Canelo was just having a rough year and needed a break following a period of time between December 2020 and September 2022 when he fought six times.

Gervonta Davis knocks on the door of becoming boxing’s most famous star, and it’s the job of Canelo to stop him. It all begins by a fight against John Ryder on May 6.


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