BLANQI Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{July-2023} Genuine Review!

BLANQI Reviews

If you’re looking for a maternity-specific support garment then the BLANQI could be the ideal solution. With this BLANQI review we’ll take an in-depth review of the product and its features to figure out whether it’s suitable for you.

We’ll look at how the product functions as well as its advantages and possible drawbacks. At the end of the review you’ll have the information needed to determine if the BLANQI is the best choice for your needs during pregnancy.

Overview of BLANQI

BLANQI was founded in the year 2017 by two best pair of friends Valerie Darragh and Sabrina Melarti with the aim of providing comfortable, fashionable clothing for pregnancies or post-partum moms.

The company is located situated in Atlanta, Georgia, the company produces stylish, fashionable clothing that is functional, comfortable and comfortable for the body. Their clothes have earned them a lot of applause for bringing the category into the 21st century by combining the style and comfort of athleisure and the comfort of traditional clothing for support.

The collection of the brand includes tanks, jeans as well as leggings and other. In this BLANQI review will know more about their top-selling items and whether they’re worth the money.


BLANQI is a postpartum, maternity, motherhood, and nursing clothing brand.
They have a variety of moms’ support wear such as leggings, tanks tops, jeans and much many more.

Their clothing is made using the latest technology, such as 360-degree support, comfy fabric, breathable, and practical features such as pockets.

  • BLANQI’s items are available in beautiful colours and sizes from XS to 3X.
  • They provide discounts and promotions in addition to sales section.
  • BLANQI also delivers internationally.

BLANQI Leggings Review

BLANQI Hipster Compression Pants for Pockets breathable leggings are made to fit your body while giving you the comfort as well as support. The secret lies in the high-stretch fabric, which expands in response to the growing size of your baby bump.

In addition, you’ll get two pockets on the sides for easy storage as well as a two-tone waistband that adds a dash of elegance to any outfit.

BLANQI Mama Belly Support Leggings

Ultra-soft, breathable and high-stretch These crop leggings offer the additional support you require throughout your pregnancy. The waistband is wide, which provides excellent coverage and is able to stay put and will not slide upwards or downwards throughout the day. The classic black color is perfect for any occasion, however the other vibrant colours are great for casual clothes.

The BLANQI Belly Tank for Everyday Maternity Support

The tank is able to be worn as by itself or used as it is a layering piece. It offers gentle compression and supports for your growing belly, thanks to its comfortable fit for underbust. The back features an adjustable crossback strap as well as a four-way stretch fabric that will keep you comfy throughout the day.

BLANQI Tank Top:

If you’re looking for something slightly lighter than an ordinary tank, consider this. It comes with a wide scoop neckline with deep armholes that can accommodate your evolving body shape. With its light yarn, the jersey is ideal for workouts, yoga as well as daily routine activities.

BLANQI T-Shirts for Postpartum and Sportsupport

After the birth after giving birth, your body might require an extra boost of support. BLANQI is here to help. This postpartum tank has been made to offer extra coverage and compression that will assist you in recovering quicker after labor and delivery. Also, it comes with straps that can be adjusted for comfort and ease.

BLANQI Hipster Compression Pocket Leggings Review

These BLANQI Zipster Compression Pocket Leggings are a fantastic choice for women who wish to feel secure and snug in their post-partum clothes.

Their 2-ply waistband made of power mesh gives superior support. The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties provide moderate compression and a four-way stretch. This makes them an excellent option for workouts as well as everyday activities.

The leggings have four pockets so you’ll have the ability to keep all your essentials close even while you’re moving. They’re also made of a soft, breathable material that doesn’t pill. With five neutral and contemporary colors to choose from, you’ll be able to buy a pair in sizes XS-3X at a cost of $100.

BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Crop Leggings Review

This BLANQI Maternity-Bully Support Leggings are a essential item for women who are pregnant. The X-shaped design on the back assists in anchoring and support your expanding belly’s weight. It is extremely soft and comfortable.

Additionally, the cropped cut is extremely appealing and looks great with a range of tops. They are available in six different colors, including modern and full coverage. They also come in sizes S-XL. They are priced reasonably at 70 dollars.

If you’re searching for an leggings for your maternity that will provide security and comfort, they are certainly worth the cost!

BLANQI Hipster Support Crop Leggings Review

BLANQI Hipster Support Crop Leggings BLANQI Hipster support crop Leggings are a fantastic option for nursing or postpartum mothers who require more support but do not need to wear leggings that are full length.

They’re breathable and moisture-wicking which is particularly useful during hot summer days. Additionally, the waistband with two layers aids in reactivating ab muscles that are weak as well as provides gentle compression to loose skin and soothes scars from the C-section.

The cropped length is fashionable and comfortable. They are available in six different colors, including Storm, Oil Blue or soft fawn, in sizes S-XL. With a price of $70, they’re an affordable method of getting the assistance you require.

BLANQI Tank Top Reviews

A BLANQI Underbust Everyday Maternity Belly Tank to Support
This BLANQI Everyday Maternity Belly Support Underbust Tank was designed specifically to offer the best comfort and support during pregnancy.

Its specifically designed cuts and fabric will ensure your body stays in place throughout your journey towards motherhood. In addition, its ribbed design gives you a luxurious feel on your skin.

BLANQI Sportsupport Postpartum Tank

If you’re in search of an postpartum tank top that is comfy, supportive and fashionable The BLANQI Sportsupport Postpartum Tank for you.

This tank top is constructed using a super-soft fabric that is softly compressed and strengthens your core. The crossback style will provide you with extra support for your back and shoulders support. It’s perfect when you’re carrying your baby.

  • Both tanks have been designed to provide superior confort and comfort.
  • Both tanks are constructed from ultra-soft fabrics for extra luxuriousness.
  • The Everyday Maternity Tank features a smooth texture. The Sportsupport Crossback Tank is designed with the crossback style.
  • Both tanks are machine washed to make it easy to maintain them.

BLANQI Sportsupport Postpartum Tank Review

Postpartum tanks are ideal for mothers of nursing who require an easy and comfortable access. The silky soft fabric provides 360-degree support for weak abs, and also for the ability to wick away sweat during exercise.

Available in four different colors, this tank can help you get back on track with complete assistance. At $92 the postpartum tank makes the perfect investment for all new mothers.

BLANQI All-Day Maternity Underbust Belly Support Tank Review

BLANQI Everyday Maternity Tank BLANQI All-Day Maternity Underbust Breast Support Tank is a great option for comfortable and stylish support during your pregnancy.

It comes with a X-shaped design, which provides ventilated support to keep your belly in place and free of pain Its sleek style will look great when paired with all your outfits for maternity. The tank is made of flexible and soft fabric and is available in three neutral shades.

Although it’s usually available in sizes S to L, it’s currently sold out, so make sure to come back. In the end this tank is essential for your maternity outfit.

BLANQI Jeans Review

BLANQI Jeans are made to be stylish, supportive and comfortable Maternity jeans. In contrast to conventional jeans, they are constructed out of a soft mixture of elastane, cotton, and Lycra. This makes them exceptionally comfortable and can be a great support for your expanding belly.

The brand has three types that include slim-fit skinny-fit and jegging-style. Every style is made to fit your body in the appropriate areas, which means you can wear them regardless of the stage of pregnancy you’re at.

BLANQI has a range of washes to pick from, including dark wash medium wash, light wash and denim. All of their jeans come with an elastic waistband that expands as your belly expands. The band also comes with an elastic insert that is adjustable to provide extra support.

Then BLANQI Jeans are made to last for the duration of your pregnancy. They will not lose their shape after just a couple of wears and they won’t shrink or get too baggy. There’s even a hidden pocket inside the waistband that allows you to keep small things like cash or keys.

All in all, BLANQI Jeans provide the perfect option for expecting mothers who require additional comfort and support but without sacrificing the style. If you’re in search of an maternity pair that are functional as well as stylish, they are worth a look.

Who’s BLANQI’s target audience?

BLANQI caters to women who are pregnant and mothers-to-be of all shapes, sizes and age. The collection of the brand offers an array of maternity clothes, starting with the most essential maternity tank, to most recent postpartum support clothes.

With its comfortable and easy-to-wear material, BLANQI is designed for daily use, whether it’s for a stroll or staying a evening at home. The brand also designs and produces special lingerie for mothers who are nursing.

The bras have straps that are easily adjusted to guarantee an ideal fit, while also giving support. Furthermore they are great for mothers who are active because they are padded to offer security and comfort for any kind of activity.

BLANQI also offers an extra-size line that includes the same styles of their standard sizes, but with more cover and comfort. Additionally, the intimates from BLANQI are made to move with your body, so it is easy to transition between activities without worrying about the clothing you wear being uncomfortable or not fitting properly.

No matter if you’re expecting or nursing or postpartum BLANQI offers something for every person. With its chic patterns and fashionable fabrics BLANQI assures you that you’ll remain comfortable and well-supported through your postpartum journey.

Is BLANQI Legit?

Absolutely, BLANQI is a authentic maternity clothing brand which has been around for a long time. Their clothes are created with modern design and ease of use in mind, and they come in a selection of sizes to fit every body shape and size.

This company is receiving a number of excellent reviews from their customers on their website as well as on other third-party sites such as Amazon. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with BLANQI’s quality material used as well as the level of service provided by BLANQI’s product.

The company also provides top customer service, including prompt response times and friendly customer service representatives. In addition, the company offers free shipping and quick returns, which makes it simpler to test their products.

In the end, we can confidently affirm that BLANQI is an reliable brand that offers high-quality clothes for pregnant women at a reasonable price.

Is BLANQI Value for Money?

Sure, BLANQI is absolutely worth it. The clothes are not only fashionable and comfortable, but it also provides much-needed help for women who are pregnant. The collection was designed to ease any discomfort women might suffer during their pregnancy, and to make women feel and look good while doing it.

With its distinctive characteristics and features It’s not surprising that it’s such a hit. No matter if you’re expecting or are a new mother with a few items of BLANQI clothes will be a valuable advantage during this very special period of your life.


BLANQI is a fantastic choice to those who want comfort and support during clothing for maternity. With modern designs and high-quality fabrics Their clothes will give you the comfort and support that you require during your pregnancy. Reviews for BLANQI are all positive and buyers are satisfied about their purchase. With a myriad of designs and styles to pick from, you’re bound you’ll find something which will meet your requirements. In the end BLANQI is a dependable brand that is well worth making the investment.


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