Broadway Production of ‘Room’ Is Postponed: Genuine Review! Check Here!

Broadway Production of ‘Room’ Is Postponed
Broadway Production of ‘Room’ Is Postponed

Room, the Broadway performance of Room, the stage version of Emma Donoghue’s novel is being delayed indefinitely, the producers of the show informed in a news announcement.

The announcement of the postponement is announced a month prior to when the show was set to debut in The James Earl Jones Theatre on April 17.“In the middle of our rehearsals, we received a call from one Our Lead Producers, due to circumstances personal to them, they didn’t intend to perform their duties towards the show,” producer Hunter Arnold stated in an email. “We are extremely disappointed not to launch this amazing production now and we’re particularly devastated for our incredible group of actors and creatives who were working hard in the rehearsal space.”

Donoghue’s novel is about a boy who is imprisoned in a secluded room since birth until he is freed by his mom. In a review that was starred by a critic from Kirkus described the novel as “wrenching in the way that is appropriate for the dark subject matter however, it is also sweet, touching , and occasionally surprisingly humorous.” The novel was later adapted into a film in 2015 with Brie Larson as well as Jacob Tremblay; the film was awarded the film four Academy Award nominations.

The stage version of Room which was written by Donoghue, debuted in London in the year 2017 and then was presented throughout Ireland, Scotland, and Canada. The actors in The U.S. production included Tony Award-winning actress Adrienne Warren (Tina), Ephraim Sykes (Ain’t Too Proud the Life and Times of The Temptations), Tina Benko (The Rose Tattoo) along with Michael Genet (Wicked). Cora Bisset was the director.

The producers Sam Julyan and James Yeoburn released a statement saying, “We truly believe that the disappointing news today won’t be an end to the room on the stage.”


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